Jeff Barber




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Jeffrey Barber

Year of death : 1985


Former known girlfriends : Amy Perkins (1984)

Profession : Real estate agent

  Bob McLean :
October 17 1984 (# 58), December 04 1984 (# 91) to December 06 1984 (# 93), February 11 1985 (# 138) to March 05 1985 (# 154), April 23 1985 (# 189)

As of his first and short appearance in Santa Barbara, Jeff Barber shows us who he really is : a perfect unmannerly guy, only interested by girls and money. And especially, he does not seek, by desire or fear, to stabilize himself with a woman, preferring by far to live like the perfect image of the Californians : sea, sex and sun.

And when Amy Perkins (who is used by him as girlfriend and employee), comes to the airport to welcome him with her little sister, he coldly announces to her, without the least care, that he leaves for the weekend to Hawaii, in company of another girl. Slapped by Amy, the stay of Jeff in Santa Barbara could have stopped there, if Amy were not pregnant.

Certain that the child is of him, he receives a few weeks later the visit of Amy, accompanied by her valiant knight, Brick Wallace. Initially reticent to acknowledge everything to him because of his behavior, she does not listen to Brick's advices and finishes by acknowledging him that he is going to be a father. Jeff violently rejects this child he does not want and of which he wants even less than paternity could be recognized to him. And for a very good reason : he underwent a vasectomy one year ago. The discussion degenerates and Jeff insults Amy. Brick and him end fighting.

Back to Santa Barbara, Jeff comes to see if Amy made a good use of the money he gave her as he ordered to her. Jeff has then the great surprise to discover that she did not made any abortion, but that on the contrary she bought a bedroom for the future child that she well hopes to keep. Jeff enters an insane anger. He does not want this child. He does not want to see him being born. Because Jeff is sure that this child is not his, and he does not want that, later, money would be claimed to him to provide for his education. Moreover, Jeff, to prove his statements, agrees to pass examinations. And science confirms : he is sterile. The news makes the effect of a bomb : who would be then the father of Amy's child ? On her side, she does not cease protesting that it can only be Jeff because she never knew another man.

Thereafter, the truth will be exposed by Brick. Whereas he is on the phone with Brick, ready to reveal to him the identity of the biological father of Amy's child, Jeff is killed by the henchmen of the false Jack Lee. While he goes to get news of Jeff in San Fransisco, Brick finds him dead in a dustbin. His autopsy will confirm his sterility. The death of Jeff starts again all the hypothesis as for the father of Amy Perkins' child...

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