DisneyWorld 1990 : The return of Keith Timmons


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Mexico. Nevada. In their quest to find Keith Timmons, Gina and Brandon Capwell travel miles and miles, go from meetings to meetings, to find only keys. Each of these keys seems to bring them closer to Keith. It's a real treasure hunt that takes them from San Diego, Mexico, to Laughlin, Nevada. There, while they are stuck in the wardrobe of a hotel while a couple of newlyweds share its wedding night, Brandon discovers a new key.

He leads Gina to a second-class club in Santa Barbara, the Key club. There, she questions the owner of the place. She shows him a photo of Keith, and he confirms what Gina was afraid of : Keith is a regular at the club, where he came to play money. Gina is not fooled on the reality of the Key club : a place where money is bet on card games, in the presence of strippers.

Since the beginning of their quest, Gina and Brandon are followed by a man. Neither Gina, nor Brandon have noticed his presence behind each of their steps. It is at the Key club that he reveals his presence to Gina. While she discusses with the club manager, the man bursts in and snatches Keith's photo from Gina's hands. His order is simple : Gina must lead him to Keith. Gina does her best to try to sneak out of the clutches of this man who says his name is Boots. She tries to explain to him that she does not know Keith that well. Boots does not let himself being fooled. By grabbing her with force, he orders her to lead him to Keith : he wants to recover the money he owes him.

In their caravan, Brandon waits for the return of his mother, accompanied by Keith. His surprise is total when he sees Gina turning up with a stranger. Very quickly, he understands the situation : Boots is there to obtain information about Keith and to wait for him. Boots, as to seem very determined, keeps pointing his weapon at him as at his mother. But Brandon does not seem to be impressed by either the man or the weapon. Because of something in Boots' behavior, or the carelessness of his age, Brandon quickly perceives that Boots is not the biggest gangster type.

Very quickly, Boots settles down, ready to wait a long time for Keith's return. Gina explains to him that she also tries to take revenge on him, Boots is not fooled. Brandon, on his side, gives Boots a beer to drink. Then he feeds him with whiskey. With the help of alcohol, Boots becomes more threatening and throws the bottle of beer. He does not want Gina, who is afraid for her son, to come out. Boots, who seems drunk, tries to go up on the table and collapses. Brandon explains to his mother that he drugged him with drugs poured into the beer and the whisky.

They return to the Key club to lock Boots in a cage, used by the strippers. They take the opportunity to look for new clues. A woman of the club confirms to Gina that Keith is a regular of the club, while Brandon understands that the new clue is a poster representing a man of the 30s. Their quest may continue.

Back in their caravan, Gina quickly finds a suitcase, left there by Keith. The suitcase is filled with banknotes. While she is reading Keith's note, Boots, subtly this time, bursts into the caravan and hands a handkerchief to Gina, who is moved to tears by the note of her former lover. The tension rises between Boots and Gina : the money is there and, in his message, Keith gives an appointment to Gina at DisneyWorld. Gina is afraid for her son. While Gina and Boots are in the main room, Brandon transfers the money from the suitcase into his backpack, which he throws out the window. Gina, listening only to her courage, jumps on Boots to allow Brandon to escape. What he hastens to do. In the battle, Boots pushes Gina back, who bangs her head against the table. Unconscious, she helplessly attends Boots' departure.

When she wakes up, she can only imagine the rest of the story : Boots kidnapped Brandon. She has no other possibility than to get in her car and take the direction of the park. But what Gina ignores is that the reality is different. Brandon ran away. He was hitched by a young woman. Brandon is also on his way to the amusement park.

For the end of the trip, Brandon is hitched by Melanie, a pretty young girl, who also goes to the amusement park. At DisneyWorld, Brandon and Melanie take full advantage of the day : attractions follow one another and Brandon buys Melanie a ball and a cap. Melanie is surprised by the money that Brandon has. On several occasions, Gina and Brandon almost cross paths, especially in front of the famous castle of the park. It is with Mickey's help that Gina finds her son who has just come out of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction.

There, in front of the attraction scenery, Brandon introduces Gina to his new friend. Gina thanks Melanie for taking good care of her son throughout the day. Melanie thanks Brandon, assures him that if she ever comes to Santa Barbara, she will contact him. She closes this beautiful encounter by a kiss.

