And one day... Eden becomes Lisa


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In the journey of all life, there is always a date, an event that marks people far beyond anything we can imagine. This moment shapes us, determines us, impregnates us with another personality within us... We could imagine when we see all the love that unites them to each other, that it is her meeting with Cruz Castillo that shaped the young Eden Capwell. It is obvious for Eden : her real life as a woman began not when her look landed on Cruz, but when Cruz's look landed on her. And, if at that moment she became alive, another event of the past (much more than this encounter) conditioned her to be the woman she is.

Act 1 : May 1969 or the birth of an alter ego, Lisa

One day in May 1969, a seven-year-old girl watches from the beach her mother with another man. In the girl's memory, another scene echoes this one. In her memory, her mother's words resound to infinity : Channing, her big brother, is not really her brother. The words mix, and Eden does not understand... From the beach, this May 3rd, she observes her mother. And suddenly, it is the drama : the man and her mother argue. Sophia falls overboard. Eden is afraid. She sees her mother struggling with the ocean, before seeing her struggle against the waves to return to shore. We imagine the tension that must inhabit Eden. She is there, motionless, watching her mother return towards her, towards the beach, to survive. Eden is afraid. Eden is terribly afraid. Eden is paralyzed.

Years later, we know that Sophia Capwell survived this drowning. Eden knew it for a moment that day, but she forgot it. For young Eden Capwell, May 3rd, 1969 is the day when her mother abandoned her. Her heart then broke. A lot of pain have cracked her body and her heart. Eden then discovers the sufferings of abandonment. After the betrayal, Eden is carried away by the violence of this new feeling. All her being so fragile wavers. Eden is only 7 years old. In order not to sink, Eden disappears. Eden bends under the weight of pain. Eden hides behind another. Because Eden wants, Eden must survive. Then, a shadow, lurking in the bottom of her, wakes up. Eden knows that she must give it its chance if she wants to survive. The shadow grows. The shadow develops. The shadow comes to life. The shadow becomes another... Lisa. And at this moment, Eden becomes Lisa.

Lisa allows Eden to survive. Lisa allows Eden to support, to endure, to express the anger of a little girl towards her mother. With Lisa's help, Eden manages to endure the omnipresent feeling of abandonment that does not leave her. With Lisa, Eden is stronger. Lisa allows her to bear the feelings of anger that Eden feels. Lisa can hate Sophia, Lisa can blame Sophia, but not Eden... Eden can thus become the big sister who will help, who will love, who will console Kelly and Ted. With the help of Lisa, Eden will become much more than a daughter in her father's eyes; she will become the darling child. Eden will idolize this man with whom she shares the same suffering of abandonment. And, if at times, Eden experiences anger, even hatred towards Sophia, Eden succeeds in managing her thanks to Lisa's presence. It is not Eden who suffers, but Lisa. It is not Eden who experiences these feelings of hatred and anger, it is Lisa. Lisa is there to express everything that Eden is not capable of. Lisa watches over and protects Eden for years. And when Eden manages to repel the pains of abandonment, Lisa withdraws into her den and leaves the light for the shadow. Lisa gives all space to Eden, with an intimate conviction : the absolute certainty that one day, she will have her revenge. One day, she will be entitled to the light and will be able to face Sophia.

Eden slowly takes back control of her life. However, she knows many teenage disorders. Her meeting with Robert Barr was both an opportunity and a tragedy. If she blossoms in contact with Robert - their relationship is very intense, the word of marriage is even pronounced - Eden begins to become a thief. With Robert, she managed to steal the statuette of a mermaid, on Las Sirenas island. Is it the shadow of Lisa who already tried to get out of her den and who led Eden on the way of a high-flying thief ? In any case, if Lisa hides behind these acts, she is obliged to give back control to Eden, because the death of Jerry Calhoun comes to mix all the cards. Lisa will have to wait, as her revenge time has not come yet.

Another drama disrupts all the plans. A terrible and unexpected drama that will restore strength and hope to Lisa. One evening in July, a party is given at the Capwell villa in Santa Barbara, and a murder is committed. During the evening given in his honor, Channing Capwell Junior is killed by a  gun shot. This murder will allow Lisa to come back on the front of the stage and to take control over Eden. But above all, this murder, which will be solved years later, will offer Lisa the chance, but also a little force, to take revenge on Sophia.

