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The regular characters

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The recurrent characters (appearing in a repeating way) are signalled  in dark color.


1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993
Channing Capwell Junior Robert Brian Wilson 1984, 1985,
Sophia and C.C.'s presumed son, in fact Sophia and Lionel's
Philip Ian Abercrombie 1984, 1985 Capwells' butler
Warden Philip Abbott 1984 At San Quentin prison where Joe is imprisoned
Warden's assistant Ed Dogan 1984 At San Quentin prison where Joe is imprisoned
TV reporter Arthur Burghardt 1984 Announces Joe's release from prison
Jake Rick Fitts
Nathan Purdee
Hired by Augusta in 1984 to prevent Joe from coming back to Santa Barbara, and in 1985 to kidnap Sophia
Henchman Geof Prysirr
Hired by Augusta in 1984 to prevent Joe from coming back to Santa Barbara, and in 1985 to kidnap Sophia
News reporter Margie Impert 1984 Presents Kelly and Peter's engagement party
Ambrose Bill Saito 1984 Chauffeur of the Lockridges
Burt Carlo Allen 1984 Called by Minx because of Capwells' noise 
Policeman Frank Avila 1984, 1985 Called by Minx because of Capwells' noise 
Bus driver Jim Boeke 1984 Leads Joe to Santa Barbara
Helicopter pilot John Jackson 1984 Leads Kelly and Peter after their engagement party
Nick Salvi ? 1984 Presents to Kelly and Peter the speedboat to go to their yacht
Miss Thomas ? 1984 Cinema agent in Hollywood
Bill Larwin Howard McGillin 1984 Santana's lawyer and friend
Jeremy Thomas Doug Boethin 1984 Throws a bomb in the Perkins house
Mr. Forbes James Hornbeck 1984 Movie director, films Danny on a hang-glider
Dr. Ramirez Alejandro Rey 1984 Doctor who had delivered Santana of Brandon in Acapulco
Delores Sanchez Irene De Bari 1984 Nurse of Dr. Ramirez's
Raul ? 1984 Danny's cousin in Hollywood
Woman Marianne Muellerleile 1984 Manager of Pirates Catch, hires Ted and Danny as waiters in Hollywood
Janine Turner Janine Turner 1984 Miss Galaxy 1984, client of Pirates Catch in Hollywood
Dr. Toni Carlin Renée Jones 1984 Friend of Kelly and Joe's
Charles ? 1984 Invited at C.C.'s ceremony destined to Peter
Henrietta ? 1984 Charles' wife
Anthony ? 1984 Invited at C.C.'s ceremony destined to Peter
Betty ? 1984 Anthony's wife
George ? 1984 Invited at C.C.'s ceremony destined to Peter
Patricia Hampton Melanie Vincz 1984 Mason's girlfriend
Jeff ? 1984 Friend of Jade's
Man Tim Robbins 1984 Calls Joe a killer in front of Jade
Max Reardon ? 1984 Private investigator hired by Santana to follow C.C., but secretly paid by him
Seymour ? 1984 In Hollywood, tries to hire Jade as a hooker
Peaches Delight (Pêche Melba in the French version) Virginia Mayo 1984 Named in fact Helen Sancowski, former actress and dancer who meet Ted, Laken, Jade and Danny in Hollywood
Rachel ? 1984 C.C.'s secretary
Lloyd Well Spinley III ? 1984 Movie producer, friend of Baron Winterset's
Paula Barbara Crampton 1984 Waits for an audition in Baron Winterset's movie
Connie ? 1984 Waits for an audition in Baron Winterset's movie
Baron Lloyd Winterset ? 1984 In Hollywood, hires Jade to play in a pornographic film
Willard Holmby Michael Halsey 1984 Baron Winterset's associate
Bob Oliver John Shearin 1984 Police lieutenant, questions Augusta about Joe
Casting director Celia Perry 1984 Hires Ted and Danny for a role
Sarah ?
Janice Heiden
Mason's secretary and mistress
Jake Dodge William Phipps 1984 Policeman in love with Peaches Delight
Burt Winslow ? 1984 Casting director, friend of Jake Dodge's, hires Laken for a role
Helicopter pilot Ken Foree 1984 Helps C.C. to refind Santana
Peter ? 1984 Friend of Willard Holmby's
Johnny ? 1984 Friend of Willard Holmby's
Manny ? 1984 Friend of Willard Holmby's
Louise ? 1984 Willard Holmby's grandmother
Rusty Nail ? 1984 Pornographic films actor
Man Lou Cutell 1984 Owner of the hotel where Ted and Laken take refuge
Richard Adams ? 1984 Capwell hotel employee to who Peter asks to install a two-way mirror in the presidential suite
David Hasselhoff David Hasselhoff 1984 Meets Danny and Jade in Hollywood
Monique ? 1984 Masseuse hired by Lionel
Cindy ? 1984 Masseuse hired by Lionel
Mike Clayburn Russ Marin 1984 Lionel's lawyer
Howard Pope Freeman 1984 Attorney bishop at the auction for the Lockridge beachfront property
Mr. Bottoms Ray Walston 1984 Professor of Jade, Laken, Danny and Ted's at Lyman prep
Michael Adams ?
Eric A. Stromer
School friend of Jade, Laken and Ted's, constrained by Mr. Bottoms to betray his friends
Cynthia Browning ? 1984 School friend of Jade, Laken and Ted's
Gerald Cosgrove William Ragsdale 1984 School friend of Jade, Laken and Ted's
Neal Raymond Charles Vally 1984 School friend of Jade, Laken and Ted's
Howard Reiter Graham Ludlow 1984 School friend of Jade, Laken and Ted's
Real estate agent David Clover 1984 Shows their motel to Jade, Laken, Danny and Ted
Ginger Jones Paula Kelly 1984, 1985 Pimp Peter worked for as a gigolo
Rip Richard Epcar 1984 Ginger's accomplice
Bobby ? 1984 Ginger's accomplice
Real estate agent Paula Shaw 1984 Sells their motel to Jade, Laken, Danny and Ted
Sam ? 1984 Waiter at the beach bar
Jean John David Carson 1984 Pilot of the private jet in which Eden returns to Santa Barbara
Rudy ? 1984 Owner of Rudy's pawn shop
Nurse Ellen Geer 1984 Works at the Anchorage asylum where Sophia was interned
Dr. Raymond ? 1984 Works at the Anchorage asylum where Sophia was interned
Woman Zelda Rubinstein 1984 Patient at the Anchorage asylum where Sophia was interned
Chuck ? 1984 Sea rescuer, colleague of Warren's
Max ? 1984 Policeman charged by Mason to arrest Joe
Larry ? 1984 Policeman charged by Mason to arrest Joe
Bob ? 1984 Policeman charged by Mason to arrest Joe
Bill ?
Abel Franco
Owner of La Mesa
Young Sophia Wayne Capwell Marcy Walker
Debbie Barker
In flashbacks
Ivo Adam Gregor 1984 Russian spy, saves Joe from drowning by welcoming him on his boat
Jasna Lena Pousette 1984 Ivo's accomplice
Brad ? 1984 Groom at the Capwell hotel
Jeff Barber Bob McLean 1984, 1985 Amy's ex-boyfriend and Johnny's presumed father
Caretaker Sab Shimono 1984 Keeps Gina's house in Los Angeles
David ? 1984 Secret agent, friend of Cruz's
Jean-Claude Piaget ? 1984 Gina's date in Nice
Michelle ? 1984 Brandon's baby-sitter in Nice
Charles ? 1984 C.C.'s banker
Crystal Heather Lowe
Hooker to who Danny gives a rendez-vous
Rudy ? 1984 One of the two gangsters looking for a booty in Jade, Laken, Danny and Ted's hotel
Dr. Harrison ? 1984 Kelly's doctor after her kidnapping by Ginger
Pete ? 1984 Private investigator hired by Mason to refind his mother
Professor John Mader ? 1984 Seismologist, friend of Cruz's
Dr. Eric Schmidt Joseph G. Medalis 1984 Seismologist
Policeman Joe Barnaba 1984 During the earthquake
Policeman Steven Barr 1984 During the earthquake
Policeman Vince Guastaferro 1984, 1985 During the earthquake, then Peter's hostages crisis
Policeman Bruce Neckels 1984 During the earthquake
Radio announcer Tom Miller 1984 During the earthquake
Mr. Green ? 1984 Perkins' neighbor
Charles Field ? 1984 Journalist at UBS
Gina McQueary Kathrine Bates 1984 Journalist at UBS
John Ireland John Ireland 1984 Victim of the earthquake
Tina ? 1984 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Matt Powell ? 1984 Black young boy Eden helps to find his parents after the earthquake
Man Kenn Hundley 1984 Burglar, attacks Eden and Matt Powell
Susan Townsend ? 1984 Journalist at KSB
Dr. Bresley Michael Swan 1984, 1985, 1986 At the Santa Barbara hospital
Mrs. Anderson ? 1984 Powells' neighbor
Frank Powell Sam Scarber 1984 Matt's father
Barbara Powell ? 1984 Matt's mother
Bill Keating ? 1984 Journalist
Judge Steven Scribner John McCann 1984, 1985 At Lionel's trial for the theft of the Capwell golden coins, and at Ted's trial for Christie's rape
Dr. Stratford ? 1984, 1985 Amy's gynecologist
Jackie ? 1984 Dr. Stratford's nurse
Hotel manager Jane Dulo 1984 At the hotel Carlyle in San Francisco where sleep Amy and Brick
Young Kelly Capwell ?
In flashbacks
Man Kenn Hundley 1984, 1985 At Club 602 with Mason
Hank Judson ?
Victor Bevine
Gina's ex-boyfriend and dealer who has formerly raped Summer
Doctor Ken Hill 1984-1985 A.k.a. Mr. Smith, Peter's doctor at the Benedict Hills clinic where Mason locked him
Man Steve Susskind 1984 Flirts with Summer at the State Street bar
Max ? 1984 Diver, helps Lionel to collect the treasures of the Amanda Lockridge
Terry ? 1984 Diver, helps Lionel to collect the treasures of the Amanda Lockridge
Counselor Wesley Pfenning 1984 In a flashback, Summer's therapist after her rape
Paul Barry Sattels 1984 Commissioner at the Santa Barbara museum
Mrs. Kraft ? 1984 Journalist
Policeman Beau Billingsly 1984, 1985  
Mr. Caswell ? 1984 Estimates the sculptures found in the Amanda Lockridge
Mr. Baker ? 1984 Estimates the jewels found in the Amanda Lockridge
Harry ? 1984 Warden of Santa Barbara prison
Sid Rudy Vallee 1984 Lionel's cellmate
Man Charlie Brill 1984 Lionel's cellmate
Man Jack Riley 1984 Lionel's cellmate
Gary Simpson Jeff Allin
Lionel's lawyer
Gardener Benjamin Lum 1984 Lockridges' gardener
Mr. Dylan ? 1984 Police inspector
Clark Griswald ? 1984 Journalist at The Santa Barbara Tribune
Leslie Green ? 1984-1985 Mason's stenographer
Guard Royce D. Applegate 1984 Hired by Lionel to watch over the treasures of the Amanda Lockridge at the museum
Sandra ? 1985 Photograph, works for Eden
Frank ? 1985 Tries to seduce Amy and Jackie at the State Street bar
Scott ? 1985 Tries to seduce Amy and Jackie at the State Street bar
Andie ? 1985 Little girl Peter meets at the hospital
Barbara Anderson ? 1985 Waitress at La Mesa, killed by Peter
Charlie Stubbs ? 1985 Bum who steals Lionel's coat
Loretta ? 1985 Welcomes Lionel in the caravan of the Luigi's circus
Mrs. Guiterez ? 1985 Owner of the antique shop where Cruz refinds the Amanda Lockridge desk
Howard ? 1985 Sophia's assistant
Security guard Daniel McVicar 1985 At the Capwell hotel
Sam ? 1985 Owner of the Club 602 in Los Angeles where Mason finds Hank
Beth ? 1985 Waitress at La Mesa
Stuntwoman (for Eden) Mary Albee 1985  
Michael ? 1985 Secret agent, colleague of Cruz's
Dr. Lewis Mark Harrison 1985-1986 At the Santa Barbara hospital
Betty ? 1985 Teacher of Amy's delivery without pain lessons
Harvey ? 1985 Participates to the delivery without pain lessons with Amy, Jane's husband
Jane ? 1985 Participates to the delivery without pain lessons with Amy
Howard Otis Gregory Itzin 1985 Peter's lawyer
Mrs. Ingle Pearl Shear
Shirley Prestia
Owner of Peter's appartment
Mr. Lorenzini Viti Scotti 1985 Lockridges' taylor
Reverend Sutter Richard Kuss 1985 Marries Kelly and Joe
Jeffrey Osborne Jeffrey Osborne 1985 Sings at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Mary Hart Mary Hart 1985 Interviewes Jeffrey Osborne
Guest John McKee 1985 Guest at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Guest Linda T. Dennison 1985 Guest at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Yetta Levitt ? 1985 Journalist from Atlanta at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Joe Smith ? 1985 Journalist from Dayton at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Melissa Williams ? 1985 Journalist from Detroit at Kelly and Joe's wedding
Candy Fox Rhonda Aldrich 1985 Prostitute killed by Peter
Dr. Montclair Janet MacLachlan 1985 Amy's gynecologist
Woman Jeanne Hepple 1985 Owner of a store who recognizes Peter on a photo
Lucy Daly ? 1985 Gets her truck stolen by Peter, that she took as a hitchhiker
Man in State Street bar Sam Vincent 1985 Former alcoholic, talks with Augusta then Kelly and Joe
Alan ? 1985 Lawyer, friend of Augusta's
Larry Parks Ted LePlat 1985 Jackie's husband, lieutenant in the Navy. Dies during a war.
Young Marcello Armonti Brian Autenrieth 1985 In flashbacks
Mary ?
Jody Lee Olhava
Maid of the Capwells
Wilcox Jessie L. Ferguson 1985 Officer in the Navy
Dr. Leonard Renfro Carl Held
Jordan Charney
Amy's doctor who takes part in the kidnapping of her son, killed by Jerry Cooper
Reverend Davis ? 1985 Marries Gina and C.C.
Tony Patterson Nick Angotti
Michael Cavanaugh
Santa Barbara district attorney
Walter Flemming ? 1985 Lawyer, friend of Mason's
Prostitute Laurie O'Brien 1985 Sleeps with Mason and steals to him some money and his watch
Frank Rod Davidson 1985 Bartender at the State Street bar
Dave Cheng James Hong 1985 Helps Lionel to make a forgery of the Chinese puzzle box found in the Amanda Lockridge
Judge Phil Lawler ? 1985 Declares Sophia legaly dead
Howard ? 1985 C.C.'s security guard
Mike ? 1985 C.C.'s security guard
Patty ? 1985 Client of the State Street bar to who Lionel buys the jewels in order to offer them to Augusta
Bill ? 1985 Patty's husband
Angie ? 1985 Pimp, threatens Mason
Carmen Castillo Carmen Zapata

Karmin Murcelo
Mother of Cruz, Ric and Carmen
Joshua Friendly Basil Hoffman 1985 Jack Lee's assistant
Bobby Martin Grey 1985 Friend of Brick's, encourages him to bet at a horse race
Radio voice Trevor Denman 1985 Comments the horse race
Pop MacLaughlin Biff Maguire 1985 Sells the Santa Barbara Sentinel to Warren and continues to work there with him
Emma Saunders ? 1985 Works at the Santa Barbara Sentinel with Warren
Earl Daley ? 1985 Works at the Santa Barbara Sentinel with Warren
Loretta Childress ? 1985 Works at the Santa Barbara Sentinel with Warren
Lindsay Smith Joel Bailey 1985 Channing Junior's gay boyfriend
Frank Schuster Edwin Owens 1985 Jeweler, estimates the uncut diamond found in the Chinese puzzle box of the Amanda Lockridge
Rolf Kleinstook Phillip Pine 1985 Expert hired by Mason to cut the uncut diamond found in the Chinese puzzle box of the Amanda Lockridge
Ruby ? 1985 Lionel's charwoman on his yacht
Kenny ? 1985 Bartender at the State Street bistro
Ben Gillis ?
