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Former known girlfriend : Eden Capwell (1984)

Profession : Plane pilot


John David Carson :
September 28 1984 (# 45)


Character present for only a few minutes, John is nevertheless an important character because he allows to assure the presentation of the last Capwell child to appear in 1984 : Eden, about whom we know the importance she will take during the show.

While the private jet (a Spectre 411) flies over the United States, Eden (throughout the scene, her face remains hidden) and John spend a pleasant moment. The characters share a moment of pleasure, and although we see nothing of their lovemaking, these latter are clearly expressed through allusions (mostly visuals).

During a last flying over the Capwell mansion, John allows Eden to jump in parachute and to book an appointment with her destiny (Eden wants to make the surprise of her arrival at the occasion of C.C.’s birthday party and lands in the Lockridge property).

During this brief introduction scene, the character of Eden is presented to us as a femme fatale to whom nothing or nobody seems to resist. She also seems ready to everything to make a success (even if it means using her charms if necessary), acting mostly without caring about the consequences : only the fact of achieving her aim interests her (we can then find resemblances between her character and the one of Fallon Carrington in Dynasty). It is however important to notice that the character of Eden will not afterward hold together with the presentation which is made for us during this episode. The writers having afterward chosen to go away from this cliché of the rich young woman, daddy’s girl, who possesses no moral barrier...

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