The day after this drama, Eden is sent to France (she is the only one of the Capwell children who must leave the villa, for the reason of her protection). In France, Eden and Lisa become roommates of the same body; the one and the other taking control according to the events. Eden enjoys a certain life. Lisa takes advantage of the possibilities that are offered to her. And over time, Lisa takes over completely on Eden. The relationship between dominant and dominated is completely reversed between the two personalities. Lisa/ Eden, during this period, meets a man, Andre Wolfe. With him, Lisa can become the one she wants. Freed from all constraints, she joins forces with Andre and together they form a team of high-profile burglars, who steal famous jewels belonging to museums or wealthy individuals.

It is by a curious stroke of fate, on June 13th, 1981 in Monte-Carlo in a palace of the French Riviera, that Eden/ Lisa meets her mother. Mother and daughter recognize each other immediately. For a brief moment, they face each other. They stare at each other. Neither one dares or knows how to take the first step. Witness of the scene, psychiatrist Marcello Armonti, Sophia's step-son, intervenes and hypnotizes Eden. But Lisa is there, she watches, she protects Eden.

The cracks become furrows, deeper and deeper furrows. Insidiously, the pains of abandonment spread throughout Lisa's body. Anger and vengeance deepen these wounds.

Lisa is here and she is planning her revenge. Also, on June 15th, with Andre's help, she decides to attack the jewels of the one who today shares the life of Count Armonti, but who, in the eyes of Eden/ Lisa, is none other than her mother. Determined to hurt her, Lisa, helped by Andre, enters Sophia's suite in a Monte-Carlo hotel, and steals several jewels from her. For Lisa, the first step of revenge towards Sophia is done, and it seems that Eden accepted it. Revenge then becomes a necessity for Lisa. It is a matter of survival...


Act 2 : The regained shadow for Lisa...

However, following this meeting and following the return of Eden to Santa Barbara, Lisa seems to disappear behind Eden's personality. Eden, finding her first personality, seems to have become stronger, more mature, as if she had enveloped herself with a little of Lisa's personality. Only one person seems to be able to reach the soul hidden under the veil : Detective Cruz Castillo. At his contact, Eden becomes stronger, freer to be herself, even more able to face her old demons. However, when Eden recognizes Sophia under the disguises of Countess Armonti and journalist Susan Carlyle, it is not possible to know between the personality of Eden and the personality of Lisa, who requires Sophia to return to Europe. Is it really Eden who, for fear of losing the balance of a life that she took years to build, who orders her mother to leave the city and not to seek to see Ted, Kelly, and of course not to see her adored father again ? Or is it Lisa who, out of revenge, wants to mark Sophia, of the same wounds ? Is it the voice of Lisa who cries to Sophia to go away, to find her lover Lionel Lockridge and to leave the city ? One thing is certain for Eden as for Lisa, Sophia must suffer to be abandoned by her family. Sophia must know the same bites as those that forever hurt a 7-year-old girl...

Lisa, even if her name is never pronounced then, can be delighted. She holds her revenge : Eden does not want the presence of her mother at her side. However, unfortunately for Lisa, Eden is no longer the 7-year-old girl who gave birth to her. Eden has changed. Eden met love; a person who is both her lover, her friend, her confidant, her ego, her landmark; a person who accepts her fears and her weaknesses, without ever judging her. In contact with Cruz, Eden is transformed, without Lisa being able to intervene on her changes. Eden ends up accepting, and even desiring, Sophia's return in her life. On many occasions, during these years, Eden and Sophia will share real moments of complicity, making clean the past, like all the daughters and their mothers.

For years, Lisa is then forced to hide, to dissolve in Eden's unconscious to remain present. Like a hunter, she hides waiting for the right moment to jump on her prey. Lisa sleeps in Eden. Lisa waits. She knows that one day the jaws of abandonment will come to bite Eden again, and she will be there, ready to seize this opportunity. Besides, is Lisa not there when Eden gets closer to Lionel and played a dangerous game of seduction, with him ? Wouldn't Lisa seek, through future wounds that she could inflict on her mother's former lover, to reach her mother, by destroying the sweet memory of their affair ?

So, even if Eden goes through terrible psychological trials (C.C.'s request to pull the plug of the life-support system that keeps him alive, her infirmity, Cruz's death sentence...), terrible physical trials (Kirk's murder attempts, the rape...), Lisa lies down. In front of all these events, Lisa remains silent, obliging Eden to overcome them by herself. Even in front of the loss of Adriana, Lisa does not resurface to support Eden. Yet, for Eden, it is about facing the wounds of abandonment of a mother and her daughter. Lisa could have resurfaced to help Eden to bear the pain of absence. If Lisa remained hidden in the shadows, we can imagine that this is closely linked to Eden's intimate conviction concerning Adriana : Eden never believed that her little girl had died. Eden always knew that she was somewhere and that she was waiting for her. Thus, face to so much strength and determination, Lisa waits... History will prove her right, since in Paris, mother and daughter will meet again.

