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Year of birth : 1978


Jessica Puscas :
December 12 1988 (# 1101) to December 21 1988 (# 1108), February 09 1989 (# 1141) to February 23 1989 (# 1151)


The young Chelsea appears in the show during the Christmas period 1988. Heather Donnelly is at the origin of Chelsea's encounter with Eden and Cruz Castillo. Eden is going through a period of anxiety and doubt : it is possible that the child she is waiting for is not Cruz's, but her rapist's. Heather Donnelly has no other possibility than to prove to the mother, who is careworn by a deep anxiety about heredity (what child can be born from a mentally disturbed man capable of committing hideous crimes ?), that the Evil is not hereditary, and that the love carried for a child is more important than the genes which shape us.

Heather and Michael Donnelly introduce to Eden (who knows nothing of her past) and to Cruz, a young blonde girl, very innocent, who dreams of going one day to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. However, a heavy burden weighs on her frail shoulders : her father is a dangerous criminal convicted of murder. At the time of their meeting, Chelsea is trying to paint the Eiffel Tower, and misunderstands Eden and Cruz's intentions, believing that they come to adopt her. However, she seems very polite, very nice to them, since at the time of their departure, she offers them her picture.

Chelsea only aspires to receive a single gift this year : to be adopted. This is also her only request to Kris Kringle, came to bring gifts to the children at the orphanage.

Her request will be heard at the beginning of 1989, since thanks to Scott and Celeste's intervention, Chelsea will find in Bob and Nancy Hutchinson (their high schools friends) some adoptive parents and the hope to have a family belonging to her.

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