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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Psychiatrist  



Stephen Nichols :
September 01 1992 (# 2042) to November 18 1992 (# 2098)


Dr. Skyler Gates is presented in 1992 by Warren Lockridge to his friend B.J. Walker, to help her to conquer the terrible memory of the rapes she suffered as a child from Frank Goodman, a friend of her parents. Skyler, a psychiatrist specialized in oriental medicines and meditation, has known Warren during trips in Asia. He thus welcomes the young B.J. in therapy and forces her to face her suffering to surpass them better.

The mystery surrounding the murder of Frank is at the heart of Skyler's interventions, both with B.J. and with Cruz Castillo, B.J.'s biological father. This is why he is able to doubt of Cruz's guilt when this latter leaves the United States, leaving behind him a letter confessing the murder. During hypnosis sessions, B.J. turns out to have memories of Frank's death. Skyler understands that she was present and participated in the scene.

Physical evidence accusing B.J. are found by the police officer Connor McCabe and B.J. is arrested. Skyler fears to have lost her confidence, when B.J. wrongly accuses him of having betrayed the confidentiality of her sessions with him to report her to the police. While her trial begins, Skyler encourages B.J. to continue her therapy. But his work leads B.J. on a wrong track, stating in court that she killed Frank with her own hands, while the rest of the story will prove that Frank has actually committed suicide.

Alongside his appointments with B.J., Skyler receives in psychotherapy Kelly Capwell. He helps her in her questioning after her many love stories which have all turned to be failures, the latest being with Cruz Castillo. He falls under her charm and begins to date her outside their sessions. But meanwhile Kelly got closer to Connor, and Skyler understands that he will not have a chance. He finally disappears a few weeks before the end of the show.

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