Lisa is waiting. Lisa slumbers. Lisa hopes for the right time. Lisa still believes she will have her revenge.

This could have arrived in 1989, with the return in town of Robert Barr. With him, the past of another Eden could have returned to the surface. With the presence of Robert in town, the personality of Eden cracks and she lets glimpse deeper wounds that fail to heal. The memory of this past life destabilizes Eden; for a time, her heart even hesitates between Robert and Cruz. For the first time, Cruz's love and her love for him do not succeed in alleviating the pains of abandonment. For a time, Eden, or Lisa who seems to always pull some strings, would be tempted by this more adventurous life. It is as if, just like Sophia years earlier, she was tired of a stable life with her own. It will take all the magic of Peeble Creek to bring them back together.


Act 3 : And one day... Lisa goes from shadow to light

Reunited, Eden and Cruz seem to be stronger than ever; with their family around them, they aspire to know a little respite after the last ordeals crossed. The end of the year 1990, with the remarriage of Sophia and C.C. orchestrated among others by Eden, could be the beginning of this period of serenity. However, one day in 1991, a man returns to his former partner, Lisa, with the intimate hope of finding their former life. He spies, harasses Eden Castillo to understand the changes that occurred at her, to try to give life to Lisa. Their first meeting awakens troubles at Eden : the brief face glimpsed one night in her living room does not appear so unknown to her. Very quickly, the frontier between Eden and Lisa tears and Lisa can leave her part of shadow to return to light. This time, Lisa will not be robbed of her chance...

Very quickly, Lisa creates tensions between Eden and Cruz, and imposes a distance between them. Lisa's choice is definitive when after an altercation with Sophia (where she criticises her absence), she recovers a diamond in an old candle. There will be no going back in time. The duo Lisa - Andre is reforming again for new adventures. And Lisa knows that today, neither Eden nor Marcello Armonti will come on her way.

Lisa/ Eden can then take advantage of several occasions to make openly reproaches to Sophia. The family diner, which serves as a trial to judge both Pamela and Sophia, is a great opportunity that Lisa seizes. Each of the words spoken is a stab that lacerates Sophia's heart.

Day after day, Lisa takes the upper hand on Eden's personality, reversing the roles between them. Eden is then forced to hide in the shadows, so much the need for light of Lisa is important. With the complicity of Andre, Lisa agrees to steal Minx Lockridge's jewels. Among the jewels, Lisa finds an old photo of Sophia and Lionel. The bites of betrayal and abandonment close on Lisa's mind. Thanks to this photo, Lisa is confirmed on the full responsibility of Sophia. This latter must face the evidence : Eden is still angry with her; deep down, she has not found yet the strength to forgive her her absence.

Then, the memories that gave birth to Lisa go back to the surface : Eden sees Sophia again on the boat with Lionel. Feelings of betrayal and abandonment are a terrible wave that ravages Lisa. Her only chance to resist is revenge...

Despite Cruz's intervention and despite the help of Dr. Jamie Lawrence, Lisa does not allow Eden to give the change. The balance between the two personalities is broken. With the arrival of the Armonti tiara, legacy of Sophia, Lisa finally has the chance to face Sophia. Announced as cursed, the Armonti tiara will be exhibited in the museum of the city during a big party. Lisa takes advantage of this opportunity, during an interview with Sophia, to make her open reproaches for her disappearance. She even confessed to her that she never forgave her for her disappearance or her return... If Sophia fears that the curse of the tiara hits her children, Lisa dreams that one day, she strangles Sophia. The curse has nothing to do with these events.

With Andre's help, Lisa organizes the theft of the tiara on the same day of its exhibition at the museum of the city. Upstream, Lisa spied on the security set up by Michael Donnelly and Cruz. Thanks to Gina, Eden manages to steal the tiara and replace it in its glass cage by the photo of Lionel and Sophia, the same one that she stole from Minx. No doubt now for Sophia that she concentrates all the resentments, the anger and the resentment of Eden. However, Sophia still ignores that Eden knows the details of the past : the filiation of Channing Junior and her false death this day of May 1969.

