Andre Wolfe




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1991

Profession : Jewel thief


Kai Wulff :
January 11 1991 (# 1629) to April 03 1991 (# 1684)


Secret character and about whom we shall not know finally much, Andre Wolfe is nevertheless the release mechanism of the strongest storyline of this very beginning of year 1991 : Eden Capwell ‘s split personality.

Since his hiding place, Andre collects clipping regarding Eden, observes her at the presentation of KSB8 television news, but always by calling her Lisa, and not Eden. He follows her and even breaks in her home one night, while her husband Cruz Castillo is away. He is surprised by Amado Gonzalez, who takes him for a burglar, and with whom he fights. Eden, woken by the noise, has just the time to see his face before Andre runs away. She does not recognize him, but this vision haunts her and wakes in her confusions of another time : when, during her years spent in France, she got acquainted of Andre, and committed with him of many jewel thefts. Together, they even stole in Monte-Carlo jewels belonging to Sophia, then the wife of Count Armonti.

For French Andre, talented thief for fifteen years, Eden has never existed : he knows only Lisa, the double-personality that Eden built herself after having been the witness of her mother's false death in 1969. His presence in Santa Barbara makes Lisa taking a new lease of life in Eden, who starts with him a new series of burglaries : a villa in the district of Montecito, Minx Lockridge's suite at the Capwell Hotel, and finally the invaluable Armonti tiara exposed at the museum.

It is this last break-in which causes the loss of Andre. Without knowing it, he falls in the trap tightened by Cruz, who looked with the tiara to catch him. While Eden runs away with the tiara, Andre is arrested on the roof of the museum. Under arrest, he takes hostage Eden and his lawyer Keith Timmons thanks to a gun Eden brought him. Cruz chases after him and fatally injures him during an exchange of gunshots.

Andre dies instantly, and then disappears from the show. But even of short duration, his role will have been decisive in the psychological confusions that Eden is going to continue to undergo, until her departure of Santa Barbara a few months later...

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