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Brother : Rafael Castillo      

Abel Franco :
March 01
1988 (# 900) to March 02 1988 (# 901)


Because he is present in Mexico (because of his investigation on the Fox), Cruz decides to resume with his origins. He wishes to devote his love to Eden according to the ancestral rites of his people, before getting united more traditionally with her. This is for this reason that Cruz takes along Eden in the mountains where his uncle Guillermo lives.

Guillermo Castillo is a hermit, a medium according to some people, a wizard for other, but especially, for everyone, he is the holder of the beliefs and the rites of the ancients.

To celebrate the union of Cruz and Eden, Guillermo gets dressed in a traditional costume. In the heart of the mountains, in front of a big fire, Guillermo invokes the four elements : water, air, fire and ground. Around him, Eden and Cruz feel inhabited by a presence, a force higher than everything : their love. And in an old language, Guillermo proceeds to their union.

Before to let them coming back to Santa Barbara, Guillermo makes a prediction to Eden. One night, she will make a strange dream : she will dream of a particular place. During this dream, she will know with certainty that it is the place where she and Cruz will get united in front of God... And indeed, a few times after, Guillermo's prediction gets realized : Eden dreams of Pebble Creek.

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