The death of Andre does not release Eden from the presence of Lisa, on the contrary. Only now, Lisa knows that she must finish the work begun. She does her best to increase the pressure on Sophia and force her to be afraid, all the time. It is at first a missing brooch that resurfaces in the study of the villa that panics Sophia. How and why did her lost brooch end up in this room ? Then, while Sophia reads in her diary to know if Eden has forgiven her, Lisa stands in front of her, savoring almost the suffering which she guesses on her features. Lisa is obliged to pull the wool over her eyes and admits half-word that she has forgiven her. Lisa then betrays herself by talking to Sophia, by saying not mom, but Sophia... Sophia panics, she knows that her fears are justified. Finally, it is in C.C.'s study that Sophia will discover perhaps the true extent of Eden's resentment. While she is in this room almost cursed for her, she finds on the desk blotter of the desk the newspaper of the day after her disappearance at sea. It cannot be there by chance.

Pushed by her fears, Sophia then slowly opens the desk drawer. She utters a terrible cry : the drawer contains the revolver with which she killed her beloved son, her Channing... Images of this evening of July come back to her mind. While the bullet in the past is fired, Sophia hangs on to the desk... She knows that this can only end again in a bloodbath...


Act 4 : And one day... Eden and Lisa fight for light...

Living in the shadows and living in the light... The hour of vengeance has come. Eden / Lisa. Lisa / Eden. The two facets of the same personality will clash for the shadow or by the light. Both of them now know that there is no more room for either one or the other...

Guided by her fears, Sophia, who aspires to find natural relationships with her children, chooses to be honest and, with Eden, to face their common past. Sophia has the certainty that she will be able to find Eden only if they lift the veil on the past. Only the truth will be able to silence Lisa and make Eden come back to the light. Sophia, in front of Eden and Cruz, agrees to tell the truth, even if it is difficult for her. Sophia tells her story after May 3rd, 1969. She says that they met on June 13th, 1981 in Monte-Carlo and that, at her request, Marcello hypnotized her so that she would forget this encounter. It was too early for Sophia, she was not strong enough. It was then impossible for her to face her past and her family. There were still far too many shadowy areas.

In Eden's mind, the struggle is sharp between her and Lisa. Eden confesses her anger to her mother, reproaches her selfishness : how could she let her believe that she was dead ? Symbol of the battle between Eden and Lisa, violent headaches make Eden suffer. And in the back, Eden does not cease to hear Lisa's voice which confides to her that she is there to protect her from her past. Memories seem to return in Eden's mind, guided by the voice of her mother or by the voice of Lisa. Torn between her and her other herself, Eden, in a breath, forgives her mother. The next moment, she or her other herself immediately reproaches her her absence. It is more and more difficult to know which one of Lisa or Eden is facing Sophia or Cruz. Even Cruz does not know to whom belongs the body which he embraces. He asks for Dr. Jamie Lawrence's help.

Powerless in front of the inner battle that ravages the mind of his beloved, Cruz does his best to help her to overcome her trauma. Listening to Sophia's advice, to help Eden to face her past, he borrows the Lockridge yacht. Sophia understood, through exchanges with Eden, that Eden, as a child, heard her conversation with Lionel years ago. There, Eden remembers a kiss exchanged between Sophia and Lionel. The bites of the betrayal make Eden suffer cruelly, while Lisa strengthens herself at the awakening of the memories that gave birth to her. Then, Eden remembers an argument between a man and a woman. Fighting against Lisa who does not want the memories to surface again, Eden obliges herself to revive the past. And there, on the Lockrigde yacht, under Cruz's kindly eyes and against Lisa's will, Eden observes, Eden watches, Eden relives the past. And if in 1968 she had not been strong enough to do so, today she is no longer a little girl...

A little girl with a boy, a little older than her, step into the boat. Channing Junior and Eden have come to swim on the Lockridge yacht. They walk towards a white curtain that separates them from two silhouettes. They hear voices. Lisa cries to Eden not to open the curtain. But the other voices are there. A woman. And this woman is Sophia, who tells her lover that she wants him more than anything, that she remembers a time when she would have risked everything, even her family, just to be in her arms. But today, she came to tell him that the most important thing is her family...