Robert Madrid
Maggie's husband, became blind, deaf, mute and paralysed after an accident at the Capwell Enterprises
Miss Fletcher ? 1985 Ben Gillis' nurse
Male nurse Mark Haining 1985 With Ben Gillis
Jerry Tillenger ? 1985 Technician of the scientific police
Doctor Craig Richard Nelson 1985 Treats of Gina's medicine dependence
Mr. Foster ? 1985 C.C.'s lawyer during his divorce from Sophia
Jerry Cooper Joel Crothers 1985 Jack Lee's lookalike cousin who takes his place
Dawn ?
Prostitute, lives with Mason and Ted
Geri ?
A.k.a. Geraldine, named in fact Gertrude, prostitute, lives with Mason and Ted
Nancy ? 1985 Gina's nurse at the hospital
Marlene ? 1985 Prostitute, lives with Mason and Ted
Heather ? 1985 Prostitute, lives with Mason and Ted
Terry ? 1985 Waitress at the State Street bistro
Mrs. Lambe ? 1985 Principal at Lyman prep
Sally ? 1985 Friend of Lionel's
Hortense ? 1985 Friend of Lionel's
Hildegarde ? 1985 Friend of Lionel's
Earl Stiller ? 1985 C.C.'s lawyer in the Gillis case
Geri Stratton ? 1985 Mason's stenographer
Parker Simonson Alan McRae 1985 Jerry Cooper's accomplice
Brandy Fairbanks Martine Beswicke 1985 A.k.a. Carla, tries to kill Kelly under Parker Simonson's orders. Dies by falling from the glass roof of the Orient Express.
Mort Zimmerman Lee Murray 1985 Hires Lionel in his mattress shop
Fire chief Wayne Heffley 1985 After the explosion in the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions
Reporter Dino Lalli 1985 Comes at the Capwell mansion after the explosion of the tunnel
Engineer Jack Talo 1985 Drives the little train in which Brandon boards in the park
Pianist Rick Rhodes 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992 In the clearing with Eden and Cruz in 1985, at The Lair in 1989, with Richard Sedgewick at the museum and in Washington in 1991, at the Jazzclub in 1992
Specialist Alfred Powers 1985  
Jim Olsen ? 1985 Detective, questions Gina about Hank's death
McLain John Mansfield 1985 Navy chaplain who learns to Jackie that Larry is dead
Ross ? 1985 C.C.'s second lawyer in the Gillis case
Richard ? 1985 Bartender at the State Street bistro
Mark ? 1985 Laken's boyfriend
Frank Armsted Ronnie Schell 1985, 1988 Milkman Lionel paies to seduce Augusta during her blindness, comes back in 1988 and takes Keith as a hostage to recover his mother's diadem
James Logan Clarke 1985 Jerry Cooper's henchman
Doctor Mark Withers 1985 Brandon's doctor
Executioner Rion Hunter 1985 Looks on the real Jack Lee in New Stailand
Minister George J. Woods 1985 Supposed to marry Eden and Cruz
Security guard Alan Marcus 1985 Arrests Marcello at the Capwell Hotel
Security guard John Barrat 1985 Arrests Marcello at the Capwell Hotel
Katie Wallace   Dena Dietrich 1985-1986 Brick's presumed mother
Greta Bayley Liz Sheridan 1985 Dr. Renfro's nurse
Johnny Wallace ?
Brian Wooding
Amy's son
Nurse Anne C. Lucas 1985 Amy's nurse
Chuck David Crowley 1985 Jerry Cooper's henchman
Mrs. Willy ? 1985 Assistant of Gina's doctor
Nurse Dorthy Dells 1985 With Gina at the clinic
Marcia Marcie Barkin 1985 Gives drug to Gina at the clinic
Jess Young ? 1985 Journalist, says to Nick he is Taylor Lincoln, a Vietnam veteran
King of New Stailand Duncan Ross 1985 Johnny's biological grandfather
Cook Roger Til 1985 At the Orient Express
Mr. Shefter ? 1985 Former employee of the Capwell oil rigs
Jerry Terence Ford 1985 Receptionist at the Capwell Hotel
Mrs. Carmody Eve Brent Ashe 1985 Victim of a jewels robbery at the Capwell Hotel
Roger ? 1985 Groom at the Capwell Hotel
Farmer Jim Ishida 1985 Vietnamese farmer, helps Nick
Farmer's wife Kieu Chinh 1985 Vietnamese farmer, helps Nick
Harvey ? 1985 Sounds maker, friend of Lionel's
Daisy Patrika Darbo 1985 Hairdresser, hired by Lionel
Jim ? 1985 Sheriff, helps Eden and Cruz to find Kelly and Nick
Tim ? 1985 Deputy sheriff
Aaron ? 1985 Capwells' butler
Woody Charles Young 1985 Visits Kelly and Nick at the ghost town
Cabbie Robert Pastorelli 1985 Drives Gina after her escape from the sanatorium
Nell Carter Nell Carter 1985 Is victim of a jewels robbery at the Capwell hotel
Man Damon Wayans 1985 Friend of Nell Carter's
Mr. Coltrane ? 1985 Witness of the Capwell oil rig explosion
Mrs. Malone ? 1985 Ex-wife of Morgan Malone, Ben Gillis's colleague
Cheryl ? 1985 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Artie ? 1985 Doctor friend of Lionel's
Ivan Dick Durock 1985 Jerry Cooper's bodyguard
Man John H. Ingle 1985 Member of New Stailand's cartel
Copter pilot Bruce Chandler 1985 At the ghost town
Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 1985 Is victim of a jewels robbery at the Capwell hotel
Doctor Lyman Ward 1985, 1986 Christie's doctor, then Kirk's at the Santa Barbara hospital
Dr. Morrison ? 1985 C.C.'s doctor
Prime Minister Paul Kent 1985 In New Stailand
Princess Celeste Susan Feldon 1985 Wife of Prince Adrian and daughter-in-law of the King of New Stailand
Polygrapher Ed Gonzales 1985 Makes Ted and Christie pass a polygraph test
Doctor Bart Braverman 1985 Gina's doctor at the hospital
Doctor David Kagen 1985 Gina's doctor after her fall in the stairs
Dr. Biddles Martin Cassidy 1985, 1986 C.C. and Lionel's doctor
Eminence Hammond ? 1985 Mary's superior
Celia ? 1985 Johnny's wet-nurse in New Stailand
Mrs. Blanchard ? 1985 Gina's nurse at the hospital
Alan ? 1985 Maitre d' at the Orient Express
Man James Patrick Dunne 1985 Auditions as a pianist at the Orient Express
Randall Jordan John DeMita 1985 Pianist at the Orient Express, Eden's former fiancé
Young Julia Wainwright ? 1985 In Julia's flashback
Michael Leonard Phelps ? 1985 Former priest to whom Sophia confided herself before her wedding with C.C.
Mr. Gould Steve Susskind 1985 Manager of the Oasis motel where Gina and Mason stayed
Roy Bruce ? 1985 Private investigator hired by Mason to follow Mary
Mark Mark Flynn 1985-1990 Maitre'd of the Orient Express, then of the Country-club and of the Pacific Bay polo club
Ingrid Marcy Hanson 1985 Jack Lee's secretary
Morgan Malone Richard Moll 1985 Former colleague of Ben Gillis' at the Capwell oil rig, also victim of the explosion
Ken Goodman ? 1985 Santa Barbara acting district attorney
Charlotte Baker Channing Chase 1985 C.C.'s nurse
Felicia Dalton Phylicia Allen Ayers (Phylicia Rashad) 1985 Assistant of the district attorney of Santa Barbara
Eric Tyler Jeff Pomerantz 1985 Jack Lee's associate
Janice Harrison Kathy Shower 1985-1986 Dr. Mark McCormick's ex-wife and Dylan's girlfriend
Richard Jenkins ?
Publisher of Kelly and Nick's book
Hal ? 1985 Waiter at the Orient Express
James ? 1985 Waiter at the Orient Express
Dr. Reston John Mansfield 1985, 1986 C.C.'s doctor during his coma
Hotel manager Jose de Vega 1985 In Hawaii, with Eden and Kirk
Glenn Wallace   Jack Carter 1985-1986 Brick's presumed father
Captain Matthews / Dryer   Hank Garrett 1985, 1986, 1987 Cruz's superior
Mr. Rivers Liam Sullivan 1985 Police commissioner, Cruz's superior
Barbara Longman ? 1985 Nurse, replaces Mary at C.C.'s sides
Angel Ramirez   Bernard White

David Labiosa
1985, 1986,
Drug dealer, head of a gang
Ricardo Billy Rodriguez 1985 A.k.a. Ricky, member of Angel's gang
Spider   Billy Gallo 1985 Member of Angel's gang
Paddy Ted Lehmann 1985 Sells his vineyard to Kirk
Eddie Mike Gomez 1985 Policeman to whom Cruz asked to look after Danny
Curator Garth Wilton 1985 At Santa Barbara museum
Sergeant McAverly ? 1985 During Angel's hostage-taking at the clinic
Sergeant Schultz ? 1985 During Angel's hostage-taking at the clinic
Ingrid ? 1985 Prostitute, friend of Mason's
Cheryl ? 1985 Dresses Eden for her televised interview
Carlo Alvarez Joseph Mascolo 1985 A.k.a. Carlo Mercado, mobster who pursues Dylan and Sam
Morgana ? 1985 Carlo's mistress
Bartender David Lane Baker 1985 At the Orient Express
Roger Bell Russell Johnson 1985 Actor auditioned by Gina to play C.C.'s voice
George ? 1985 Chauffeur of the Capwells
Marilyn McCoo Marilyn McCoo 1985 At Eden and Cruz's engagement party
Billy Davis Jr. Billy Davis Jr. 1985 At Eden and Cruz's engagement party
Iris Jeanne Hepple 1985 C.C.'s nurse
Susie ? 1985 Friend of Ted's
Jake ? 1985 Bartender at the State Street bistro
Andy ? 1985 Invited at the Orient Express
Magazine rep Joe Restivo 1985 Announces to Janice that her photos are going to be published
Doctor Joseph Whipp 1985 Nick's doctor
Frank Frank Avila 1985 Police officer, works with Cruz
Daniels Dan Roth 1985, 1987 Police officer
Bartender David Correia 1985 At the Capwell hotel
Biker Terry James 1985 Carlo's henchman
Biker Ralph Garrett 1985 Carlo's henchman
Biker John Nowak 1985 Carlo's henchman
Man   Billy Gallo 1985 Asks Cruz an autograph on his basketball ball
Buzz Phillip Kako
Named in fact Klaus Weber, owner of Buzz's Place
Mother Isabel Priscilla Morrill 1985-1986 Nun at Mary's convent
Barbara ? 1985 C.C.'s nurse
Frank ? 1985 Sheriff next to Brandon's camp
Judge Raliegh David Hooks 1985 Marries Eden and Kirk
Mechanic George John Hostetter 1985 Mechanic of the Capwell jet
Woman in hall Monica Lewis 1985 Kirk's neighbor
Judge's secretary Leah Joki 1985 Judge Raliegh's secretary
Alfredo ? 1985 Violinist during Eden and Kirk's honeymoon
Hiram Clagett Will Hare 1985 Old friend of the Capwells, helps to find Sophia and Lionel
Mrs. Donnelly ? 1985-1986 C.C.'s nurse
Mathilda Cordell Jill Andre 1985 Archive supervisor at the Santa Barbara maternity hospital
Mrs. McRae Frances Bay 1985 Wife of Charles, the doctor who helped Sophia and Katie Wallace to give birth
Young Mason Capwell   ?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Press article : Leonardo DiCaprio started out on Santa Barbara, 1998
In flashbacks
Young Channing Capwell Junior ?
In flashbacks
Young Eden Capwell   ?
Vicki Wauchope
In flashbacks
Katie Shiri Appleby 1985 At Christmas, at Mary's clinic
Harold Beard Bill Erwin 1985 Author of the photos of Brick and of Channing Junior as babies
Dale Larry Hankin 1985 Manager of the hotel where Gina and Brandon hide themselves
Woman Joy Klaussen 1986 At Augusta's garage sale
Man in bar Richard Karron 1986 Husband of the woman involuntarily killed by Mark
Man Kenn Hundley 1986 Paid by Kirk to beat him up
Marcelle Sinclair ? 1986 Dancer in Las Vegas, friend of Gina's
Thomas ? 1986 Security guard, keeps the entry of C.C.'s room during his coma
Virginia Haisley ? 1986 Ted's college friend
Private investigator Joe George 1986 Hired by C.C. to follow Gina
Detective Rosemore ? 1986 Resumes the investigation on the attempted murder of C.C.
Taylor Don Draper 1986 Dylan's taylor
Bobbie ? 1986 Employee at the Casino, then beaten by Mark as a prostitute
Nurse Lora Staley 1986 Kelly's nurse at the hospital
Man at the casino Barry Cahill 1986 Accuses Brick of the Lockridges embezzlement
Jerry David Lain Baker 1986 Bartender at the Orient Express
Wayne ? 1986 Waiter at the Orient Express
Warden Edson Stroll 1986 Puts Angel under Cruz's surveillance
Man ? 1986 Tries to kill Angel
Motel manager Steve Susskind 1986 At the Whitecliff hotel, where Cruz, Pearl and Angel hide
Barney ? 1986 Medical examiner friend of Cruz's
Robert Parker Whitman 1986 Appraiser who evaluates Lionel's art collection
Helicopter pilot ? 1986 Dylan's pilot
1st paramedic David Mack 1986 Takes care of Mark after the explosion of the cabin
Jill ? 1986 Mark's nurse
Minister ? 1986 Marries Mary and Mark at the hospital
Luis Gonzalez ? 1986 Proposes a marriage of convenience to Santana
Dr. Logan ? 1986 Eden's doctor who informs C.C. that she is pregnant
Fred / Tom ? 1986 Pilot of C.C.'s private jet
Ferry pilot Steve Stuart 1986 Leads Sophia and C.C. from the Casino to Santa Barbara
Maitre d' David Ursin 1986 At the Casino
Don ? 1986 Friend of Mason's
Gallery man Ben Hammer 1986 Proposes to Augusta to buy one of her paintings
Reverend Fitzpatrick ? 1986 Supposed to marry Santana and Mason
Diego ? 1986 Santana's cousin, priest who marries her with Cruz in Mexico
Helena ? 1986 Rosa's sister
Mrs. Phelps ? 1986 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Dr. Miller ? 1986 Eden's doctor at the hospital after her car accident
Barney Snyder ? 1986 Buys the copies of Nick's book for Kelly
Dr. Mills Terrence E. McNally 1986 Psychologist, advises Santana and C.C. about Brandon
Dr. Stevens ? 1986 Friend of Mark's
Dan Seaver ? 1986 Brings evidences of Gina's death
Reverend Sata James Newell 1986 At the memorial service in memory of Gina
Art expert Harold Harris 1986 Evaluate Lionel's paintings for Mason
Marsha ? 1986 Kirk's secretary
Nurse Nancy Priddy 1986 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Doctor Scott Stevenson 1986 Kirk's doctor at the Stanford hospital
Mike ? 1986 Waiter at the Orient Express
Chambermaid Evelyn Guerrero 1986 At the motel where Madeline is killed
Tony ? 1986 Cruz's stenographer
Steven Coates ? 1986 Lawyer sent by Grant Capwell to defend David Laurent
Gerald ? 1986 Friend of Julia's
Rogers Paul Eiding 1986 Police detective, investigates on the casino robbery
Judge Stanley ? 1986 Friend of C.C.'s
Dr. Reynolds ? 1986 Police doctor, hypnotizes Pearl
Moving man Tony Miller 1986 Moves away the furnitures of the Lockridge mansion
Cassandra Dunn Tina Louise 1986 David Laurent's former mistress
Brenda ? 1986 Colleague of Cruz's in the police, helps him to trap Kirk
Sister Ann ? 1986 At Ventura convent
Richard G. Fowler Gino Conforti 1986, 1988 Jeweler involved with Gina and Kirk in 1986, then with Keith in 1988 in a jewels traffic
Secretary Joan Roberts 1986 Richard G. Fowler's secretary
Myers Paul Linke 1986 Potential buyer of Pearl's boat
Trucker Jim Boeke 1986 Gives Gina a lift
Gomez ? 1986 Mexican police detective, finds Gina
Marty Whitmore ?
