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Profession : Doctor


Ken Hill :
December 10 1984 (# 95) to January 07 1985 (# 114)


Doctor at the Benedict Hills private clinic, he has one day the great surprise to see landing in his establishment the assistant of district attorney Mason Capwell, accompanied by a patient. Faced with the lawyer's pressure, he has no choice but to listen and agree to take charge of the patient. Mason makes him understand all the dangerousness and the urgency of this situation: Peter Flint is the capital witness in a murder investigation and he could be the next victim of the killer. He demands several conditions, the first of which is to be answerable only to him and, when he contacts him, he must use a code name : he becomes Dr. Smith, a doctor from Connecticut. The second requirement is to reveal to no one, including the clinic's health care team, the true identity of the patient, and of course the patient should not be visited.

Even if he does not fully adhere to the situation, he ends up adhering to the directives of the law in face of the particularity of the situation : he takes charge of the patient Peter Flint, does not reveal to anyone his true identity, and is answerable only to Mason Capwell. As he tells Mason, he plays in turn the role of doctor and security guard for Peter. Full member of this bad spy film, Dr. Smith does his best to reassure (Peter understands very quickly that he is held prisoner by Mason), to ensure Peter's care and respond to Mason Capwell's orders that he keeps regularly informed of the patient's health state. Despite the surveillance put in place, Dr. Smith surprises his patient one day on the phone and another day with a visit.

If he knows Kelly, Mason's sister, Dr. Smith does not seem to know Augusta Lockridge (worldly figure of the city), who plays him. In order to free Peter, Augusta simulates a cardiac malaise, leaving the field free for Lionel to discreetly get Peter out of the clinic. Dr. Smith is not insensitive to Augusta's charms and, before she runs away, offers her an invitation to dine to deepen her heart problems...

Before passing on the baton to another doctor and letting him leave his clinic, he informs Peter that his health is very serious : his neurological examination results are abnormal and can be explained by his recent trauma. If Peter seems to take this lightly, Dr. Smith orders him to come back and see him quickly and avoid any situations of overwork.

Indirectly, Dr. Smith's diagnosis provides a medical explanation for Peter Flint's transformation into the carnation killer...

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