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Profession : Priest


? :
March 17 1986 (# 415) to March 18 1986 (# 416)


Diego is the cousin of Santana Andrade, but he is also the priest of the city of Ensenada, Mexico.

If Diego welcomes her cousin with pleasure, he is surprised by the request : to marry her today with Cruz Castillo. Man of Catholic faith, he explains that a wedding is an important matter, that it requires a time of preparation (much more than a morning), and the presence of families around the bride and groom.

In front of this emergency, he believes that Santana is pregnant. So, to help him to better understand her, Santana explains her past to her cousin : the existence of a child born out of wedlock with a man who could not marry her, his abandonment for adoption. If Diego is surprised, he doesn't show it. All the more since Santana seems determined to get married; an excellent reason obliges her there : the chance to recover Brandon, her son. Touched by these remarks and by her love for Cruz, Diego agrees to marry her, perhaps seeing in this union God's forgiveness.

In front of Cruz, Diego also plays this double paternalistic and priest role. He does not hesitate to question him on his desire to marry Santana, to accept Brandon, and on his love for his cousin. Perhaps he feels a lack of fervour, of passion in him, as if his heart belonged fully to another. Cruz answers honestly on Brandon, on his love for Santana : even if they knew another life before, other people, today he will do everything for this union to work. They share the same origins, the same values, the same desires : to start a family.

Diego celebrates the wedding in Spanish, and to help this couple to live their love fully, he arranges a honeymoon in a small hotel.

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