Private investigator hired by Madeline to prove her husband's infidelity
Casey ? 1986 Policeman
Prostitute ? 1986 Sleeps with Mark
Frieda ? 1986 Helps Mason in his surprise to Mary in the mountains
Dr. Terrence Peterson Jeffrey A. Chandler 1986 Sophia's doctor at the hospital
Stevie Stone ? 1986 Garage owner, directs Gina and Kirk to Eden
George Pirson Don Matheson 1986, 1987 Capwells' lawyer
Judge Amanda Conway Kathryn Leigh Scott 1986 Sends Kelly to Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Thomas Woods Frank Schuller 1986 Sheriff, works with Cruz
Psychiatrist Ronan O'Casey 1986 Kelly's doctor after Dylan's death
Robbins ? 1986 Sheriff Thomas Woods' assistant 
Policeman ? 1986 Sheriff Thomas Woods' assistant 
Sheila Carlyle Terri Treas 1986 Old friend of Pearl's, David Laurent's mistress
Carla ? 1986 Charwoman sent by Augusta on Lionel's yacht
Martin F.J. O'Neil 1986 Kirk's lawyer
Hodgers Toni Sawyer 1986 Nurse at Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Orderly Alan David Gelman 1986 At Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Jimmy Martin Grey 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient
Bobby ? 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient
Dorothy Ellen Geer 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient
Rose ? 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient
Nurse Eric Lawrence 1986 At Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Judge Edgar Einberg Jack Heller 1986 At David Laurent's trial
Reporter Jennie Blackton 1986 At David Laurent's trial
Juan Montoya ? 1986 Representant of the Santa Barbara latino minorities
Grant Capwell John Considine 1986 C.C.'s brother, Madeline and Courtney's father
Dr. Andrew Morell ? 1986 Friend of Justin's
Owen Coyle Gary Allen 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient, helps Kelly  to escape from the asylum
Dick ? 1986 Sheriff, friend of David's
Father Metcalfe ? 1986 Advises Mary about the annulment of her marriage with Mark
Rich ? 1986 Friend of Julia's
Drew Eric Boles 1986 Friend of Eden's
Nurse Gaynor Jane Hallaren 1986 At Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Morrison Mickey Morton 1986 Dr. Rawlings' patient
Detective Fowler ? 1986 Arrests Mark for Mary's rape
Julio Alvarez Julio Medina 1986 Colleague of Cruz's in the police corrupted by El Blanco
Christine Mary Elena Beir 1986 Keith's secretary
El Blanco Carl Strano 1986 Gangster Cruz is looking for
Driver Richard Fullerton 1986 Driver of the van in which Eden hid herself
Passenger Juan Carlos Cervantes 1986 Mexican immigrant
Patricia Nancy Gassner-Clayton 1986-1990 Maid of the Capwells
Chuck Taylor ? 1986 Friend of Ted's
Sanitarium nurse Donna Mitchell 1986 At Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Inmate Ken Smolka 1986 At Dr. Rawlings' asylum
Dr. McKenzie ? 1986 Hypnotizes Julia
Dr. Bellows ? 1986 Dr. Rawlings' assistant
Juge Willey Hildy Brooks 1986 At Santana's hearing for having hit Eden with her car
Woman in cantina Silvana Gallardo 1986 In Mexico, with Kelly, Pearl and Owen
Carlos Corey Rand 1986 Mexican policeman
Dr. Priscilla MacIntosh Rawlings Zina Bethune 1986 Dr. Rawlings' ex-wife
Chad Anderson David Oliver 1986 Friend of Jane and Ted's
Rainy ? 1986 Police detective, comes to arrest Kelly
Schultz ? 1986 Police detective, comes to arrest Kelly
Wilson Edwards ? 1986 C.C.'s jeweler
Joseph Andrew Masset 1986 Augusta's lover with who she leaves the town
Mrs. Timmons Barbara Townsend 1986 Keith's grandmother
Marshall Lewis ? 1986 Friend of Ollie Jackson's, talks to Jane about Alice's release
Judge Leilia Goldoni 1986 At Santana's audience
Eleanor Carson Lynn Milgrin 1986 Real estate agent, sells the Lockridge mansion
Alex ? 1986, 1987 Bartender at the Orient Express
Terri Manette Lachance 1986 Prostitute, friend of Mason's
Tommy Christopher Bradley 1986 Adept of Lily's
Katie Timmons Wendy Makkena 1986 In flashbacks, Keith's sister who commits suicide in the ocean
Estelle ? 1986 Cruz's stenographer
Sandy ? 1986 Strip-teaser hired by Gina for Sophia
Beth Beverly Saunders 1986, 1988 Gina and Sophia's tailor for their wedding dress
Rizzo ? 1986 Prison warder, threatens Courtney
Lifeguard Clayton Norcross 1986 In flashbacks, tries to save Katie
Penley ? 1986 Police detective
Young Gina Blake ? 1986 In flashbacks
Judge William Young ? 1986 At Ted's hearing
Martin Ellis John Wesley Shipp 1986 Professionnal tennisman, Victoria's ex-boyfriend
Philippe Christopher Weeks 1986 Maitre'd of the castle where Eden and Cruz stay in Nice
Judge McAllister ? 1986 Refuses to marry Hayley and Ted
Fiona Figg Elisabeth Savage 1986, 1988 Journalist in a gossip newspaper
Charles ? 1986 Fiona Figg's photograph
Jerry ? 1986 Fiona Figg's cameraman
Jack ? 1986 Invited at Gina's shower before her wedding with C.C.
Beth ? 1986 Jack's wife
Paremedic Jim Fitzpatrick 1986 Takes care of Eden after her run in the ocean
Alan B.J. Jones 1986 Pilot of C.C.'s private jet
Grimes J.P. Bumstead 1986 Commander of the Air force in charge to find Sophia and Gina's plane
Young Pearl Bradford Max Bettimo 1986 In flashbacks
Young Brian Bradford Shawn Donahue 1986 In flashbacks
Shirley Lloyd ? 1986 Asks Lily to cure her husband
John Lloyd ? 1986 Shirley's husband in a wheelchair
Sybil Jordan Michelle NiCastro 1986 Writer and bookseller, friend of Brian's
Graham Russell

Graham Russell 1986 Singer of the band Air Supply, sings at Gina and C.C.'s wedding
Russell Hitchcock Russell Hitchcock 1986 Drummer of the band Air Supply, plays at Gina and C.C.'s wedding
Minister Raleigh Bond 1986 Supposed to remarry Gina and C.C., then Sophia and C.C.
Kathleen ? 1986 Mason's secretary
Stan Seagal David Hess 1986 Private investigator hired by Caroline to investigate on Gus
Vice cop Jack Stauffer 1986 Arrests Jane for sollicitation
Chris ? 1986 Picked up by Jane at the Orient Express
John ? 1986 Waiter at the Orient Express
Max Stuart Matthew Tobin 1986 Victoria's agent
Sister Marguerite ? 1986 At Ventura convent
Robert Ted Lehmann 1986 Cruz's superior in the police
Young Alice Jackson ? 1986 In a flashback
Lars Stedwell Kevin Sorbo 1986 Chauffeur hired by Sophia to seduce Gina
Bill ? 1986-1987 Doctor and friend of Julia's
Nurse Liz Sheridan 1986 At the hospital with Julia
Becky Peggy Pope 1986 Angel who shows to Gina what would have happened if she hadn't existed
Carmen Jones ? 1986 Victoria's nurse at the hospital
Jerry ? 1986 Victoria's male nurse at the hospital
Dr. John Ballard John Mansfield 1986-1987 Follows Victoria during her pregnancy
David ? 1986 Organizes Gina's party for New Year's Eve
Dates of appearance to be confirmed
Beth Cindy Riegel 1986  
Policeman Sam Dalton 1986  
Bartender Coleman McClary 1986  
Waitress Cynthia Lea Clark 1986  
Bruno Russell Gannon 1986  
Clyde Steve Uzzell 1986  
Stenographer Rosie Malek-Yonan 1986  
Mother Lynn Ann Leveridge 1986  
Ethan Dobson Tim Eyster 1986  
Irene ? 1987, 1988 Mason's, then Keith's secretary
Edward Wesley Tony Cummings 1987 Eden's date for New Year's eve at the Purgatory
Zachary Terry Sam Scarber 1987 Attacks Eden and Mark at the Orient Express, then takes as hostages Alice, Caroline and Lionel
Marge ? 1987 Actress hired by Sophia to play her role
Sal the squid Martin Veselich 1987, 1988, 1990 Cruz's informer
Keith's man Jim Warren 1987 Records for Keith his frolics with Gina
Weezil Blackie Dammett 1987 Keith's accomplice
Jody ? 1987 Waiter at Johnny's Place
Danny ? 1987 Cop who helps Cruz
Judge Robert Matthews ? 1987 At Gus' trial
Otto Weldon Bleiler 1987 Kelly's lodger in Zurich
Kidnapper Nick Eldredge 1987 Kelly's fake kidnapper sent to Zurich by C.C.
Alex Bryant ? 1987 C.C.'s banker
Angela ? 1987 On the Orient Express board, becomes reconciled with her fiancé thanks to Eden
Edward ? 1987 Angela's fiancé
Raymond ? 1987 French waiter on the Orient Express board
Harry Stanhope ? 1987 Colleague of Julia's
Mack Randolph ? 1987 Private investigator hired by C.C.
Mrs. Pennywoth ? 1987 Recognizes Kelly at the museum
Henry Dankins Claude Earl Jones 1987 Guard at the museum
Purgatory cop David J. Partington 1987 Wants to arrest Gina at the Purgatory
John Tesh

John Tesh 1987 Host of Entertainment Tonight present at the Capwell dress ball
George ? 1987 Waiter at Johnny's Place
Laboratory assistant Carlos Lacamara 1987 Works at the laboratory where Kelly and Jeffrey are hidden

Clint Howard 1987 Assistant at the laboratory where Kelly and Jeffrey are hidden
Campus guard Darren Erickson 1987 Tracks down Kelly and Jeffrey
Virgil Leeds John Gallucci 1987 Trafficker to whom Gina tries to sell jewels
Dr. Charles Marcus

Michael Fairman
Donald Craig
Allows the Capwells to meet Kelly and Jeffrey, then fugitives
Mr. Abernathy Peter MacLean
Hugh Gillin
Owner of the stables where Jake and Ted work
Matron Sharon Madden 1987 Guards Kelly and Gina in prison
Melanie Dee Dee Rescher 1987 Waitress at Johnny's Place
Woman Peggy Pope 1987 Cleaning woman at the prison
Ken Randall Brady 1987 Waiter at Johnny's Place who rapes Hayley  and attacks Victoria, Caroline and Jane
Dr. Sharon Knowles Susan Krebs
Psychologist who helps Hayley after her rape
Dr. Moore Mark Harrison 1987 At the Santa Barbara hospital, after Hayley's rape
Dr. John Parker ? 1987 Gina's young doctor after her false suicide attempt
Mike Fisher ? 1987 Caroline's former lover
Dottie Ernestine Mercer 1987 Bag lady, Jake's alibi during Hayley's rape
Delivery person Michael David Wright 1987 Delivers to Lionel presents from Caroline for his birthday
Terri Valerie Miller 1987 Julia's realtor
Reverend Seahorse ? 1987 Supposed to marry Gina and Keith
Peter ? 1987 Chauffeur of the Capwells
Man Albert Pugliese 1987 Prepares Sophia and C.C.'s wedding ceremony
Minister Ron Ulstad 1987 Marries Sophia and C.C.
Terri Marshall ? 1987 Rape victim
Mr. Babcock ? 1987 Minx's jeweler
Shirley Bronson Sandy Martin 1987 In charge of the admissions at Santa Barbara university
Hank ? 1987 Guard of Mason's building
Roland Quinn ? 1987 Bodyguard hired by Julia to watch over Mason
Mr. Silverman ? 1987 Graphologist hired by Kelly
Hirshy ? 1987 Colleague of Julia's
Howard Smith Stefan Gierasch 1987, 1988 Director of the law firm where Julia and Mason work
Dave ? 1987 Police officer charged by Keith to look at Eden and Cruz
Ed Warfield ? 1987 Friend of Caroline's
Christine Jennifer Convy 1987 Policewoman infiltrated as a prostitute questioned by Eden
Sylvia Potter Molly Fontaine 1987 Former high school friend of Eden's become a pimp
Carl Greiser ? 1987 Tries to shoot Mason to avenge himself of having been put in jail
Jack Benton Joseph G. Medalis 1987 Roadhog responsible of Eden and Victoria's accident
Dr. Mathews ? 1987 Learns Cruz that Eden lost their baby
Mr. Osmond ?
Ron Hussman
Kelly and Jeffrey's boss at Delta pharmaceuticals
Lucy Pickett Sachi Parker
Wish Foley
Friend of Ted's who follows a therapy since her rape. Saved from suicide by Cruz.
Carlotta Quilvar Theresa Saldana 1987 Press secretary of the governor of Baja, Mexico
Mark Flynn ? 1987 Police lieutenant in charge of looking after Caroline after her attack
Bob Schumacher Grainger Hines 1987 Eden's plane pilot in Utah, who desists himself
Kevin ? 1987 Waiter at Johnny's Place
Sheriff Calloway ? 1987 In charge of the researches after Eden's disappearance in Utah
Muffy Banning ? 1987 Keith's temporary secretary
Doctor John Petlock 1987 Eden's doctor in Utah
Nurse Terri Hanaver 1987 Eden's nurse in Utah
Andy ? 1987 Eden's nurse in Utah
Courtney Philips ? 1987 Little girl who accuses Cruz of having touched her
Matthew Philips ? 1987 Courtney's father
William Addison Tom Ligon 1987 A.k.a. Wallace Arnold, Lucy's rapist
Peter Davis Paul Napier 1987 Eden's lawyer who wrote her will
Bellboy Yves Andre Martin 1987 At William Addison's hotel
Clint ? 1987 Friend of Cain's in Utah
Joe ? 1987 Waiter at Johnny's Place
Travis McCloud Tom Shadyac 1987 Photograph, works for Delta pharmaceuticals
Dr. Jim Cartio ? 1987 Caroline's doctor
Tom Franklin Hal England 1987 Colleague of Julia and Mason's
Chip Capwell Castillo Danielle Kolod
Bryce Woolley
Evan Woolley
Brandon Farmer
Victoria and Cruz's son
Commandant Kendall ? 1987 Coastguard on Anacapa island
Commandant McBride ? 1987 Coastguard on Anacapa island
Jill Stanley ? 1987 Victoria's nurse at the hospital
Will Morton Redmond Gleeson
Russell Johnson
Jake's alcoholic. Dies of a heart attack.
