Eden's fall


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One of the most tragic events in Santa Barbara, if it is not the most tragic one, was quite certainly Eden's death. Or at least, Eden's pretend death...

We are in 1991. For a few months already, it appears that Eden suffers from a split personality: one moment Eden, another Lisa, the character she unconsciously created to bury the animosity accumulated against her mother, Sophia. Possessed by her bad demons, she escapes one fine day in the direction of the ocean, leaving behind her family and husband.

Anxious, Cruz pursues her. But suddenly, Eden slides on a rock and threatens to fall from a cliff. Cruz tightens her hands, tries to recover her from a fall, but it is too late, Eden, at the end of her force, falls into the ocean.

Cruz plunges from the top of the cliff, however Eden does not reappear. The rescuers are not long in arriving, but Eden's body remains untraceable.

C.C. who, with Sophia, has attended the scene from his yacht, can neither accept the death of his daughter. Cruz then decides to begin some research alone, in vain.

But the reality is in fact different: Eden had premeditated her accident from the departure. Joining the riverbank with discretion, she succeeds in regaining a town in order to regulate the last details...


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