"Don't do it !" shouts Lisa in Eden's mind, while firmly her hand comes forward to spread the curtain. Eden wants to understand. Eden spreads the curtain of truth and discovers Sophia's hidden face. Her mother and Lionel Lockridge have an affair. Joined by Sophia on the boat, she, at first, refuses to tell her the rest of the conversation. Then, because Eden entrusts to her the hatred that this discovery awakened in Channing Junior, Sophia is obliged to lift the veil on the rest of the truth. But Eden cannot hear it, because Lisa came back to the foreground to protect Eden from her past, but also to be the one who will then face Sophia.

It is alone that Eden ends up remembering the truth. Back on the Lockridge yacht, she manages to remember, despite the rage of Lisa who wants to remain the only one to know the truth. Lisa knows that if Eden succeeds in discovering the truth, it is possible that she forgives Sophia. And then, it would be her end, Lisa's disappearance. And Lisa doesn't want that. She wants to live. She wants to be in the light. She wants revenge on Sophia. She wants to free herself from all this hatred... So, once again Lisa orders Eden to leave the boat, but Eden resists. And, hidden behind an armchair as she was years earlier with Channing Junior, Eden remembers the truth. She sees the silhouettes of Lionel and Sophia in front of her, she hears again the voice of her mother telling Lionel that Channing Junior is not the son of C.C. but his. Eden shouts : "No !" The wound of betrayal makes Eden suffer. But the betrayal is even harsher and more violent for Chaning Junior; it will later determine his character, and his future...

If Eden runs away by swimming and goes back to the shelter at the Capwell villa, Lisa remains silent. To her father, Eden confides that she feels betrayed, betrayed by all. Eden then seems to feel an immense pain and expresses her remorse for not having been able to remember this secret for so many years. If she had remembered today and perhaps yesterday, there would not have been all that hatred, all that anger. And Channing could have been different... He would not have carried this burden alone... This terrible burden. C.C. can only take his daughter in his arms to console her, to support her, to affirm to her that it is not her fault. But Eden's pain is infinite : she betrayed you... she betrayed us all...

It is only in Cruz's arms that Eden manages to deliver what she has on her heart : "It is as if what I had discovered was only the hidden face of the iceberg..." She also tells him that she heard Lionel order Sophia to come back the next day on the boat, otherwise he would go to tell the truth to C.C.. One moment later, Sophia, aside, delivers a part of the conversation to Cruz : it is possible that that day, Eden heard her threaten Lionel's life if he ever dared to speak about Channing Junior to C.C.. Sophia's fears are verified : Eden entrusts one evening to Cruz the threats pronounced by Sophia against Lionel. Eden even remembers the date, it was May 2nd, 1969, the day before Sophia's accident.


Act 5 : Lisa shines brightly...

The point of no return is reached for Lisa. It is war. Lisa concentrates all her anger on Sophia, the time has finally come for her to pay for her crimes. Lisa puts a revolver in Sophia's bag. When she leaves the Capwell villa, she discovers the weapon. She immediately recognizes it : it is the same revolver with which she shot her son. C.C., who is at her side, also recognizes it. Sophia panics, fear intrudes into her. There is no longer any doubt : someone is trying to terrorize her. C.C. even proposes that Sophia leaves Santa Barbara for a while. Of course, Lisa / Eden gets opposed to it. She prefers to propose that Cruz investigates to discover who is trying to harm her mother. Very quickly, he discovers that the person who bought the gun is a woman named Sophia Armonti. Sophia feels that claws are tightening around her, ready to cut her, to tear her flesh.

For her part, Eden also experiences this curious sensation of being caught in a vice. Her psychological balance is breaking down, as the presence of Lisa in her is a continuous torture. Lisa leaves her no respite. During a night, even if her body is protected in Cruz's arms, her mind does not stop suffering. Eden dreams of the past, she sees herself as a little girl on the Lockridge yacht in the presence of Lisa and she wishes the death of her mother. Eden gives the impression of letting go, as the memories of the past that come back to her seem to belong to another. One day, she finds a diamond in her living room : a diamond that Lisa, accompanied by Andre, stole from Sophia. Lisa organizes everything, in the smallest details, to push Eden to stay in the shade. It is a real game of chess that Lisa and Eden play, but only Lisa seems to know the rules.

In addition to manipulating Eden, Lisa, as a strategist, manipulates Cruz, Sophia and C.C. to lead them to discover the truth. Lisa wants to be discovered. Lisa knows that once C.C. and Sophia have recognized her existence, she will have access to all the light and the shadow will return to Eden. She leaves many clues so that Cruz and Sophia understand that the shadow that threatens Sophia is none other than that of Eden... Their darling little Eden. Lisa makes deliver a bottle of her favorite perfume to Sophia, an empty bottle, accompanied by a wig and a pair of glasses. Cruz will discover later that it is Eden's disguise to play "Sophia Armonti" when buying the revolver.