Dr. Mark Corkhill Ryan MacDonald 1987 Caroline's doctor
Police officer Dan Woren 1987 Wants to arrest Keith
Man Ken Letner 1987 Grocer in Salt Lake city
Detective Finney Bill Dearth 1987 Leads Jeffrey to C.C.
Reverend Rems ? 1987 Marries Caroline and Lionel
Annie Bradley Janet MacLachlan 1987 Caroline's personal nurse
Gloria ? 1987 Cruz's real estate agent
Paul ? 1987 Works with Alex at the laboratory
Miss Dowling ? 1987 Owner of Gina's apartment
Miss Doyle ? 1987 Candidate to Gina's replacement as Keith's secretary
Jake Redfield ? 1987 Jane's lover at the time she was travestied as Roxanne
Sheriff Charles Cyphers 1987 Arrests Jeffrey at the Valley of Death
Willy Joseph Runningfox
Tony Acierto
Josh Cruze
Indian guy hired by Elena to kidnap Mason. Dies electrocuted.
Marsha Connors

Eileen Barnett 1987 Paul Marshall's sister, directress of the adoption agency Toddlers
Sergeant Matt O'Toole 1987 After the kidnapping of Johnny
Beverly Hunt Annette Sinclair 1987 Beneficiary of the Eden Capwell college sholarship
Stableboy Scott Nell 1987 At the Abernathy stables
Paramedic Tom Nolan 1987 Attacked by Brick, in search of Johnny
Dora Cox Alma Martinez
Caryline Waldron
Works at the adoption agency Toddlers
Airline clerk John Otrin 1987 At Santa Barbara airport
Paul Marshall Mark Schneider 1987 Marsha Connors's brother, kidnaps children for the adoption agency Toddlers
Dr. Merrick Wally Taylor 1987, 1988 Helps Julia to give birth, then attends to Mason's coma in 1988
Sandy ? 1987 Julia's nurse
Samantha Wainwright Capwell Danielle Marie Dierkes
Caitlin Moore
Erin Moore
Julia and Mason's daughter
Tammy ? 1987 Chip's baby-sitter
Elizabeth Conrad ? 1987 In flashbacks, Jeffrey's first wife
Joey ? 1987 Friend of Carmen's
Chuck ? 1987 Friend of Carmen's
Les Michael Pniewski 1987 Willy's accomplice
Rocky Bill Rowley 1987 Bar manager, Willy's accomplice
Byron Darby ? 1987 British man who proposes to sell a child to Eleanor and Cruz
Lemory Davis Ira Hawkins 1987 Regiment friend of Cain's
Mrs. Reeves ? 1987 Manager of an adoption agency 
Mandolin player Richard Bernard 1987  
Horace Slash Steve Susskind 1987 Detective working for Eleanor Norris' real sister, killed by Elena
Nurse Beth Grant 1987 Kelly's nurse
Mr. Reynolds ? 1987 Journalist at the Santa Barbara Tribune
Deborah McCrain ? 1987 Journalist at KSB 8
John Ervin Royal Dano 1987 Judge at Victoria's audience
Ray Frank Dent 1987 Eden's bus neighbor
Sylvia Chandler Jacqueline Masche 1987 Client of The last resort agency who suspects her husband to be unfaithful
Ralph Chandler Frank Schuller 1987 Sylvia Chandler's husband
Sheriff Bob Ari 1987 Wants to arrest Kelly and Jeffrey
Jesse Jimm Giannini 1987 Sheriff's deputy
Emma ? 1987 Chip's nanny at the Capwell mansion
Walter ? 1987 Friend of Les'
Leo Mike Muscat 1987 Manager of the Desperado, who wants to hire Kelly as a stripper
Sandy Bishop ? 1987 Model, passes an audition for The Beast
T.J. ? 1987 Model, passes an audition for The Beast
Mr. Calloway ? 1987 Policeman, arrests Gina
Judge Murray Leaward 1987 At Victoria's audience
Dr. Alan Glass Bruce Gray 1987 Elena's first psychiatrist
Dusty Gerard Bossard 1987 Police officer, friend of Brick's
Michael ? 1987 Photograph of The Beast campaign
Margaret Franklin ? 1987 A.k.a. Dagmar Delmart, old friend of Paul Marshall's
Albert Wilka ? 1987 Minister supposed to marry Kelly and Jeffrey
Mrs. Wilka ? 1987 Albert's wife
Lilian Conroy ? 1987 Journalist at the Santa Barbara Tribune
Mr. Simmons ? 1987 Employed at RoseRidge
Policeman George C. Simms 1987 After Elena shot Kelly and Cain
Doctor Ed Berke 1987 Cruz's doctor at the hospital
Bertha Pamela Gordon 1987 Tramp in possession of Pamela's medallion
Tent announcer Stan Wojno, Jr. 1987 At the Summerfest
Keaton Ken Smolka 1987 Fake police sergeant payed by Elena to investigates on Cain
Mr. Reed ? 1987 Studies Brick's candidature for the police academy
Madame Arcana Jeannine Wilson 1987 Medium, hired by Willy
Lucifer ? 1987 Arcana's accomplice
Mrs. Whitcomb Lindy Alexander 1987 Chip's nanny
Myron Duane Edwards 1987 Helps Kelly and Jeffrey to analyze Arcana's tape
Maxine Carter Ellen Geer 1987 Pamela's cellmate
Pebs Marley Cheryl Lawson 1987 Student fan of Jake's
Henchman Chris Lucas 1987 Willy's accomplice
Andy E. Brian Dean 1987 Policeman, questions Cruz about Elena's death
Older Brandon Patrick McDonald 1987 In Gina's fantasy
Mrs. Cobb Olive Dunbar
1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
Samantha's nanny
Celia Robbins Nina Arvesen 1987 Brick's partner in police academy who makes Jane being jealous
Miss Anderson ? 1987 Journalist, interviews Keith
Ship's Doctor William Lithgow 1987 Hayley's doctor
Dr. Canard Steven M. Gagnon 1987 Hayley's surgeon
Julio Odandro Fausto Bara 1987 Cruz's cellmate, dies murdered
Judge Roland Stanford ? 1987 Charges Cruz of murder by premeditation
Laser palace manager Will Kayne 1987 Questioned by Carmen and Pearl
Cop Randy Crowder 1987 Intervenes at The Lair
Dressmaker Katheryn White 1987 Makes Kelly's wedding dress
Voice on the phone Chuck Carlson 1987 Threatens Eden and Cruz
Carl David Ramsey 1987 Police officer, helps Cruz to escape during Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding
Martha Lucy Lee Flippin 1987 Helps Gina to find Pamela
Mrs. Jenkins ? 1987 Wife of Harold Jenkins, witness of the death of Elena
Mel Stock Mark Hutter 1987-1988 Of complete name Melvin Bernard Stock, movie director and friend of Victoria's, who got her addicted to cocaine
Cop John C. Colton 1987 Guards Cruz's hospital room
Nurse Janr Hallaren 1987 At the hospital with Cruz
TV reporter Jennie Blackton 1987 Interviewes Eden in front of the courthouse
Maxine ? 1987 Sophia's beautician
Nicky Robert Gibson 1987 Prison guard
Judge Monica Larson

Gretchen Wyler 1987 At Cruz's trial for the murder of Elena
Clint Jim Kennedy 1987 Draws Pamela's portrait for the police
Don Reynolds Joe Restivo 1987 C.C.'s henchman, in charge of looking after Elena's grave
Rose Galloway ? 1987 Hayley and Jake's real estate agent
Sergeant Mallory ? 1987 Testifies against Keith at Cruz's trial
Harold Jenkins ? 1987 Witness of the death of Elena
Joe Burns Bruce Glover 1987 Potential buyer of Johnny's Place
Father Velasquez E.J. Castillo 1987 Visits Cruz in prison
Jesse ? 1987 Cruz's cellmate, killed by a police officer while trying to escape
Sandy Martin ? 1987 Journalist at Channel 6
Barbara Masters ? 1987 Registrar at Santa Barbara courthouse
Mrs. Anderson ? 1987 Mason's real estate agent
Lilian ? 1987 Registrar
Jackson ? 1987 Pamela's servant
Mr. DeVito ? 1987 Owner of The Purgatory, that he sells to T.J.
Policeman Anthony Winters 1987  
Minister Peter MacLean 1987 Marries Kelly and Jeffrey
Sheriff Paul Tuerpe 1987 Helps Keith to find Cruz
Deputy Nicholas Omana 1987 Sheriff's deputy
Deputy Tom Lester 1987 Sheriff's deputy
Policeman David A. Penhale 1987 At the Capwell mansion
Cal ? 1987 Fisherman, helps Eden and Cain
Bounty hunter Mic Rodgers 1987 Hired by Keith to find Cruz
Mr. Blake ? 1987 Headdoctor of Santa Barbara hospital
Mrs. Blake ? 1987 Mr. Blake's wife
Jake ? 1987 Police officer
Addie Armelia McQueen 1987 Nurse, works with Scott
Skipper Barton ? 1987 Scott's patient
Cassie Barton Kathy Wagner 1987 Skipper's sister
Olivia Welles Carolyne Barry
Melinda O. Fee
1987, 1988
T.J.'s former mistress, invests in the Lair
Emma Reynolds ? 1987 Chambermaid in the hotel where Kelly and Jeffrey spend their honeymoon
Linda ? 1987 Julia and Mason's secretary
Jarvis Joseph Dobish 1987 Architect having worked for the Capwells
Tom Lipton Richard Partlow 1987  
Eric Hansen Richard Domeier 1987  
Dr. Leonard Schotz Michael Prince 1987 Elena's second psychiatrist, killed by Kirk
Rita Grant Loanne Bishop 1987-1988 Surrogate mother who wants to keep her baby, defended by Julia
Clyde Ford Rainey 1987 Librarian, denounces Eden and Cruz to the police
Sanders / Jensen ? 1987, 1988 Police officer, works with Keith
Harry Yamada James Hong 1987 Helps Eden and Cruz to decipher some Japanese letters
Lily Murakami Tamlyn Tomita 1987 Kirk's accomplice
Evangeline Williams ? 1987 Friend of Olivia's decided to seduce T.J.
Mrs. Mallory ? 1987 Chip' second nanny
Earl Ingle ? 1987 Worker become blind following the explosion of a Capwell oil rig
Ralph Kennedy John O'Leary 1987 Capwells' lawyer
Angie Dalton Carolyn Mignini 1987-1988 Psychiatrist who helps Victoria to stop drugs
Kathleen McDougall DeAnna Robbins 1987-1988 Nurse who turns to be the Fox, a spy who works against the United States. Killed by Andrea.
Mr. Carolters ? 1987 Manager of the Capwell hotel
Dennis Borden ? 1987 Worker victim of the explosion of a Capwell oil rig
Kris Kringle Chuck McCann 1987, 1988, 
Santa Claus who reunites Julia and Mason
Dr. Eliott Mitchell ? 1987 Participates at the auction sale of the Romanoffs' ruby
Hood Kenny D'Aquila 1987 Refuses that Scott declares his injury to the police
Bobby ? 1987 Child with Kris Kringle
Mike ? 1987 Waiter of Eden and Cruz in Hawaii
Richard Matthews J.A. Preston 1987-1988 Cruz's ex-boss, Kathleen's accomplice. Has killed Andrea's father.
Quentin ? 1987 One of Kris Kringle's elves
Ben Clark James Luisi 1987-1988 Scott's father
Danny Benjamin Lum 1987 Eden and Cruz's guide in Hawaii
Dr. Simms Milt Tarver 1987 Samantha and Chip's paediatrician
Ed Thompson Burr DeBenning 1988 Man hired by Sophia to make Pamela go out of town
Secretary Dinneen Coster 1988 Keith's secretary
Mr. Kent ? 1988 Worker victim of the explosion of Pamela's oil rig
Mrs. Lipton ? 1988 Adoptive mother of Rita Grant's coming baby
Mr. Lipton ? 1988 Adoptive father of Rita Grant's coming baby
Blister Michelangelo Kowalski 1988 Drunk driver, Carmen Castillo's boyfriend, who kills Hayley
Judge John Carter 1988 At the trial for Carrie Grant's custody
Manager of the Capwell Hotel Fred Holliday 1988 Asks Cain to investigate break-ins made in several rooms
Carrie Grant ? 1988 Rita's daughter
Mr. Wilkins ? 1988 C.C.'s jeweler
Harry Winslow Tony Cummings 1988 A.k.a. Anthony Garner, Cruz and Andrea's former partner, killed by the Fox
Tiffany Mallory ? 1988 Hooker, helps Eden and Cruz in their investigation about Harry. Dies murdered.
Waitress Betty White 1988 Waitress at the Orient Express
John Phinneas Bob Neches 1988 Mason's lawyer during his divorce with Victoria
Jason Jacobson Tom O'Rourke 1988 Victoria's lawyer
Hal Clark ? 1988 Dans des flashbacks. Frère de Ben, tué par Pamela qui était sa maîtresse.
Daniel Espinoza George Chakiris 1988 Foreign president, target of the Fox
Nick Antorez ? 1988 Daniel Espinoza's bodyguard
Hector Portino ? 1988 Daniel Espinoza's bodyguard
Tony Martini David Kagen 1988 Agent of the I.N.I.D. who helps Cruz to track the Fox
Mr. Harrison ? 1988 Agent, works with Tony Martini
Madeleine ? 1988 Waitress at the San Marcos hotel where Pamela and Hal liked to meet each other
Captain Donald Craig 1988 On the boat where the Fox get hidden
Carlo Joey Aresco
Friend of T.J.'s he gets into debt with
Paco Enrique Renaldo 1988 Bartender, drugs Eden, Andrea and Cain
Chief Manolo Jorge Cervera Jr. 1988 Bambero police chief, Richard Matthews' accomplice
Juanito ? 1988 Richard Matthews' accomplice
Priest ? 1988 Priest of Bambero, taken as hostage by Kathleen
Maria Escobal ? 1988 Bambero mayor's daughter, taken as hostage by Kathleen
Señor Escobal Santos Morales 1988 Mayor of Bambero
Señor Renata ? 1988 Bambero army chief
Judy Bockwall ? 1988 C.C.'s secretary
Margarita Escobal ? 1988 Mayor's wife
Guillermo Castillo Abel Franco 1988 Cruz's uncle who officiously marries Eden and Cruz
Alberto ? 1988 Bartender  at Santo Tomaso hotel
Lydia Kelly Hu 1988 Intern colleague of Scott's at the hospital
Dorothy Lane Susan Brown 1988 Victoria's mother
Sarah ? 1988 Maid of the Capwells
Father Aguilar ? 1988 Carmen wants him to marry Eden and Cruz
George Miller ? 1988 Is dissuaded by Pamela to hire Jeffrey
Henry Barnes ? 1988 Photograph hired for Eden and Cruz's wedding
Dr. Holmes Nicholas Hormann 1988 Learns to Kelly that she is pregnant
Carol Susan Krebs 1988 Nurse in charge of aborting Kelly
Dr. Jeffries ? 1988 Doctor in charge of aborting Kelly
Judge Bramwell Bill Morey 1988 In the right of building the Country Club case
Mevelyn Biggs Lisa Dunsheath 1988 Cake stripper supposed to come out from the cake during Cruz's bachelor party
Justice of the peace Art Frankeli 1988 Supposed to marry Gina and Keith
Wilson Addison Smithers ? 1988 Alcoholic minister supposed to marry Gina and Keith in prison
Mike ? 1988 Former friend of Margot's
Whispy figure Pamela Gail Fryman 1988 In Peeble Creek
Nurse Jeanne Hepple 1988 In Cruz's dream
Fielding Coe William Griffis 1988 Maitre'd of the Pebble Creek hotel
Helmut Schilling Kai Wulff 1988 Works at the Pebble Creek stables
Cheyenne ? 1988 Hooker, invited by Keith at his bachelor party
Amelia Bartley Courtney Gebhart 1988, 1990 Ghost of Pebble Creek, Captain Anderson's fiancée
Captain Edward Anderson Barry Sattels 1988 Ghost of Pebble Creek
Minister Michael Flanagan 1988 Marries Eden and Cruz
Dr. Joseph Noah Robert King 1988 Doctor, administrator of the Santa Barbara hospital
John Winchester ? 1988 Ambassador, old friend of Andrea's father
Sam Hastings ?
