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Identity   Interpreter
Former known boyfriend : Billy Beacham (1992)

Child : Chester Lively


Suzanne Ventulett :
December 10 1992 (# 2113) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


It is in the very last episodes of Santa Barbara that the way of Mason and Julia Capwell crosses that of a new character. Whereas they come back in Santa Barbara after a weekend of holidays, Mason and Julia take in their car a pregnant teenager who hitch-hiked. And at the same time, we make better knowledge with Gracie Lee Lively.

In the first time, Mason and Julia agrees to lodge Gracie gracefully. It is Julia who insists to keep her so much her pregnancy is advanced and so much she is touched by the young woman's distress. In one moment of intimacy, Gracie entrusts to Julia and she tells her her life. Gracie would be pregnant of a young man, a soldier, who would have given her up at the announcement of her pregnancy. And today, she finds herself pregnant, without work and money. Moved, Julia proposes to help her : she accompanies her to the army barracks where the presumed father denies knowing Gracie. Later, Mason helps Gracie to find adoptive parents for the future baby.

But one day, Gracie is surprised after having stolen at the Capwell mansion valuable stuffs that she will be easily able to resell thereafter. Understanding, Julia accepts her excuses. On his side, Mason does not believe her. He quickly understood that Gracie's motivations are not as noble as they seem. As more as one day, Gracie falls in tears. She does not understand that the future adoptive parents of her child will not allow her in the future to come to see him. Moreover, they will even end up by purely and simply refusing the adoption, in front of this too invading mother. In fact, Gracie has another idea in head : she would like that her child is adopted by Mason and Julia. Because she heard one of their conversations : Julia would like to adopt a child because all their attempts to have a second one get unfruitful. And while they talk about the arrangement projects of Samantha's old room, Gracie dreams of the future adoption.

While investigating on Gracie, Mason realizes that, since the beginning, the teenager lies to them. And in front of Mason's anger, Gracie is well obliged to acknowledge the truth to them. She is not pregnant of a soldier. The child she is waiting is well her boy friend's : Billy Beacham. It is besides him who had the idea that she sleeps with another man, in the only purpose to claim to him some money later. Shocked by such a behavior, Mason and Julia decide to send Gracie back home. This is why the day before Ted and Lily's wedding, they accompany her at the airport. But Julia always remains very worried by the teenager's fate.

On her side, Gracie then pretends to be in labour. And instead of taking the plane, she is urgently led to the Santa Barbara hospital. Understanding that she has just lied to them once again, Mason and Julia get mad at her. In front of their anger, Gracie acknowledges to them that she dreams to see them adopting her child, because they will be able to bring to him all the love and all these small things that a child needs. These remarks deeply touch Julia who, inside of her, understands the desires of the young girl.

At the time of the last episode of Santa Barbara, Gracie gives birth to a little boy named Chester. Mason and Julia finally agree to adopt him. Julia is ravished. The more so as, as she learns it to Mason, that will make them three children, since she is pregnant. Gracie is happy of the evolution of her life. She knows that Chester will be happy and that she will be able to see him again during her life...

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