Faced with the evidence, Cruz realizes that Eden is in reality Andre's accomplice. The jewels theft, the tiara Armonti theft, were all orchestrated by her and Andre. Cruz can no longer deny the evidence and the facts. He announces it to Sophia, who suddenly realizes the part of guilt which is hers. In parallel, Eden arrives at the same conclusions by discovering in a statuette, at home, many jewels as well as the Armonti tiara. She can no longer hide from the truth : she is the one who stole the Armonti tiara. Lisa smiles. The trap on her victims closes. Soon, the light will shine on her and she will definitely take the center stage.

The personality changes between Lisa and Eden are more and more frequent : the hour of the ultimate face to face approach. Cruz, who only wishes to help his wife, organizes a big family reunion at the end of Kelly and Quinn's wedding, in the company of Dr. Denise Foxworthy. Cruz knows that in order for Eden to become again the one she has always been, she has to face much more than her fears : she has to defeat a part of herself. Eden gives herself up under the eyes of Cruz, her father and Mason; she confesses her truth. She tells the story of the jewels theft in Monte-Carlo years earlier with Andre, the theft of the Armonti tiara at the museum, the purchase of the revolver, but also confirms to be the one who put it in her mother's bag. Eden's confession, in Denise's eyes, is not perfect, something in the choice of words, in the tone, challenges the psychiatrist. Is it Lisa who, in the background, holds the strings ? During the session, Denise allows Eden, at the bend of a question, to pronounce for the first time the name of Lisa. Lisa is uncovered, it is almost a rebirth for her. Very quickly, Denise confirms that, to overcome the suffering of her past, Eden invented another personality.

Now that the veil is lifted on Lisa's existence, she does not intend to leave it there. The pieces of her puzzle are almost all in place. The hour of vengeance is coming. No, the hour of her vengeance is coming. Even if sometimes, with Cruz, Eden manages to repel her, Lisa's presence becomes more present, more oppressive. Eden regularly dreams of the past, of her desire to see Sophia die. And, after a new nightmare, Lisa recovers the Armonti tiara and prepares to "offer it" to her mother. Lisa, in the night, rushes to the Capwell villa and places the Armonti tiara in the drawer of the desk, the same drawer which once enclosed the revolver with which Channing Junior was killed. Lisa is satisfied, the coup de grace will be given to Sophia. The long-awaited face-to-face is close. Sophia, alerted by noises, ends up going into the study of the villa, and, in spite of her fears, opens the drawer. She is hardly surprised to find the tiara. Sophia is caught up by her fears, she knows that she will have to face both her past and her responsibility.

Cruz goes to the Capwell villa, accompanied by Eden / Lisa and Denise Foxworthy. Aware that Eden is not really herself, Cruz calls Eden Lisa and questions her about what she tries to do. Lisa, more determined than ever, supports the gaze of her family and promises Sophia that she will take revenge, that she will avenge Eden, for all the harm that she did to her while she was only a child. Although Cruz, C.C. and Denise try to help Eden, Lisa is the strongest and she tells them that Eden does not exist anymore, only Lisa remains. The violence of the words towards Sophia reaches a level never reached until then : Lisa swears that Eden never forgave her her absence, her abandonment and her betrayal. Lisa explains that she has borne all these years Eden's anger and hatred. Each member of the family is entitled to a word of anger; because in Lisa's eyes, no one has taken care of Eden. Only Lisa cared about Eden... Lisa then fetches the tiara from the desk drawer and prepares to put it on her head, as a sign of provocation, as a sign of victory... In spite of the curse !

Lisa is ready to put down all her cards and explains to her family that today, she is almost celebrating her birthday. Lisa was not born the day Eden witnessed the betrayal of her mother... Suddenly, a change appears in Lisa / Eden : it is as if Eden took back control. Eden, as if by enchantment, seems to have found her body and her mind; the passage from one personality to another is carried out without transition. She hurries to apologize and to declare to Cruz and Sophia all her love. Touched in front of the distress of her relatives, she explains to them that she was no longer really herself, but that now it is over; her other one has found darkness. Shortly after the resurgence of Eden's personality, she leaves the study quickly, leaving perhaps even more perplexed the members of her family. Everyone, from C.C. to Sophia by way of Mason, seems relieved of Eden's return : the dark clouds move away. Only Cruz doubts... Finding that Eden does not come back, Cruz comes to the terrible conclusion : it was not Eden in front of them, but Lisa who was playing with them, who orchestrated this whole scene. Lisa always kept control, it was Lisa who was always facing them. Fearing the worst, Cruz, in the company of Mason, leaves in her search.


