The weddings of Santa Barbara
Wedding in Mexico under the sign of the four elements


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At the end of the investigation on the Fox, Eden and Cruz fully make the most of the party of the village. Señor Escobal, the mayor of Bambero, decides to organize a typically Mexican party to thank the man who allowed to free his daughter from Kathleen's claws. The party is especially the occasion to allow Cruz and Eden to present us a new furious dance of the most passionate.

During the preparations for the evening, Eden receives on behalf of Margarita Escobal a lace white skirt and a white blouse, which leaves her shoulders naked. On his side, señor Escobal gives to Cruz a white shirt and a belt. In parallel of these presents, Cruz finds in the middle of the clothes a wooden flute, which immediately evokes him his past and his uncle Guillermo. He speaks immediately to Eden of this man so particular in his way of being and so dear to his childhood. He suggests her to go to see him, because he lives near Bambero. And, appearing from nowhere (as helped by magic), Guillermo appears at Cruz. He is simply dressed and in the mind of his people's traditions.

During this brief meeting, Guillermo reassures Eden : she will dream about the ideal place to celebrate her wedding with Cruz, she will dream about this place where love will be sublimated, where they will both form only the one and the same heart. Then, he invites Cruz to come to see him in the mountains, to unite them according to their old traditions, in front of the spirits of the elders.

During the party given in their honor, Cruz arrives on a white horse, like a valiant knight, to join the mountains with his betrothed, where Guillermo waits for them. He welcomes them, with a big enjoyment, in his house where Cruz spent years of happiness in his youth. Then, he gives them thick woolen clear clothes, the same clothes that wore Rafael and Carmen Castillo when Guillermo united them according to the rites of the elders. Guillermo then invites them to join him at the top of the mountain, in the altar of four elements.

There, in the middle of the nature, at the top of a mountain, under the breath of the wind, Guillermo proceeds to the celebration of the ceremony. He pours some water on their hands and makes the sign of the cross. Cruz is very happy of this return in the values of his roots and his ancestors.

The night falls on the Mexican mountains. Then, in the evening, it is in front of the simple wood fire that Guillermo pursues the ceremony. Eden and Cruz listen to the piece of music which he plays with his flute. Cruz knots a scarf around their size. Guillermo makes a last sign of the cross on them, before leaving them alone. Eden and Cruz exchange a kiss and kneel down.

Back in Guillermo's hut, Eden and Cruz face and give themselves the one to the other with a breath of eternity and with the same affection in the gestures, in the words, as for the first time. And it up to the end of time… Back in Santa Barbara, Eden and Cruz will bustle to find this unique and magic place to celebrate the consecration of their love. And it is in the Pebble Creek gardens that their love will be blessed by the hand of God, a few weeks later.

Text written for this site by Lilian