Olivia Welles




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Identity   Interpreters
Maiden name : Martin

Former known boyfriend : T.J. Daniels (1987)


Carolyne Barry :
November 27 1987 (# 835)

Melinda O. Fee :
December 18 1987 (# 850) to December 25 1987 (# 855), April 28 1988 (# 942) to May 10 1988 (# 950)


Married woman with a well-off standard of living, Olivia Welles is above all an abandoned woman, with for only friends fur coat and jewels. Olivia arrives in Santa Barbara a few days before the opening of The Lair to invest some money. In reality, she came to find her former lover, this man whom she intimately met in Tahoe, between ski courses. Olivia's words and intentions are clear : she will invest big sums of money in the club in exchange for his favors.

Under a new appearance, Olivia Welles returns to Santa Barbara the day of the inauguration of The Lair. She takes advantage of this party to offer to herself again the services of her official gigolo, and to know why he showed himself so rude with her friend Evangeline Williams. As a good friend, Olivia had recommended him to her friend because she thought that she could count on his discretion and his courtesy in exchange for her generosity.

Feeling that her protégé is escaping her, Olivia shows herself scathing and arrogant towards T.J. : his only quality is to be a gigolo, a good gigolo, but in the end nothing else than that. She comes back later to see T.J. in order to apologize for her behavior. She does not wish to remove The Lair from him. This is why she leaves him the key of her bedroom. And T.J. has no other choice because it is his investment which is at stake. This confrontation shows all the bitterness which exists between them : T.J. refuses himself to her and Olivia offends him by belittling him.

They will see each other again twice. The evening of December 24, Olivia's strength fails, letting see to T.J. the depth of her ill-being : her husband left her. In front of her distress and her solitude, T.J. reads her The Little Match Girl. Their last meeting will occur a few months later : Olivia then wishes to get back her money. She will leave empty-handed, because The Lair has no liquid assets. We will never hear again about Olivia, this part of T.J. Daniels' past.

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