As he watches Melanie go away, Brandon notices the presence of Boots behind them. They run away. Brandon loses his cap, but Gina does not allow him to take it back. Their race ends quickly, the way taken is a cul-de-sac. Boots approaches them with a smile on his face. He even takes the time to pick up Brandon's cap.

At the same time, a person observes the whole scene thanks to the park surveillance cameras. With one hand, he activates different buttons. Suddenly, the elements of the set go into action. A tanker truck explodes. Boots is surprised. Gina and Brandon take the opportunity to escape. All of a sudden, a waterfall began to move through the rocks of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, preventing Boots from pursuing them. Once again, they escape him.

They go back to the park and take a seat in a restaurant, where Brandon explains to his mother that the money is in his backpack. Now, they must quickly find Keith. Then, they reach a remote part of the park, where Brandon hides his backpack in a white boat. They decide to separate to increase their chances of finding Keith. Brandon leaves aboard a canoe, while Gina goes back to the park. She is soon joined by Pluto who has a message for her.

Rather, he guides her to an attraction which theme is cinema. He makes her understand that she must go up in the attraction. The theme of the attraction is reminiscent of the Key club poster, with a photo of a gangster from the 30s. In the middle of the scenery, automatons move. The person of the park feels very quickly that something is unusual when an automaton, a man dressed in a white coat as in the 30s, goes down and makes a sign to Gina to join him. The man's face is hidden by a borsalino hat. He holds keys in his hands.

The person from the park helps Gina to go down and she joins the man with the borsalino hat. When he raises his hat, Gina recognizes him : it is Keith. At last, they found each other again.

Suddenly, a black car arrives. Shots are exchanged. Keith seems to be touched : he relies for a moment on elements of the decor, as if he was threatening to fall. Gina does not believe him, and tells him that it is well done. Suddenly, Keith collapses on the ground. Gina still does not believe him, and tells him that he played his part well and that he can get up again. Seeing that he does not move, she begins to panic.

In a last breath, Keith asks Gina to kiss her one last time before dying. Gina complies and kisses him with passion. She unties Keith's coat in search of injuries. Understanding that he played with her again, since he does not bear any injury, Gina gets angry.

Escorted by guards, they leave the attraction. Gina is always angry with him, because of the many dangers they have gone through. While they arrive on Main Street, they kiss again with passion. Gina is now looking forward to find her son.

A few seconds later, Brandon arrives in a car. He jumps into Keith's arms, happy to find this man whom he considers a little like his father. They hug warmly.

From a distance, Boots sees them and goes after them. The trio decided to go back to the boat, in which Brandon hid his backpack with the money.

There, Keith verifies that the money is there. They will be able to find their previous life in Santa Barbara. But Boots appears suddenly, more determined than ever to take back his money. He grabs Gina, threatens her, but Keith does not want to return the money. He tries to save time for Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon, who stayed on the boat, grabs a fishing net.

At the same time when Gina manages to get rid of Boots, Brandon throws the net on him. He is trapped. Keith, Gina and Brandon beat a hasty retreat and run towards a pontoon where a speedboat is moored.

All three manage to jump into the boat, while Boots, who managed to get free from the net, arrives. Here he is on the dock; and Keith still can't get the boat started. Boots is only a few miles away from them, when the boat finally starts. Boots shouts out a cry of anger and frustration. But he is not done with them. Not yet.

They stop the boat and land in a remote area of the park. They decide to take the little train to the part of the park where the Disney movie studios are located. In the distance, Boots chases them with a golf cart. Getting off the train, they have no other option but to take refuge in an attraction. Trapped in a film setting, Boots joins them. Once again, they are face to face; Boots is determined to take back his money. Brandon, who moved aside, throws a large painting on Boots which prevents him from using his weapon. Guards arrive and arrest the gangster. This time, the chase is over. All three will be able to take full advantage of the park.

By a curious coincidence, Gina, Keith and Brandon participate in the parade. They are cheered by the crowd.

Maybe for once, Gina does not think about the money spent on this crazy getaway. She focuses on Brandon's joy and her reunion with Keith, with whom she hopes to start a new page...

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