Renata Sedgewick




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Married to : Richard Sedgewick (19??-1991)

Children : Diane Sedgewick, Richard Sedgewick


Deborah Adair :
April 18 1991 (# 1695) to April 19 1991 (# 1696)


It is the day after the funeral of her husband, Richard, that Renata arrives in Santa Barbara with the firm intention of facing the one she considers her rival in the heart of her husband.

Consumed by sadness, consumed by anger, consumed by pain, Renata is a jealous woman, wounded, bruised. She has to find someone to blame for Richard's death. She has to find someone to hate to get out of her sadness. Perhaps she has already known and endured other affairs of her husband. She arrives in Santa Barbara and faces Kelly Capwell, whom she suspects not only of having been in Washington with Richard, but also of being his mistress.

Renata is a tenacious woman. She urges Kelly to tell her the truth, because she does not believe in the official version. And although she manages to reveal the truth about the circumstances of her husband's death, Renata does not find enough evidence to charge Kelly. Perhaps even more consumed by sadness, by anger and pain, Renata leaves Santa Barbara after a very brief passage, more disappointed than ever. Her desire for revenge remains unfinished...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Deborah Adair