Randall Hardy




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Judge


Dean Goodman :
August 17 1989 (# 1273) to August 18 1989 (# 1274), September 29 1989 (# 1304) to October 02 1989 (# 1305)


Judge of the city of Santa Barbara, Randall Hardy will have had only two cases to judge : two murder cases, two very strange cases, two cases that he will be forced to conclude by a dismissal, due to lack of evidence.

He has to judge Michael Donnelly for the murder of Leo Mitchell. A dismissal is concluded following the disappearance of Leo Mitchell's file, the murder weapon, and a witness and / or suspect, Jeff Nugent.

He must then judge the possibility of Julia's extradition from Santa Barbara towards Las Vagas, where she is suspected of the murder of Bunny Tagliatti. There too, a dismissal is concluded following the arrival of Mason Capwell, but above all following the arrival of the victim : Bunny arrives in the courtroom, disguised as a woman, wearing a green dress.

Strange cases for a judge who will remain in the annals of the court for having had to judge the most surprising cases of the city.

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