Eden's last appearance


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Whereas everyone believes her dead, Eden reappears in Santa Barbara in the biggest secret. Her spirit makes her become a new character: Suzanne Collier, an old painter friend of Eden's. It is on the beach where Eden is "dead" that Cruz discovers her for the first time. Surprised by her resemblance with his deceased wife, Cruz begins to talk with her. He even ends up buying one of her many pictures, infinite copies of the place where Eden disappeared.

After that, Sophia meets Eden/Suzanne in the same way, allowing her to think that Eden is still alive... But at the same time, Eden undergoes a new split personality and has now become Channing Junior, her deceased brother. Motivated by a deep desire of revenge, she goes to the Capwell mansion where she shoots her mother, Sophia, responsible for the death of Channing Junior, twelve years ago. Her imagination makes her see Channing’s face in a mirror, who congratulates her for her act.

Falling in a deep coma, Sophia will thereafter have a vision of her daughter lying in a coffin. As for Eden, she leaves the Capwell mansion with a mysterious driver who takes her out of Santa Barbara forever...

 It is the famous television producer Stephen J. Cannell who plays Eden's driver. It is in fact a wink to Marcy Walker's departure from the show for a new Cannell's production, Palace Guard (1991).


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