F.J. O'Neil
Federal attorney of California, asks Julia to look on Keith's activities

Marc Dakota Robinson 1988 Young black friend of Jake's, dies in a car accident
Darlene Mary Watson 1988 Friend of Margot's, maid of the Capwells she tries to rob
Wilma Grayson Christina Cocek 1988 Chip's baby-sitter who kidnaps him and tries to commit suicide
Caleb Garver Beau Starr 1988 Cain's brother
Jessie Garver ? 1988 Caleb's wife
Monk Michael Canavan 1988 Head of the monks in the sect where Gina is kept captive
Granting monk Robert Firth 1988 Monk in the sect where Gina is kept captive
Granting monk Michael Harrison 1988 Monk in the sect where Gina is kept captive
Cop David O'Hara 1988 During Chip's kidnapping
Attorney James Paradise 1988 Contacted by T.J. for Sophia's divorce
Betty Grayson Sandy Martin 1988 Wilma's sister
Hotel manager E. Hampton Beagle 1988 At the hotel where Wilma hid with Chip
Arlene ? 1988 Keith's secretary
Jim Rankin ? 1988 S.W.A.T. hitman at the occasion of the kidnapping of Chip by Wilma
Levar Ira Hawkins 1988 Vietnam corporal veteran, friend of Cain's
Riley ? 1988 Vietnam veteran
Austin Jeremy Roberts 1988 Vietnam veteran, takes it out on Cain
Henchman Gary Sager 1988 Makes the boathouse explode under C.C.'s orders
Zack Hayes James Purcell 1988 Medical legist
Henry McElhenney ? 1988 Had a car accident with Hal Clark before his death
Grace ? 1988 C.C.'s secretary
Mrs. Batterfield Mina Kolb 1988 Real estate agent who sells his mansion to Phillip Hamilton
Young Scott Clark ?
In flashbacks
Kai   Brian Tochi 1988 Major Phillip Hamilton's servant
TV announcer Gary McMillian 1988 Comments the sports on T.J.'s TV set
Andrew ? 1988 Waiter hired by Mason for a romantic dinner with Julia
Peter ? 1988 Violonist hired by Mason for a romantic dinner with Julia
Flight attendant Kendall Conrad 1988 Leads Kelly and T.J. to Chicago
Lloyd Barlow ? 1988 Takes Kelly and T.J. while they are hitch-hiking
George Crowder Ken Letner 1988 Accountant of the Armonti Enterprises
Sam Kaz Garas 1988 Welcomes Kelly before she loses her baby
Emma ? 1988 Sam's wife
Mrs. Logan ? 1988 Midwife, Sam's neighbor
Bob Billings ? 1988 Journalist at radio KSB
Dean Dean Abston 1988 Police lieutenant
Terry ? 1988 Waiter at the Orient Express
Joan Stiller Belinda Balaski 1988 Victoria's therapist
Oscar ? 1988 Gathers Cruz on Dr. Willoughby's island
Dr. Todd ? 1988 Surgeon, Scott's superior at the hospital
Bonnie Williams ? 1988 Journalist at KSB 8, friend of Eden's
Pat Sajak Pat Sajak 1988 Real animator of Wheel of Fortune where Gina plays
Vanna White Vanna White 1988 Real animator of Wheel of Fortune where Gina plays
George ? 1988 Gina's competitor at Wheel of Fortune
Traci Taylor ? 1988 Gina's competitor at Wheel of Fortune
Man Michael Paul Chan 1988 Manager of the Lizard Lounge in Bangkok
Tran-Kwe Kieu Chinh 1988 Soo Li's sister
Dr. Willoughby   Jack Bannon 1988 Mad scientist who kidnaps Cruz on his island and launches a man hunt after him
Sylvia Willoughby Judith Hawking 1988 Dr. Willoughby's daughter, helps Eden and Cruz to escape
Chris ? 1988 Investigates on Cruz's disappearance
Lieutenant Carmichael ? 1988 Investigates on Cruz's disappearance
Murphy ? 1988 Keith's informer
Man Richard Lee-Sung 1988 In Bangkok, Phillip Hamilton's henchman
Clarence ? 1988 Tramp at Goletta convent
Sister Agatha Deborah Pollack 1988 Nun at Father Michael's convent
Daniel ? 1988 Dr. Willoughby's henchman
Roger Beau Billingsly 1988 Dr. Willoughby's servant
Leonard Still ? 1988 Producer and friend of Victoria's who steals her money
Dr. Wilkins ? 1988 In Los Angeles, announces to Eden that she is sterile
Dr. Garfield ? 1988 Surgeon Scott admires
Lester ? 1988 Maintenance man in Goletta convent
Fire chief Ted Markland 1988 During the fire in Goletta convent
Sister Dawn Jeffory 1988 Hired by Father Michael to play Sarah in front of Cruz
Candy Sondra Hughes 1988 Former friend of Ted's
Cindy Jill Terashita 1988 Former friend of Ted's
Dr. Pierre Dumont Felice Orlandi 1988 French doctor who operates Eden
Babette ? 1988 Brandon's interlocutor on the erotic phone
Wyler ? 1988 Failure lawyer Gina wants to hire to defend T.J.
Auctioneer Jon Cedar 1988 At the auction sale at the museum
Greg ? 1988 Male nurse at Santa Barbara hospital
Mr. Samuels ? 1988 Accountant of the Armonti Enterprises
Rhonda Rhodes Susanne Severeid 1988 Real estate agent, shows his new house to Cruz
Jeremie ? 1988 Demonstrator of lingerie for Keith and Gina
Ava ? 1988 Sophia's beautician
Angela ? 1988 Kelly's double, tries to seduce T.J. at The Lair
Man Wolf Larson 1988 Tries to seduce Kelly at the beach bar
Lydia Saunders Jeanna Michaels 1988, 1989 Journalist who works with Eden at channel KSB 8
Cory ? 1988, 1989 Lydia Saunders' cameraman
Police interpreter Bob Steinberg 1988 Interpreter between Keith and Sister Sarah
Mrs. Lopez ? 1988 Carlos Lopez's wife
Carlos Lopez E.J. Castillo 1988 Immigrant worker fired by C.C.
Sally ? 1988 Shorekeeper who gives birth in front of Gina
Wilbur Wilmayer Thomas Albert Clay 1988 In Gina's dream, owner of the gold coins that Gina et Keith find in their hotel bedroom in Hawaii
Brooke Simpson Jennifer Karr 1988 Asks Cruz and Cain to follow her husband Walter
Rupert Alvarez ? 1988 Journalist at channel KSB 8
Mr. Lombardi F. William Parker 1988 News director at channel KSB 8
Earl Grady ? 1988 Manager of Bentley enterprise, interviewed by Eden
Jasmine   Julie Ow 1988 Soo Li's lookalike hired by Phillip Hamilton to disturb Cain
Illiana Michelle NiCastro 1988 Singer at the Johnny's Place who sleeps with Jeffrey
Bishop Ronan O'Casey 1988, 1989 Father Michael's bishop
Esteban ? 1988 Decorator sent by T.J. whom Kelly wants to hire for the Armonti Enterprises
Sheriff Hawkins Dennis Fimple 1988 In Hemet, throws Gina and Keith in prison by mistake
Gage Mickey Jones 1988 At Ma Wilson
Biker Dan Bradley 1988 At Ma Wilson
Biker Kerry Rossall 1988 At Ma Wilson
Pandora ? 1988 At Rossini circus where Gina and Keith look for Mason
Rossini the magnificent Maria Mayenzet 1988 At Rossini circus where Gina and Keith look for Mason
Freddy Bang Tommy Madden 1988 At Rossini circus where Gina and Keith look for Mason
Lady Chatterley Elaine Joyce 1988 At Rossini circus where Gina and Keith look for Mason
Ingrid ? 1988 Massages Keith in Palm Springs
Hitchhiker Tuesday Knight 1988 Robbes Julia and Michael on the way to Las Vegas
Thomas Randolph Clayton Landey 1988 Cruz's lawyer to obtain the guard of Chip
Lieutenant William Barlow Mark Sivertsen 1988 In the same wagon than Victoria when she kidnaps Chip
Russell Flynn Bob Telford 1988 Manager of the hotel-casino where Mason stays in Las Vegas
Carrie Robin Skye 1988 Sonny's mistress in Las Vagas
Mr. Kenton ? 1988 Chief at the Santa Barbara hospital
Alex Steven Greenstein 1988 Carrie's boss and lover
Charlie ? 1988 Alex's accomplice
Amado   Dante Basco 1988 Young gang member who helps Cruz at the Last resort agency
Buffy McIntire   Renee Props 1988 Daughter of a friend of C.C.'s, dates T.J.
Critter   Ray Oriel 1988 Named in fact Miguel Sanchez, friend of Amado's. Suspected of Eden's rape.
Helen Newman ? 1988 Friend of C.C.'s
Sam Weiss ? 1988 Mayor of a difficult Santa Barbara distrit, offers a job to Cruz
Roland Montgomery ? 1988 Director of channel KSB 8, friend of C.C.'s
Dawn ? 1988 Prostitute, in jail with Kelly and Buffy McIntire
Clifford ? 1988 Maitre'd at the Country-club
Brent Linvingston Robert Schenkkan 1988 News director at channel KSB 8
Vic Boswell   Wendell J. Grayson
Rick Fitts
Russell Curry
Tom Wright
Police lieutenant, colleague of Cruz's
Make-up man Carlos Yeaggy 1988 Lydia Saunders' make-up man
Wendy MacMahon Patrie Allen 1988 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital raped by Zack
Thug Dick Durock 1988 Hired by Major Hamilton to hit Cain
Thug Chuck Picerni Jr. 1988 Hired by Major Hamilton to hit Cain
Tom Wintrop ? 1988 Interpreter of Link the rapist in General Clinic who participates at the same talk-show
April Cummins ? 1988 Interpreter of Laurie the victim of a rape in General Clinic who participates at the same talk-show
Man Rueben Grundy 1988 Assistant at channel KSB 8
Eric Morgan ? 1988 Host of a talk-show on KSB 8 with Eden as a guest
Mona ? 1988 Keith's secretary
Gerald Roberts ? 1988 FBI agent, investigates on Keith
Peter ? 1988 Eden's bodyguard
Howard Vandervoort ? 1988 Has to install an alarm system at Eden and Cruz's house
Madeline Porter Lauren Sterling 1988 Jeffrey's nurse, hired by T.J.
Ellie Windom ? 1988 Accuses Cain of rape because he doesn't want to kiss her
Mr. Grady ? 1988 Enterprise manager in Santa Barbara
Paul ? 1988 Waiter at the Orient Express
FBI agent Hugh Karraker 1988 Questions Gina about Keith
Carla Rachel Longaker 1988 Pregnant teenager who wants to abort at Heather's clinic
Crazy Joe ? 1988 Bunny's bodyguard
Philmore Wensley ? 1988 Imprisonned serial-killer Cruz meets to establish the profile of the video rapist
Mickey Bart Braverman 1988 Defeats Mason/Sonny at poker and makes him running into debt
Eliott Larson Clint Allen 1988 Gay and seropositive patient of Dr. Arthur Donnelly's, fallen out with his father
Mrs. Roberts ? 1988 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Frank Larson Don Matheson 1988 Eliott's father
Carmelo Fiorentino ? 1988 Cabinetmaker who had made the bed of Eden and Cruz's baby
Pops Harvey Vernon 1988 Owner of the Pop's Place where C.C. and Sophia investigate about the video rapist
Mrs. O'Brien Betty McGuire 1988 Father Michael's parishioner who has seen the video rapist
Daniel Frye ? 1988 Justice of the peace supposed to marry Julia and Mason
Raymond   Héctor Mercado 1988 Hired by Major Hamilton to frighten Cain, he comes back later to reclaim some money in exchange of his silence
Lauren Jenkins Christine Healy 1988 Lawyer from the study Gresham, Turner and Davis who wants Cain to plead guilty in the video rapist affair
Jenny ? 1988 Maid of the Capwells
Dr. James Kinel ? 1988 Doctor at the Capwell Enterprises
Dr. Diane Bentley Maria Mayenzet 1988-1989 Paediatrician raped by Zack
Jack Russell Warren Burton 1988 Bum used by Zack to play the potential suspects in the rapes affair. Killed by Zack.
Father Timothy Paul Winchell 1988 Supposed to remarry Sophia and C.C.
Babette ? 1988 Prostitute at the hotel where Keith stays in Mexico
Conchita ? 1988 Prostitute at the hotel where Keith stays in Mexico
Cop William Raulerson 1988, 1989 In 1989, arrests Gina to have entered Julia's house to steal documents
Chelsea Jessica Puscas 1988, 1989 Orphan Eden and Cruz meet at the orphanage
Bert Charles Hutchins 1988 Guard of the Capwell Enterprises looking for a hooker who turns to be Bunny
Ramon Fonseca Gerardo Mejia
Randy Vasquez
Angel Ramirez's brother, police officer who kidnaps Adriana for Kirk's account
Carter ? 1988 Police officer, works with Cruz
Janet ? 1988 Mason's secretary
Dr. Adams ? 1988 Brandon's doctor during his coma
Malcolm Michael Lee Gogin 1988 One of Kris Kringle's elves
Cop Edward Beimfohr 1988, 1989 Arrests Celeste, then follows Zack at Johnny's Place
Rachel Wendy MacDonald 1988, 1989 Hooker Celeste meets in prison
Younger Ben Clark John Lavachielli 1988 In flashbacks, Scott's father
Mrs. Clark Melanie Jones 1988 In flashbacks, Scott's mother
Mario Tagliatti Oliver Clark 1988-1989 Bunny's uncle
Bobby Littlejohn Joe Restivo 1988 Celeste's pimp
Steve ? 1988 Police officer who arrests Michael for having beaten Bobby Littlejohn
Will ? 1988 Julia's assistant
Jim Martin Grey 1988 Helicopter pilot who leads Eden and Cruz to the hospital for Adriana's birth
Wanda Berkowski Kelly Ann Conn 1988-1989 Ted's girlfriend
Michael Feinstein Michael Feinstein 1988 Plays piano and sings for Sophia and C.C. at New Year Eve 1989
Adriana Castillo Jaclyn Kostakes
Katherine Kostakes
Paulina Rothe
Sophie Rothe
Chase Sanders
Eden and Cruz's daughter
Gloria ? 1989 Scott's patient at the Alvarado street clinic
Adele Vernee Watson-Johnson 1989 Zack's colleague in charge of Cruz and Adriana's paternity tests
Dr. Woodson ? 1989 Paediatrician at the Santa Barbara hospital
Dr. Manning ? 1989 Eden's doctor after her delivery
Catherine Thoreau Barbara Sohmers 1989 Adriana's nanny after her kidnapping by Zack. Dies stabbed.
