Lindsay Smith






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Identity   Interpreter

Former known boyfriend : Channing Capwell Junior (1979)

Profession : Lawyer




Joel Bailey :
March 29 1985 (# 172) to June 04 1985 (# 219), August 21 1985 (# 273) to August 23 1985 (# 275)


Lindsay Smith's character is the subject of one of the biggest revelations of the first year of Santa Barbara. While investigating the late Peter Flint, suspected of being Channing Capwell Jr.'s murderer, Cruz Castillo discovers in his stuffs love letters addressed to Channing and signed by a certain Lindsay. Up this trail, he discovers with surprise that Lindsay is actually a man, with whom Channing had a homosexual relationship before his death.

Even if he swears he is only interested by women since then, Lindsay acknowledges that at the time he was deeply in love with Channing. Questioned by Cruz, he however admits that under Peter Flint's pressure, he began to blackmail Channing after their break-up. Cruz, as the police officer Maggie Gillis, agree to keep his secret.

A secret which will not stay one very fast, when Mason Capwell inadvertently discovers the existence of Lindsay and his past relationship with his half-brother he has always hated. He finds, in the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions, the hiding place where Lindsay and Channing Junior reunited in secret, and also some compromising photos taken by the couple. Willing to use his discoveries to destroy the perfect image their father had of Channing Junior, Mason forces Lindsay to shoot a video in which he tells his past affair and reveals the pictures found in the tunnel.

But it is Santana Andrade, Channing Junior's former girlfriend, who is the first one to watch the tape. At first shocked, she finally accepts the truth when Lindsay confides in her that Channing Junior has confessed several times to him that he has been in love with her. Present at the reconstruction Channing Capwell Junior's murder at the Capwell mansion, Lindsay manages to avoid arousing the suspicions about his role in the story.

He reappears a few weeks later, summoned by Mason at the Capwell mansion. Lindsay lets himself being persuaded by Mason that C.C. Capwell finally accepted his beloved son's homosexuality and that he is eager to meet the man who shared his life for a while. But once there, Lindsay realizes that C.C. is not aware of anything, and that Mason uses him again to take revenge on his father and to shock him. Refusing to be used again, he leaves the house before C.C. understands the meaning of his coming.

The sudden and unexpected acceptance by C.C. of Channing Junior's bisexuality will then end the appearances of Lindsay Smith, his interest in the storylines of the show thus having lost all issue.

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