Act 6 : Eden / Lisa : between shadow and light, Eden's fake death...

Eden knows the existence of Lisa, she knows that Lisa is present in her, and that she is about to attract all the lights to her. And, beyond everything, Eden knows that she is about to lose her family and the love of her life. Some of them are not ready yet to fall into the shadows...

Lisa knows the existence of Eden, she knows that Eden gave birth to her years ago and that she is about to focus all the lights on her. And, beyond all, Lisa knows that she is about to leave Eden's shadow. A part of Lisa, however, ignores Eden's ability to forgive... Focused on her anger and her desire for revenge, Lisa does not imagine that Eden, since all these years, ended up forgiving Sophia, betrayal and abandonment. In 1985, Eden ended up accepting Sophia's return in her life; she even imposes on Cruz (as part of the investigation on the murder of Channing Junior) to choose between love and condemnation. The whole Capwell family, including Eden, even accepted the presence of Brick Wallace, the son of Lionel and Sophia, living proof of their love. Eden ended up finding a place in her life for Sophia and for this half-brother who fell from the sky. And, that Lisa ignores it...

In her flight forward, Lisa disappears slightly, offering the possibility to Eden to leave a goodbye note to Cruz. This latter, assisted by Mason, continues his research. C.C. and Sophia reached the Capwell yacht and go along the coast, in search of their darling daughter.

Further, on a cliff, dressed in black pants and a light green blouse, Eden / Lisa looks at the ocean. The same ocean that years earlier stole her mother. This same ocean in front of which, three years ago, she and Cruz united forever their destinies. Perhaps she tries to read her future in the waves... In the distance, from her boat, Sophia observes the horizon with the help of binoculars. Suddenly, the beating of her heart accelerates; Sophia sees the silhouette of her daughter on the rocks. From the top of the cliff, Eden / Lisa saw approaching her parents' boat, she even addresses them a sign. Eden / Lisa waits. She waits for the conditions to be met for the realization of the last stage of her plan. Who of Eden or Lisa has organized everything ? Who of Lisa or Eden planned everything ? Eden, to protect her own. Lisa, to take revenge on her own.

Cruz also saw his wife on the rocks and he hastens to climb the cliff to join her, under the surveillance of C.C. and Sophia in the distance. Cruz approaches Eden. She warns him not to approach her. Although Cruz swears his love to her, Eden / Lisa advises him not to approach her. Cruz understands that the one who faces him is still Lisa. She moves away and runs on the rocks, while Cruz tries to get closer to her. Eden approaches dangerously from the edge of the cliff... Cruz asks Lisa to let Eden speak. He no longer believes Lisa's false explanations, he wants to speak to the one he loves; Cruz has the intimate conviction that he is, because of the love that unites them, the only one who can make Eden's personality come back. Moreover, the more he speaks to her, the more he realizes that Lisa's shell is cracking and that behind is guessed Eden. Lisa has no other solution than to go away from Cruz. She moves back one step. Then a second. Her foot borders the void. Her gaze stares at the rocks. Suddenly, the stone on which she was leaning turns and Eden falls backwards. Behind her, the void... The ocean.

Sophia observes with horror the whole scene through the binoculars; simple observer, because she is unable to help her daughter facing the drama that is played in front of her. "Noooo..." shouts Cruz, rushing in front of the cliff. In her fall, Eden was able to cling to the cliff, tens of meters above the surface of the water. By crying for help, she knows that Cruz will come to her rescue. Cruz rushes to the edge of the cliff, jumping from rocks to rocks, relieved to see that Eden did not dive into the ocean. C.C. hastens to leave the yacht with the help of a zodiac to reach the cliff. Sophia, as for her, can only pray... while following the drama via the binoculars.