Nancy Alexio ? 1989 In a flashback, friend of Celeste's at college
Luigi ? 1989 Owner of Luigi's where Bunny invites Gina to dine
Marcello ? 1989 Waiter at Luigi's
Sanders ? 1989 Colleague of Cruz's
Bobby Donaldson ? 1989 Cop
Ralph Ralph Meyering Jr. 1989 Major Hamilton's lawyer
Dixon ? 1989 Guard at the museum
Claire Kelton Anne E. Curry 1989 Zack's sister who had in the past sexually molested him
Walter ? 1989 Nurse at the asylum where Claire Kelton is interned
Norma Jacob ? 1989 Widow of Teddy Jacob, one of C.C.'s employees deceased of a cancer
Mark Driscoll ? 1989 Works at the justice department
Dusty ? 1989-1990 Pianist at Gina's bar, then The Lair
Anisa Kala Savage 1989 Brandon's girlfriend
Jed Rueben Grundy
Nathan Purdee
Carpenter who sleeps with Heather
Lyle DeFranco Abe Vigoda 1989 Vanessa's grandfather, works for Mario Tagliatti to kill Mason
Bonita Joe Marinelli 1989 Host of a talk-show in Gina's fantasy
Leticia Wigmore Dr. Joyce Brothers 1989 Psychologist and writer in Gina's fantasy
Dr. Sean Morrissey Richard Gates
Steve Carlson
Doctor in paranormal sciences, works with Sandra
Sandra Mills Miranda Wilson 1989 Psychic, helps Cruz, she is in love with, to find Adriana
Roger Ellroi Stephen Lee 1989 Former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's
Cecilia Majes ? 1989 Former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's, organizes the reunion of the 1979 prom
Linda ? 1989 Former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's
Earl ? 1989 Linda's husband, has been a client of Celeste's
Ken ? 1989 "Husband" of a former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's
Cathy ? 1989 Former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's
Nancy Hutchinson ? 1989 Bob's wife, former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's, Chelsea's future adoptive mother
Bob Hutchinson ? 1989 Nancy's husband, former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's, Chelsea's future adoptive father
Doug Torp ? 1989 Former high school friend of Celeste and Scott's
Murray ? 1989 Accountant at the Capwell Enterprises
Priest Bruce Vilanch 1989 Hyppie who marries Gina and Mason/Sonny
God Brian Frons 1989 During Mason's coma
Frank DiNapoli T.J. Castronovo 1989 Celeste, Lisa and Emily's father
Leo Barton ? 1989 Manager of the hotel where Catherine Thoreau stayed
Henry ? 1989 Waiter at the Country club
Margaret ? 1989 Proposes a job to Celeste
Vanessa DeFranco Denise Gentile 1989 A.k.a. Vance, Bunny's fiancée imposed by his family
Guido DeFranco Peter Licassi 1989 Vanessa's brother
Pino DeFranco Michael Siegel 1989 Vanessa's brother
Jamie Simmons ? 1989 In flashbacks, Laura's son accidentally killed by Michael
Chuck Kramer ? 1989 Friend of C.C.'s
Jim ? 1989 Tries to seduce Celeste at The Lair
Carter Sindon Nicholas Walker 1989 Client of Celeste's
Father Raymond ? 1989 Replaces Michael at the chapel
Judge Frances Kelly ? 1989 Decides to give Brandon's guard to Mason
Man Oliver Muirhead 1989 French man in love with Kelly
Evans ? 1989 Detective at the Santa Barbara police
Walter Pittlane Vince McKewin 1989 Takes Kirk's place in prison
Mallory ? 1989 Police officer taken as hostage by Kirk
Betsy ? 1989 President of the alcoholics anonymous
Father Sierras Ralph Manza 1989 Marries Julia and Mason
Miriam ? 1989 Maid of the Capwells
Winona Pamella D'Pella 1989 Prostitute who knows Celeste
McAllister ? 1989 Violent high school student who attacks Emily
Student Sean Bullett Valmont 1989 Violent high school student who attacks Emily
Todd Brad Loughlin 1989 Greg's roommate in New Hampshire
Phyllis ? 1989 T.J.'s mistress with whom he leaves to Palm Springs
Father Luigi DeFranco ? 1989 Vanessa's cousin, tries to marry her to Bunny who refuses
Mr. Wade Earl Boen 1989 Superintendent at Crestview high school
Tomas Rawley Valverde 1989 Student at Crestview high school
Missy Fortino Christi Allen 1989 Student at Crestview high school
Jamie Ortega Gregg Thomsen 1989 Student at Crestview high school who beats Laura
Dr. Blake ? 1989 Psychiatrist to whom Julia talks about her father
Josette Keysen ? 1989 Baby-sitter, works for Kirk
Mr. Hahn George Kee Cheung 1989 Kirk's accomplice, tries to kill Cruz
Mr. Wong Richard Lee-Sung 1989 Mr. Hahn's henchman
Hollis Castillo Elizabeth Storm 1989 Ric's wife, illegally adopts Adriana
Cassie Phillips Mendy Lee 1989 Sings instead of Gina at The Lair
Roger Wainwright Jeff Corey
William Schallert
In flashbacks and dreams, Augusta and Julia's father
Vinnie DeMaggio Gene LeBrock 1989 Friend of Vanessa's
Bianca ? 1989 Maid of the Capwells
Jennifer Klein ? 1989 C.C.'s cardiologist after his heart attack
Miss Burrell Virginia Paris 1989 Teacher at Crestview high school
Bone Peterson Brittain Frye 1989 Surfer, student at Crestview high school
Claude Benoit Paul Verdier 1989 French policeman who helps Cruz in Paris
Bernard ? 1989 Hollis's lawyer
Dr. Gustave Santal Pierre Paul Jalbert 1989 Plastic surgeon who has removed Adriana's birthmark
Rupert ? 1989 Chef hired by Sophia for C.C.
Thruster Charles Wahlheim 1989 Surfer, student at Crestview high school
Father Lacombe ? 1989 Baptizes Adriana in Paris
Jeff Nugent Jeff Allin 1989 Michael's former partner at the Boston police department
Spiros Tanopoulos ? 1989 Greek caterer whom Sophia hired for Julia and Mason's wedding
Henry ? 1989 Julia and Mason's second caterer working at the Country-club
Judge White ? 1989 Mason asks him to join him to Julia a few days before the date of their wedding
Frazier Price Mark Tymchyshyn 1989 Heather's lawyer
Johnny Navarro Barney McFadden 1989 Receiver of stolen goods, buys diamonds from Ric
Jeanne Wolfe Jeanne Wolfe 1989 Journalist at Julia and Mason's wedding
Andrew ? 1989 Administrator of the Capwell Industries
Leo Mitchell Anthony DeLongis 1989 Dealer whose brother had been killed by Michael when he was retaining as a hostage Jamie, Laura's son. Killed in self-defense by Laura.
Juan ? 1989 Works at the hotel Miramar in Acapulco
Mr. Pereira Harold Canon-Lopez 1989 Manager of the hotel Miramar
Isabella Castillo Devon Pierce 1989 Cruz's cousin, works at the hotel Miramar
Sydney Laskin Rip Taylor 1989 Agent, interested in Gina's voice
Emilio ? 1989 Works at the hotel Miramar in Acapulco
Dr. Mephisto Harry Blackstone Jr. 1989 A.k.a. Adam Green, magician who has kidnapped Rafael. Killed by Ric.
Alvarez Tony Perez 1989 Police detective in Acapulco
Renfield Sue Bugden 1989, 1990 Robert's secretary
Carlos ? 1989 Police officer corrupted by Dr. Mephisto
Sarita Figueroa Marlise Richards 1989 Dr Mephisto's castle architect
Judge Winthrop Diana Hale 1989 At the trial for the custody of Heather and Scott's baby
Gary Adams ? 1989 Vice-president of the foreign department of the Capwell Enterprises
Paolo ? 1989 Friend of Rafael's to whom he entrusts an envelope
Jimmy ? 1989 Bellhop at the Capwell Hotel
Francesca ? 1989 Chambermaid at the Capwell Hotel
Miguel Marquez Santos Morales 1989 Witness of Leo Mitchell's murder
Mrs. Blanchard ? 1989 Owner of the vineyards near which Leo Mitchell was buried
Seth Blanchard ? 1989 Childhood friend of Eden's
Mark Lovell ? 1989 Legal adviser of the Capwell Enterprises
Anthony Molino John C. Russell 1989 Taxi driver, leads Mason to the airport
Raymond Armstrong ? 1989 Journalist at Time who interviewed Robert
Muffin Bentson ? 1989 Named in fact Marilyn Bentson. R.J.'s daughter, former school friend of Eden's
R.J. Bentson Al Ruscio 1989 Excentric shareholder of the Capwell Enterprises
Bill Johnson ? 1989 Police officer
Rita ? 1989 Chef, seduced by Bunny
Vitto / Jack Dante ?
Joseph Cali
1989, 1990
Bunny's cousin, informer working for Cruz
Woman reporter Laura Campbell 1989 At Robert's press conference
Reporter Stan Wojno, Jr. 1989 At Robert's press conference
Linda Baker ? 1989 Robert's real estate agent
Mrs. Braxton ? 1989 Witness of the burglary at Laura and Ethan's home
Maria Powell ? 1989 Witness of Leo Mitchell's murder
Brian Jeffries Korey Mall 1989 Julia's assistant at Capwell & Capwell
Miss Atkins ? 1989 Assistant of the Santa Barbara district attorney
Judge Randall Hardy Dean Goodman 1989 At Michael's trial for the murder of Leo Mitchell and at the audience for Julia's extradition
Dr. Anderson Elinor Donahue 1989 Eden's psychiatrist
William Klein Franklyn Seales 1989 New York client of the Armonti Industries
Monroe Christopher Babers 1989 Kid whom Michael helps
Doris Hope Alexander-Willis 1989 Heather's teacher of painless childbirth lessons
First mate Gunnar Peterson 1989 On Robert's yacht
Mr. Tyson ? 1989 Real estate promoter, wants to destroy Michael's chapel
Jerry Calhoun John Sanderford 1989 Politician, commits suicide in the ocean after having been proved to be the real murderer of Raul Mondragon
Mr. Taylor ? 1989 Questioned by Cruz about Ondine
Tony Maldonado ? 1989 Criminal known by Rafael, art expert
Hector Ceremoia ? 1989 Taxi driver at Las Sirenas
Luisa Ceremoia Lliana Odalys 1989 Hector's wife
Clarisse Montgomery ? 1989 Donor for Jerry Calhoun's campaign
Veronica Calhoun ? 1989 Jerry Calhoun's niece
Mr. Quincy ? 1989 In a flashback, ripped off at poker by Eden and Robert at Las Sirenas
Henry Hayworth Tom Henschel 1989 Fashion designer at the Armonti Enterprises, argues with Gina
Raul Mondragon Richard Romero 1989 In flashbacks, worker on the Capwell yacht killed by Jerry Calhoun
Older Samantha Wainwright Capwell Lisa Gressett 1989 In Julia's dream
Rosita ? 1989 Friend of Monroe's
Yvonne Bartelo Bobbie Bresee 1989 Gives Mack a Porsche, then accuses him of having stolen it
Leann Pruett ? 1989 Friend of Greg's
Mandy Edwards ? 1989 Friend of Greg's
Nurse Amy Hill 1989 At Las Sirenas
Warden Marco López 1989 At San Sebastian prison
Guard Alejandro (Patricio Contreras) 1989 At San Sebastian prison
Sly M.K. Harris (Michael Harris) 1989 Prisoner with Cruz at San Sebastian
Tony Frank Roman 1989 Prisoner with Cruz at San Sebastian
Dr. Chen France Nuyen 1989 Helps Cruz to escape from San Sebastian
Fisherman Ernie Fuentes 1989 At Las Sirenas, rents a boat to Eden
Bartender David Correia 1985 At Las Sirenas
Ilsa Jacobson Faith Minton 1989 Manager of the Capwell health club
Elaine ? 1989 Client of the Capwell health club
Niva Filber ? 1989 Client of the Capwell health club
Greta MacAdams Elizabeth Maclellan 1989-1990 Nurse and former nun, dates Michael
Michael Clark ? 1989 Heather and Scott's son
Eric Bennett ? 1989 Computer specialist at the Capwell Enterprises
Manuel Mondragon ? 1989 Raul's father
Arthur Newton John DeMita 1989 Las Vegas police detective sent by Anthony Tonell to arrest Julia for Bunny's murder
Chen ? 1989 Emily's photographer
Garnette Jill Larson 1989 In prison with Julia
Taylor Forbes ? 1989 Journalist, interviewes Jerry Calhoun
Captain George Ball 1989 Captain of the Capwell yacht
Sister Anne Thomas ? 1989 Friend of Greta's
Dan Novack Richard Green 1989, 1990 Journalist at The Santa Barbara Tribune
Dina Colleen Dion 1989 Sleeps with Robert in Las Vegas
Eli Jimmie F. Scaggs 1989 Scar faced man in business with Ric
Brenda Stealy ? 1989 TV hostess, interviewes Mason and Ethan
Helena Alexa Hamilton 1989 Head of the El Diablo mine
Arturo Bart Braverman 1989 Workman at the El Diablo mine
Aristides Daniel Faraldo 1989 Team leader at El Diablo mine
Conrad Edward Edwards 1989 Tonell's henchman
Mickey James Patrick Kilpatrick 1989 Tonell's henchman
Mrs. Frobisher ? 1989 Nurse in the hospital where Tonell is interned
Abar Hazary Kavi Raz 1989 Investor of Tonell's enterprises
Inez ? 1989 Grace's mother
Grace ? 1989 Baby welcomed by Greta and Michael
Sheriff Parcell ? 1989 Helps Gina to find Santana and Brandon in Lake Arrowhead
Mr. Thacker Paul Kent 1989 Anthony Tonell's attorney
Miss Watkins ? 1989 Gives Grace's custody to Greta and Michael
Herman ? 1989 Fake Santa Claus whom Phyllis makes drunk in a bar
Howie ? 1989 Fights with Cruz at the Topsy Turvy's
Travis Bucknell Tony Fields 1989-1990 Employed at Anthony Tonell's stables, Nikki's ex-boyfriend
Saxman Ron Brown 1989 At Venice Beach, with Eden et Robert
Jeweler Alf Powers 1989 Jeweler to whom Ethan buys earings for Gina
Man Kirk Rivera 1989 Nikki's boyfriend
Paddy Ronnie Schell 1989 Cruz's guardian angel
Marcos Llamera Daniel Rojo
John Vargas
Leo Garcia
Drug dealer, Nikki's ex-boyfriend
Housekeeper Jeanne Hepple 1989 At Sasha's villa in Palm Springs
Dates of appearance to be confirmed
Mac Ivers Danny McCoy Jr. 1989 Police sergent
Man Vincent Leahr (Vince Trankina) 1989 .
