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Profession : Gangster      

Nick Benedict :
November 02 1990 (# 1582) to November 20 1990 (# 1594)


Small-time gangster, Boots is a regular at crappy clubs, such as the Key Club, where he earns money by playing, but especially by cheating. Among his victims is the former district attorney Keith Timmons.

Gangster without calibre, it is with ease that he bursts into the life of Gina Capwell. However, he ends up being put out of play a first time by Brandon, and a second time by Brandon and Gina. He will even end up locked up in a striptease cage at the Key Club. But anyway, he knows he will have his chance in Florida, at DisneyWorld.

But even then, he does not achieve his aims. Explosions in the scenery of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad allow Gina and Brandon to escape him. Then in the park, twice, he is put harmless by Brandon, proof that a young teenager can overcome this gangster...

He ends up being arrested by park wardens, as he was close to get his money back, and will go back to anonymity...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Nick Benedict