The return of Keith Timmons


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In 1990, Gina Capwell and Keith Timmons have already divorced for two years, when Keith reappears with a single desire : to reconquer Gina. He launches her on a treasure hunt to his search which ends in the park of DisneyWorld, Florida.

But Gina and her son Brandon arrive in DisneyWorld pursued by Boots, a gangster who wants to get back a big amount of money which Keith gave to Gina. This latter finds Keith in one of the attractions, while he fakes death to move her to pity and to gain her compassion. Gina forgives him his little scheme, the time not having erased their love.

However Boots finds Gina, Brandon and Keith, and takes Gina hostage with his gun in exchange for the money. It is Brandon, who hid the notes in his backpack, who saves their life by immobilizing Boots with a net. After a new pursuit race by boat and by golf car, Boots is finally arrested by the police.

Gina can finally savor her reunion with Keith, and intend to start a new life as a couple in Santa Barbara...

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