Woman Judyann Elder 1989 .
Surfer Craig Austin 1989  
Policeman W. Scott Norton 1989  
Tony Molina John C. Russell 1989  
Flower deliverer Jeff Jerome 1989  
Hitman Michael Bruce 1989  
Tony Larson Anthony Winters 1989  
Henry Riley David J. Partington 1990 Trainer at Anthony Tonell's stables
Track announcer Don Hills 1990 Comments a horse racing
Brent Moss Christopher Kriesa 1990 Hosts the television news on KSB 8 with Eden
Nurse Phoebe Dorin 1990 Laura's nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Anita O'Shea Judy Kain 1990 Interviewes Augusta on KSB 8
Albert ? 1990 Orphan Derek tries to get in the United States
Danielle ? 1990 Albert's sister, orphan Derek tries to get in the United States
Linda Boyer ? 1990 Camerawoman at KSB 8
Claire ? 1990 Volunteer at the fertility clinic where Laura goes
Dr. Aaron Kranzler Hank Brandt 1990 Laura's psychiatrist
Josh Mason ? 1990 Eden's former professor at Lyman prep, became a divorce lawyer
Whitney ? 1990 Manager of the Pacific Bay polo club
Ernie ? 1990 Craig's henchman
Alfred Wright William Glover 1990 Derek's servant
Keeper Paddi Edwards 1990 At the Destinies gallery, in New York
Theodora Woods Nancy Everhard 1990 Member of the Pacific Bay polo club committee
Tuc Whitaker ? 1990 Kelly's spurned suitor
Jimmy Foxworthy Lawrence Zarian 1990 Prefered to Tuc Whitaker by Kelly
Carlson ? 1990 Child whom Michael meets at the hospital
Officer Charlie Bars Brett Baxter Clark 1990 Motorcycle cop, arrests Kelly for speeding, then dates her
Carl Scott Layne 1990 Colleague of Charlie Bars's
Joe ? 1990 Colleague of Charlie Bars's
Al ? 1990 Colleague of Charlie Bars's
Richard ? 1990 Forester
Cy Agnew Joe Santos 1990 Friend of Phyllis's
Larry ? 1990 Friend of Cy's
Moe ? 1990 Friend of Cy's
Ed Mark Harrison 1990 Actor fired by Stephen
Buck Wiltsie Kevin Michaels 1990 Named in fact Timothy Wiltsie, orphan Eden and Cruz want to adopt
Hallie Wiltsie Ashley Blair Sterling 1990 Buck's sister
Melanie Houston ? 1990 Friend of C.C.'s at the Pacific Bay polo club
Sister Gabriella Frances Bay 1990 At the orphanage, with Buck and Hallie
Carl Franklin ? 1990 Employed at the Pacific Bay polo club
Cassie Bancroft ? 1990 Former rival of Gina's at the Pacific Bay polo club
Tags Murphy ? 1990 Former rival of Gina's at the Pacific Bay polo club
Wynn Blanchard ? 1990 Former acquaintance of Gina's at the Pacific Bay polo club
Young Derek Griffin Jeremy Jackson
In flashbacks
Sister Allegra Barbara Tarbuck 1990 Director of the orphanage
Tony Sands ? 1990 A.k.a. Tony Sable, friend of Bunny's who dates Gina
Jennifer ? 1990 A.k.a. Jenni, friend of Ric's
Frances Deborah White 1990 Friend of Eden's who wants to adopt Hallie
Sanitarium nurse Anne Gee Byrd 1990 At Laura's asylum
Annie DeGeralamo Sharonlee McLean 1990 Laura's roommate at the asylum
Daisy ? 1990 Nurse at Laura's asylum
Candice Durrell Kimberlin Brown 1990 Tries to bribe Mack at the Pacific Bay polo club stables
Young Ethan Asher ? 1990 In flashbacks
Young Craig Hunt ? 1990 In flashbacks
Young Stephen Slade Thomas Ian Nicholas
In flashbacks
Edna Green ? 1990 Nurse at Laura's asylum
Fire captain Graydon Gould 1990 During the Lockridge mansion fire
Hank Fisk Allen Williams 1990 Fireman who saves Buck from the Lockridge mansion fire, then decides with his wife Linda to adopt him and Hallie
Donovan ? 1990 Lawyer, dates Kelly at the Orient Express
Motorcycle cop Dane Winters 1990 Arrests Laura the night of Sasha's death
Gladys Sauderham Louise Fitch 1990 Former director of the orphanage
Officer Ed Jenkins Robert Gossett 1990 Police partner of Tom Fellows
Judge Wicks ? 1990 Judges Kelly for driving under the influence
Howie Raynor John David Conte 1990 Owner of Howie's Diner
Sam Whitfield Jonathan Goldsmith 1990 News director at KSB 8
Rob Tolman ? 1990 Dealer, Cruz and Michael's informant
Jane Kingsley Crystal Chappell 1990 Former friend of Eden's, dies of an overdose
Benny Tom Dugan 1990 Marcos's accomplice
Officer Walters Nigel Gibbs 1990 Police officer, works with Cruz
Caretaker Gordo Robert Towers 1990 Caretaker of Santa Barbara cemetery
Dr. Joyce Rick Rousseau 1990 At Santa Barbara hospital, after Eden's overdose
Shannon Pressman Lori Hallier 1990 Ethan's nurse and lover
Ed DeGeralamo ? 1990 Annie's husband
Gladys Bittleworth Zelda Rubinstein 1990 Medium
Mrs. Danvers ? 1990 Owner of the hotel where Julia and Mason stay
Edwards Chuck Picerni Jr. 1990 Butler of the Richards
Sydney Schmidt Eileen Barnett 1990 Sasha's sister
Agent Riley Allan Wasserman 1990 DEA agent, wants to arrest Nikki and Michael
Kimo ? 1990 Kirk's henchman
Lani Angela Harry 1990 Kirk's accomplice and mistress
Blackie Simpson Gary Hudson 1990 Las Vegas mafioso
Al Singer ? 1990 Police detective, investigates on Sasha's disppearance
Kiko ? 1990 Kirk's henchman
Tim ? 1990 Kirk's henchman
Brian John Cardone 1990 Responsible of the specials effects on Stephen's movie, hired by Sydney Schmidt
Tony ? 1990 Bartander at the Topsy Turvy's
Shaman Ned Romero 1990 Indian from the Sakites tribe who gives Cruz a magic talisman
Leah Angela Alvarado 1990 Victim of a shipwreck whom Nikki and Michael meet on an island
Darren Stewart Jim Raymond 1990 Plays James, Sophia's husband, in the movie Journeys
Woman Rita Gomez 1990 Shaman's servant
Frank Pressman ?
Shannon's father and gardener of the Capwells, incarcerated for the presumed murder of Cassandra and released thanks to Ethan
Mr. Jenkins John H. Ingle 1990 At the audience about Julia and Mason's professional future
Mark ? 1990 At the audience about Julia and Mason's professional future
Winston Applegate ? 1990 At the audience about Julia and Mason's professional future
Mr. Bartkoviat Robert Sicular 1990 Museum curator to whom Gina asks for a job
Antoinette ? 1990 Haute-couture saleswoman in Paris
Rousseau ? 1990 In Paris, police inspector after Cruz's attack
Young Cassandra Benedict ?
In flashbacks
Dr. Jamie Lawrence Bonnie Burroughs 1990, 1991 Psychiatrist, works with Cruz
Dr. Reynolds Don Mirault 1990 At the hospital with Cruz
Nurse Jani Neuman 1990 At the hospital with Cruz
Pasha Omar Mustafa Kamal Raymond Genadry 1990 Pasha of Khareef, kidnaps Cruz for the talisman
Shaila Alisha Das 1990 Wife of the pasha's
Omar's man Albert Pugliese 1990 Pasha's henchman
Guard Dale Azzard 1990 Pasha's henchman
Saheem Joe El Rady 1990 Pasha's henchman
Lounge manager Phil Rubinstein 1990 Auditions Bunny
Jane ? 1990 Maid of the Capwells
Sarita Lynnette Montero
Marcia Christie
Lorelle Mayne
Maid of the Capwells
Reynolds ? 1990 Accompagnies Eden and Michael to Khareef, killed by a poisoned arrow
Eric ? 1990 Debra London's cameraman
Simon Master George ? 1990 Decorator sent by Augusta at Julia's
Emily Sheridan ? 1990 Requests Augusta's help for the safeguard of birds
Khalid Abed ? 1990 Representative of the pasha
Sheik Idi Ben Adir Ivan Saric 1990 Pasha's rival
Cassim Greg Albanese 1990 Sheik's henchman
Detective Magnum ? 1990 Detective of the Santa Barbara police
Skaggs Phil Shipko 1990 Stephen's lawyer
Clarence Thomas Earl Boen 1990 Shareholder of the Capwell Enterprises
Mr. Havens Robert King 1990 Shareholder of the Capwell Enterprises
Harve Jenneret David Kagen 1990 C.C.'s spy in Khareef
Larry ? 1990 Potential buyer of C.C.'s paintings contacted by Gina and Phyllis
Spencer ? 1990 Employee of the Pacific Bay polo club
Dennis / John Kirk Thornton 1990-1992 Maitre d' at the Pacific Bay polo club, then at the Oasis
Bank manager H. M. Wynant 1990 Robert's banker
Harland Richards Allan Miller 1990 Ric and Tawny's father
Jack Sellars Tony Auer 1990 Accused of having exploded the Blue Sky Brigade offices
Raymond Dalton ? 1990 Architect of the Oasis
Belle Sedgewick ? 1990 Journalist in a gossip newspaper, interviewes Julia
Carlos ? 1990 Belle's photographer
Dawn ? 1990 Belle's hair-dresser
Heather ? 1990 Belle's dresser
Jennifer Anderson Kim Terry Costin 1990 Friend of C.C.'s he tries to seduce
Jeremy Bill Beyers 1990-1991 Dash's assistant
Dave ? 1990 Bartender at Bar None
Man Richard Lee-Sung 1990 Kidnaps Lionel
Arlene ? 1990 Diner manager, helps Eden and Cruz in search for Ric
Joey Webber Ian Giatti 1990 Young boy who tells Eden and Cruz that he saw Ric
Sheriff Milt Tarver 1990 Helps Eden and Cruz in search for Ric
Ally James ? 1990 Welcomes Ric at her place
Jay ? 1990 Bartender at Bar None
Coles ? 1990 Police officer, drives Ric to the airport for Mexico
Delwyn Stritch Ed Couppee 1990 Harland Richards' henchman
McCloud Jack Lindine 1990 Policeman corrupted by Harland Richards
Beth ? 1990 Harland Richards' secretary
Charlie ? 1990 Augusta's kidnaper
Wils Gareth Provan 1990 Augusta's kidnaper
Brothel man Jon Locke 1990 Takes Augusta for a hooker
Man George Kee Cheung 1990 Augusta's kidnaper
Phil Carl Balton 1990 Employed at Santa Barbara airport
Mabel Beaufort Rutanya Alda
Patricia Wilson
Flame's aunt, Roy and Rima's mother
Rima Beaufort Marie-Christine Doucet 1990 Flame's mute cousin
Roy Beaufort Dean Howell 1990 Sheriff, Flame's cousin
Mick Gilbert ? 1990 Bodyguard hired by Mason to look after Julia
Dorothy ? 1990 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Mona Mona Grundt 1990 Norwegian waitress hired by Bunny at The Lair
Maureen Troutman Kim Valentine 1990 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Maxwell Hammer Robert Mandan 1990-1991 Friend of Minx's who buys back for her the Lockridge property to C.C.
Evan Sanders Paul Kent 1990 C.C.'s lawyer
Lola ? 1990 Call-girl, Keith's mistress in San Diego
Angelina ? 1990 Manager of the Mexican tavern Angelina's where Gina looks for Keith
Reverend Williams Mark Roberts 1990, 1992, 
Marries Kelly and Quinn, then Julia and Mason, Sophia and Ken, and B.J. and Warren
Conchita Maria Alonso ? 1990 In Mexico, informs Gina about Keith
Dr. Grant Jameson John S. Ragin 1990-1991 Capwells' doctor. Drugs Santana, then tries to kill her.
Clara Beecham Jeanne Hepple 1990 Retired nurse, takes Robert for her son and takes him in her home
Dr. Wilcox ? 1990 Kelly's doctor at the hospital
Boots Nick Benedict 1990 Gangster looking for Keith
Miss Jensen ? 1990 Candidate as a secretary for Mason
Al Gilbert Brenton 1990-1991 Bartender at The Lair
Young C.C. Capwell Mitch Brown 1990 In a flashback
Robert Armstrong ? 1990 Journalist, asks Mason about his divorce
Dr. Winter Bruce Gray 1990 Eden and Kelly's psychotherapist
Thomas ? 1990 Biologist hired by Minx to study the Capridge Water
Bayou guard James Detmar 1990 Keeps a watch on Cruz and Robert at the bayou
Warden Ben Slack 1990 Keeps a watch on Cruz and Robert at the prison
Prisoner Scott Lincoln 1990 At the Louisiana prison with Cruz and Robert
Melanie Jennifer Hale 1990 Accompanies Brandon in DisneyWorld
Sister Lillian Mariclare Costello 1990 Helps Michael to find Sister Angelique
Father Merlin Christopher Thomas 1990 Former acquaintance of Michael's with whom he is in conflict
Higgins Garth Williams 1990 Police officer, arrests Cruz at his return from Louisiana
Scott ? 1990 Mason's legal assistant
Frank ? 1990 Police detective, at Robert's death
Sister Angelique Mariclare Costello 1990 Helped Minx to abandon Cassandra
Richie Kenyon Cameron Barnum 1990-1991 Friend of Laken's
Young Minx Lockridge Pat Delaney 1990 In a flashback
Norma Flannery Ellen Geer 1990 Cassandra's first adoptive mother
A. Bartlett Congdon Brian Backer
Press article : Santa Barbara's ingratiating A. Bartlett Congdon, 1991
1990-1991 Keith's assistant
Miss Viran ? 1990 Journalist, questions Keith about Kelly's arrest
Mr. Elliott ? 1990 Journalist, questions Keith about Kelly's arrest
Marnie Watts Marnie Andrews 1990-1991 Police detective friend of Julia's, helps her after her rape
Jackie Caldwell ? 1990 Therapist friend of Julia's, helps her after her rape
Briana Mitzi Hoag 1990 Eden's guardian angel during her coma
Judge James McCurty ? 1990 At the hearing for Kelly's bail
Trent Walton ? 1990 Journalist at the Financial Times
Edward Nichols Linden Chiles 1990-1991 Dash's father
Mel Kramer ? 1990 Technician of the Santa Barbara scientific police
Queen Elizabeth Pamela Mant 1990 In Gina's dream
Belinda Bradley Janis Lee 1990-1991 Dash's lawyer during his trial for Julia's rape
Rachel ? 1990 Maid of the Capwells
Dates of appearance to be confirmed
Man Duncan Hursley 1990 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Slaski Alan Stepp 1990 Police officer
Sandy Richard Hale 1990  
Thug Patrick Coppola 1990  
Actor Zach Luna 1990  
Harrison Jacqueline Axton 1990  
Louise Elizabeth Graham 1990  
Reporter Dafidd McCracken 1990  
Phillipe Phillpe Bob Hilgenberg 1990  
Waiter Oliver Theess 1990  
Judge Paul Avery Michael Griswold 1991, 1992 At Dash's trial for Julia's rape, then deals with Channing III's adoption by Lionel
Eddy ? 1991 Bellhop at the Capwell Hotel
Cecile Walters ? 1991 Julia's real estate agent
Andre Wolfe Kai Wulff 1991 Jewel thief, Eden/Lisa's accomplice
Barry ? 1991 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Danny ? 1991 Works with Eden at KSB 8
Fred Mauldin Jonathan Penner 1991 New president of the Blue Sky Brigade
Mr. Powers ? 1991 Client whom Julia defends for his divorce
Mr. Summers ? 1991 Lawyer at Summers & Previtt
Lila Santos Quincy Davis 1991 Testifies of her rape on television with Eden
Mrs. Henderson Patrika Darbo 1991 Landlady of Stephen's apartment
Karen ? 1991 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Jenny ? 1991 Works with Dash at the Blue Sky Brigade
Scarlett O'Hara Megan Blake 1991 Andre Wolfe's neighbor
Randy Cartwright ? 1991 Friend of Brandon's whom, following Keith's advices, he tries to coax so that he votes for him at the student council election
Bill Hanks ? 1991 Journalist at The Santa Barbara Tribune
Jack Brady ? 1991 Neighbor of Julia's cabin
Roger Clements John Regnery 1991 Bodyguard hired by Cruz to look after Eden
Mr. Bellington ? 1991 Owner of the house burgled by Eden and Andre
Sheriff John Bask ? 1991 Questions Dash after his kidnapping by Julia
Alice Alice Ferris 1991-1993 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital
Richard Sedgewick Chard Hayward 1991 Singer. Dies from a heart attack while kissing Kelly.
