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Profession : Lawyer at Smith, Caulfield & McKenna


Paul Napier :
May 07 1987 (# 706)


Peter Davis, who works in the office next door to Mason Capwell, is the lawyer who wrote in the greatest secrecy, and at her request, Eden Capwell’s will. From Cruz Castillo to C.C. Capwell, by way of Mason, everyone, until the announcement of her death in a plane crash in the Utah mountains, ignored the existence of this document.

It is quite simplicity that Peter Davis makes a summary of it in C.C.’s office, a few days after the tragic death of the young woman. And it is in the presence of C.C., Sophia, Ted, Mason, Kelly and Jeffrey, and also Cruz who does not want to assist it, that Peter announces that Eden bequeathed the totality of her properties to Cruz Castillo.

This latter, although touched, does not want it... Julia, Sophia and Victoria will have to insist for a long time to convince him that he has to accept by respect to the memory of Eden.

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