On the cliff, Eden calls Cruz who joined her. She feels that her hands attached to the stone will eventually let go, she will not have enough strength to hold, to hold... Cruz lies down on the stone and stretches his arm to reach his wife's hand. Their fingers are touching each other... Cruz asks her to catch his hand, but she cannot. Their fingers only manage to come very closer to each other. Helped by two crewmembers, C.C. pushes his boat to go faster, and faster still. Cruz does everything possible to reach Eden's hand, but she hesitates to let herself be caught. Cruz does not stop saying to her “give me your hand”, but Eden refuses, repeating several times “no, no”... Cruz tries to catch the fingers of Eden's left hand. Suddenly, Eden slides and falls into the ocean. Only her ring remains on the rocks, as an ultimate gift made in her love.

Under the eyes of Cruz and Sophia, Eden falls into the ocean, in the middle of rocks. The waves come crashing there with violence. And in the middle, Cruz sees Eden's body floating. Listening only to his love, Cruz plunges into the ocean in search of Eden, but he does not see her. He takes off shoes and shirt to gain freedom in his movements. Cruz exhausts himself to look for the one he loves. His forces leave him, but not his determination. Cruz swims and plunges several times to find Eden. C.C. approaches by boat. Cruz calls her, shouts her name, and plunges again and again. Alone in the middle of the water, he does not stop shouting her name. Exhausted, at the end of his last forces, he lets himself be torn from the waves by C.C. who plunged from his zodiac to rescue him. C.C. and his men get him on the boat and they leave to join the yacht.

C.C. orders Sophia to inform the Coast Guard. Supporting Cruz with all his strength, C.C. leads him on the yacht deck. By seeing Sophia, the latter collapses, guilty of not having been able to come back with Eden. It is not his body that collapses, his her heart. It is not his heart that collapses, it is his being. It is not his being that collapses, but his soul. Cruz's world is no longer, he has lost his soul and his light... Eden is no longer... To C.C. who comes to join him, Cruz cannot hide his anger, this rage that he has against himself for having failed... If at first, he repels C.C., he ends up accepting his embrace and shedding a tiny part of his guilt.

In the distance the body of Eden is guessed floating in the middle of the waves. Unconscious, she floats on the surface of the water, adrift just like Eden's personality, trapped by Lisa.

A terrible spiral takes them away : the Coast Guard announce to them that they could not find Eden's body. And Mason, who joined them, is the first to verbalize that Eden died. In turn, he makes C.C., Sophia and Cruz responsible for Eden's death. Sophia whispers that it is the fault of the tiara curse. And Cruz... Cruz feels guilty. Then, he goes back to the cliff, to the place of the drama. His gaze is lost on the surface of the ocean. He sees Eden in front of him, he sees her fall again. And in the middle of the stones, a flash of light attracts his eyes. Cruz comes forward and discovers with amazement Eden's wedding ring. "Oh my God..." Cruz looks at it with the feeling that it can reunite them again. All the strength of their love is concentrated in the light of this diamond that they had exchanged with each other at the bottom of a clearing. The tender memory of this meal, of this glass of champagne, of these first shared oaths, overwhelm Cruz. Cruz sees himself seeing in his glass a flash of light... Oh how dear this memory is to him... From that moment when a woman broke all conventions out of love, she refused the destiny that her father defined for her, she chose to go against the right-thinking and above all it was she, a woman, who dared to ask to a man to marry her... Cruz is devastated by his pain. And in an ultimate gesture of despair, he throws the ring as far as possible in the ocean...

Wandering like a grieving soul, lost, Cruz drags on the rocks, when suddenly his eyes notice, stranded on the beach, a piece of Eden's blouse. He rushes in to take it in his hands, with the crazy hope that perhaps it could reunite them. His heart accelerates.... He regains hope. While entering the water, he shouts her name. Driven by the waves, he falls on the sand and covers himself by the water. The pain overwhelms him again. And in his heart and in his head, the distant memory of Eden's disappearance in the Utah mountains comes to touch him. It is the same pain, the same emptiness, the same lack in his life.

As at this dark time, Cruz refuses to attend Eden's funeral, his heart preserving the hope of a reunion. He feels, or he knows deep down, that Eden is there somewhere and that one day, their hands, their hearts, their bodies, their souls will be reunited again. It is their destiny. It is the oath they took one April day in the Peeble Creek gardens.

The ocean will not have been right neither of the shadow, nor of the light. Eden / Lisa survived. But Lisa did not win. The violence of the waters will have broken her thirst for light and new shadows carry her away. Lisa is no longer. Eden has not fully returned to the light. Another one wakes up gently in her... Another one who for years has been waiting for his time. Another who also thirsts for revenge against Sophia... Another one that Eden will have to make go back in the shadows if she wants one day to find Cruz's arms and light...

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