Paolo Ivan Saric 1991 Announces to Sophia that she is going to inherit the Armonti tiara
Alan Pennington ? 1991 Principal of Brandon's high school
Harry ? 1991 Lends his boat to Dash during the works
Oasis manager Wayne Scherzer 1991 Talks to Flame about the Armonti tiara
Constance Hauser Dorothy Patterson 1991 At the charity evening at the Oasis to see the Armonti tiara
Dr. Denise Foxworthy Victoria Mallory 1991 Julia then Eden's psychiatrist
Cop 3 John Regnery 1991 At Santa Barbara police station
Officer Raines Jeff Austin 1991 In Washington, questions Kelly about Richard's death
Servant Marabina Jaimes 1991 At the Washington hotel where Richard died
Young Lionel Lockridge Robert Coburn 1991 In flashbacks
Renata Sedgewick Deborah Adair 1991 Richard's wife
JFK, Jack Nicholson, John Wayne Rich Little 1991 In Gina's fantasies
Rocco Robert Covarrubias 1991 Chauffeur of the limousine supposed to drive Kelly and Quinn for their honeymoon
Captain Brett Dennis Bowen 1991 Pilot of Kelly and Quinn's jet
Mr. Marx Oliver Muirhead 1991 Gina's boss at the Santa Barbara sperm bank
John Holloran ? 1991 State department agent, asks Cruz to investigate Helmut Dieter
Drew Petersen Sandy Simpson 1991 State department agent, investigates with Cruz about Helmut Dieter
Helmut Dieter Mark Margolis 1991 German arms trafficker, killed by Flame
Chantal Gutierrez ? 1991 Contact of Helmut Dieter in Santa Barbara
Raoul Mendez Josh Cruze 1991 Contact of Helmut Dieter in Santa Barbara
Hans Yan Birch 1991 Helmut Dieter's henchman
Penny ? 1991 Julia's secretary
O'Hara Richard Lavin 1991 Police officer, questions Dash about Flame's attack by Helmut Dieter
Maxine ? 1991 Saved of a gang rape by Dash
Andy Jim Beaver 1991 One of Maxine's rapists
Fran ? 1991 One of Maxine's rapists
Trent ? 1991 Removes the primer of Helmut Dieter's missile
Judge Winchester ? 1991 At the hearing for Flame's release
Man Anthony Pena 1991 Wants to buy Eden / Suzanne's paintings
Branson Erick Avari 1991 Warren's cellmate in Bangkok
Man Jimmy Briscoe 1991 In prison with Warren in Bangkok
Kate Shari Shattuck Moss 1991 Takes a plane to Singapore with Warren
Man Alan Fudge 1991 Passenger of the plane, plays chess with Warren
Sidney Shaun Tour 1991 Raffles Hotel manager in Singapore
Waitress Kimber Sissons 1991, 1992 At the Windsurfer bar
Buzz / Tony Scott Roberts 1991, 1992 Waiter at the Windsurfer bar
Windsurfer patron Jack Mayhall 1991 Patron of the Windsurfer bar
Psych ward nurse Joyce Meadows 1991 At the hospital with Santana
Boris Stephen J. Cannell 1991 Eden's chauffeur when she leaves the town after shooting Sophia
Louise Carrey Siobhan E. McCafferty 1991 Patient in psych ward, friend of Santana's
Mr. Barker Jerry Bossard 1991 Car salesman, witness of the murder attempt of Dr. Jameson on Santana
Worker Christopher Durmick 1991 Fights with Dash in the mountains
Mason's investigator Ed Beechner 1991 Hired by Mason to frighten Warren
Bates ? 1991 Nurse at the Santa Barbara hospital, with Mason
Scott Stapleton Joseph Hacker 1991 District attorney in charge of the case of Amado's death
Ricky Jim Fitzpatrick 1991 Paid by Craig to fight with Dash
Mary ? 1991 Mason's nurse
Dennis ? 1991 Bartender at the Oasis
TV announcer Alec Murdock 1991, 1992 Announces Warren's interview from Moscou
Dimitri ? 1991 Warren's host in Russia with whom he gets drunk
Pavel James Lefebvre 1991 Russian friend of Warren's
Asya Kim Flowers 1991 Russian woman who asks Warren for his help to release her friend Nikolai from prison
Alan ? 1991 Employed at the Oasis
Street artist Marcos Estebez 1991 In San Francisco, exhibits Ted's portrait painted by Eden
Jim Sanford Alan Feinstein 1991 Warren's lawyer
Chinese man Michael Yama 1991 Owner of Ted's apartment in San Francisco
Chinese woman Natsuko Ohama 1991 Wife of the owner of Ted's apartment in San Francisco
Thug n°1 Scott Leva 1991 Paid by Craig to frighten Katrina, beats C.C. up instead
Thug n°2 Steve Lazar 1991 Paid by Craig to frighten Katrina, beats C.C. up instead
Blackjack man Michael Buice 1991 In Las Vegas with Lily
Nathaniel Marley Jack Bannon 1991 Santa Barbara district attorney
Assistant of the district attorney Penny L. Moore 1991 At Warren's trial
Judge Caldwell Earl Boen 1991 At Warren's trial
Herb Bruce Scott 1991 Lily's acquaintance in Las Vegas to whom she owes money
Dr. Moose Barthell Stephen Lee 1991-1992 Veterinarian, helps Gina to give birth to Channing III
Channing Capwell III Lindsay Gankema
Paige Gankema
Gina's son born from her insemination with C.C.'s sperm
Scag Louis Di Bianco 1991 Craig's lawyer
Dates of appearance to be confirmed
Lo Dara Phil Fondacaro 1991  
Cow-boy Jerry Giles 1991  
Max Tom Noga 1991  
Bobby Salerno Bo Zenga 1991  
Man Steve Tyler 1991  
Dr. Overbrook Michael Burkhardt 1991  
Mr. Malachar David Pires 1991  
Stewart Troy Startoni 1991  
Man in a wheelchair Paul Ursulich 1992 At the Oasis
Michael ? 1992 Maitre d' at the Polo club
Man with Julia Dean Tarrolly 1992 Hired by Mason to lead Julia to the stables where he asks her to marry him
Frankie Parker Doug Franklin 1992 Friend of Lily's from Las Vegas
Waiter Paul Strickland 1992 At the Oasis
Billy ? 1992 Waiter at the Oasis
George ? 1992 Waiter at the Oasis
Walter ? 1992 Waiter at the Oasis
Plainclothes cop Michael J. Cutt 1992 Watches C.C. during Craig's hostage-taking 
St. Louis doctor Michael Anderson, Jr. 1992 Proposes a job to Dash
Kevin Kevin Michaels 1992 Child at the gym where Cruz intervenes
Waiter Shaun Silva 1992 Waiter at the Windsurfer bar
Darryl ? 1992 Angela's assistant at the Angela Cassidy Gallery
Ray Minotta Kenneth A. Johnson
Press article : Kenny Johnson, 1992
1992 Friend of Lily's from Las Vegas
Shelly ? 1992 Friend of Julia's whom she uses to make Mason jealous
Kirk / Patrick Kirk Thornton 1992 Maitre d' at the Oasis
Adam ? 1992 Child at the gym where Cruz intervenes
Micky ? 1992 Starts by accident the fire at the gym
Slim ? 1992 Colleague of Warren's
Art Paxton Robert Sampson 1992 Former vice-president of Capwell Enterprises re-hired by Kelly
Caroline ? 1992 Maid of the Capwells
Seamus Riley B.J. Turner 1992 Manager of the beauty salon Riley's salon
Dreyfuss Hannibal Peter Dennis 1992 Julia and Mason's butler in Ballymoor
Mrs. Sturm Marianne Muellerleile 1992 Julia and Mason's housekeeper in Ballymoor
Antonio Ronovich Daniel Greene
Julia and Mason's house guardian in Ballymoor
Bitty Stacy Sullivan 1992 Julia and Mason's cook in Ballymoor
Simon James Sherman Howard 1992 Journalism professor at the university
Elaine Barnowski Ria Pavia 1992 Student, friend of Lily's
Deanne Kristine Keever 1992 Student, friend of Lisa's
Rona Luana Anders 1992 Minx's fortune teller
Shannon Shannon Whirry 1992 Beautician at Riley's salon
Young Minx Lockridge Pat Delany 1992 In Angela's vision
Dean Radisson ? 1992 Intendant at Santa Barbara university
Ken Mathis Mark McCoy 1992-1993 Marries Sophia
Jermaine Jones ? 1992 Colleague of Cruz's in the police
Charles ? 1992 Minx's chauffeur
Dr. Canard Annie Gagen 1992 Santana's and Gina's doctor at the hospital
Tonya Vargas Paula Trickey 1992 Wife of Emilio she kills while accusing Rafe, her lover
Emilio Vargas Albert Garcia 1992 Drug dealer, killed by his wife Tonya
Chuck Jefferies Chuck Walling 1992 Sells an old car to Kelly
Lance Clark Jarrett 1992 High school friend of Warren's and member of his rock band Love Junkies
Hurley Robert Parucha 1992 High school friend of Warren's and member of his rock band Love Junkies
Owen ? 1992 Journalist at The Santa Barbara Tribune
Elizabeth ? 1992 Mason's secretary at the Capwell Enterprises
Mack ? 1992 High school friend of Warren's and member of his rock band Love Junkies
Barbara ? 1992 At the high school reunion party
Mary Beth ? 1992 At the high school reunion party
Cheryl Boswell ? 1992 Vic Boswell's wife
Justin Wheeler ? 1992 C.C.'s investor coming from Dallas
Marge ? 1992 Acquaintance of Gina's, in charge of a feminist movement
Mary Kay ? 1992 Police officer, colleague of Cruz's
Marilyn Cassidy Kathleen Kinmont 1992 Angela's sister, killed by her in a car accident
Terry Rollingson ? 1992 Helps Angela after a fall from a ladder at the gallery
Annabelle Sharon Barr 1992 A.k.a. Annie, actress hired by par C.C. to play a prostitute, Gina's cellmate in Santa Barbara prison
Lindsay Cunningham Dennis Parlato 1992 Famous painter attracted by Suzanne
Mr. Taksan ?
Danny Kamekona
Japanese businessman who dies poisoned whereas Gina, disguised as a geisha, was trying to seduce him
Kenji Taksan Henry Hayashi 1992 One of Taksan's two sons
Frank Broyles Scott Koch 1992 Thief, takes Cruz hostage at the police station
Matron Marilyn Pitzer 1992 At Santa Barbara prison with Gina
Enrico Abel Franco 1992 Owner of the Rosas Cantina
Thomas Jody Bradley 1992 Member of Sawyer's baseball team
Connie De La Vega Marabina Jaimes 1992 Ramon's beaten wife, helped by Jodie
Lea De La Vega ? 1992 Ramon and Connie's daughter
Chris De La Vega ?
Ramon and Connie's son
Ramon De La Vega   Héctor Mercado 1992 Beats his wife and tries to kill her
Jaimie ? 1992 Minx's chauffeur
Rich Landers Ric Coy
Lonnie Quinn
Friend of Lisa's
Abigail Beckwithe Nan Martin 1992 Aurora's grandmother, owner of Ballymoor
Madame Jurret ? 1992 Psychic hired by Gina, of whom Abigail Beckwithe takes the place
Aurora DeAngelis Christina Brascia 1992-1993 Micah's daughter, Sawyer's girlfriend
Poacher Will MacMillan 1992 Attacks Warren, Troy and Angela
Train conductor Robert Legionaire 1992 On board the Orient Express with Julia
Redfeather Sam Vlahos 1992 Shaman who helps Cruz and Warren to see their future
Winnie ? 1992 Call-girl hired by Lionel to make Gina jealous
Tim ? 1992 Waiter on board the Orient Express with Julia
Dr. Presman Robert Walker Jr. 1992 Samantha's doctor after her faint
Dr. Gordon Jennifer Leigh Warren 1992 Samantha's then Julia's doctor in Santa Barbara
Danny Guerra   Réal Andrews 1992 Boxing coach, gets interested in Sawyer
Taksan's doctor Stanley De Santis 1992 At Mr. Taksan's death
General Morgan Fenimore Jim McMullan 1992 Lisa's father
Mariah DeAngelis ? 1992 In a flashback and visions
Young Aurora DeAngelis ? 1992 In a flashback
Maribel ? 1992 Minx's maid
Frank Goodman Nicholas Walker 1992, 1993 Friend of Jodie and Reese's who raped B.J. when she was a child
Dolly Foster Lana Schwab 1992 Waitress of the diner where B.J. and Warren, then B.J. and Frank spend an evening
Jake ? 1992 Client of the diner
Mr. Roe Jack Wetherhall 1992 Director of the play during which Gina and Lionel get married
Reverend Miller ? 1992 Marries Gina and Lionel during the play
Man John Miller 1992 Present during Gina and Lionel's wedding
Jo ? 1992 Suzanne's nurse at the hospital
Jaime Segundo George Alvarez 1992 Cousin of Rafe's
Juan Segundo ? 1992 Cousin of Rafe's
Raul Segundo ? 1992 Cousin of Rafe's
Priest Ralph Manza 1992 Real priest supposed to marry Lisa and Rafe
Marc Michael Sandels 1992 Friend of Rich's who, under the fake name of Reverend Thomas, marries Lisa and Rafe
Franz ? 1992 Famous fashion designer invited by Gina
Tyrone Mitchell Peter Parros 1992 Designer of Gina Jeans
Robert ? 1992 Waiter at the Oasis
Clarence X. Morony ? 1992 Tramp who finds Jodie's wedding ring
Jerry Delacio Jerry Penacoli 1992-1993 Police officer, works with Connor
John ? 1992 Waiter at the Oasis
Terry Holloway Florence Griffith Joyner 1992 Newspaper photographer
Judge Rose Weaver