Angel Ramirez






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Brothers : Geraldo Ramirez, Diego Ramirez, Ramon Fonseca

Former known girlfriend : Gina DeMott Capwell (1986)

Profession : Dealer




Bernard White :
October 08
1985 (# 307) to October 23 1985 (# 315), February 13 1986 (# 393) to February 14 1986 (# 394), March 20 1986 (# 418) to April 16 1986 (# 437), September 09 1986 (# 538) to September 25 1986 (# 550), October 05 1987 (# 799) to October 13 1987 (# 803)

David Labiosa :
December 01
1986 (# 596) to December 04 1986 (# 599)


From the poor neighborhoods of Santa Barbara, Angel Ramirez is a thug at the head of a gang of violent and ruthless Latinos like him.

He makes his first appearance in the show in fall of 1985, after having physically attacked young Danny Andrade. Following his trail to the dispensary where this latter is treated, Angel ransacks the place, looking for drugs to steal. Danny puts on his track the former policeman Cruz Castillo who, after a fight with Angel, manages to reason his gang and makes him expelled of it. Willing for revenge against Cruz, Angel makes him come to the clinic where he takes him as hostage, along with nurse Mary DuVall and Mason Capwell. He hurts Mason, but is ultimately controlled by Cruz and thrown in jail.

Early in 1986, Angel makes amend by agreeing to testify against some dangerous gangsters to see his prison sentence reduced. With the help of Julia Wainwright and Pearl Bradford, Angel is hidden in a hotel. Cruz makes believe to his death after a shooting, so he can testify without interference. On leaving prison, Angel is the first in Santa Barbara to discover that Gina DeMott Capwell, whom everyone believes she is dead after a fall in the Capwell boathouse, is indeed still alive. He agrees to hide her in his apartment, where comes to meet them regularly Hayley Benson, Gina's niece.

Angel wins all the more Gina's interest when he becomes her official dealer : indeed he starts to sell her some drug that she slips without her knowledge among her enemy Santana Andrade's allergy drugs. Suspected by the police, Gina asks Angel to lie by telling that it is the district attorney Keith Timmons who buys drugs to him and not her. Angel resumes then his activities in drug deal and finds again among his victims Danny Andrade, whom he beats black and blue at the end of 1986 for not having paid his debts. This outbirst of violence puts Cruz in his footsteps and Angel is arrested again.

In fall of 1987, Angel's road crosses Cruz's again when this latter is unjustly imprisoned for Elena Nikolas's murder. Angel sees the opportunity to definitely take his revenge against Cruz and, after several threats, he attempts to make him stabed in the court, in vain.

We will hear one last time talking about Angel, in March 1989. Searching for his kidnapped baby, Cruz discovers that one of his former teammates, the young Ramon Fonseca, has actually conned him and participated in the misdeed. He then understands what motivated him when discovering that Ramon is Angel's brother, to whom he had sworn to avenge the imprisonment. A final wink to a dangerous and recurring character of the world of Santa Barbara, too often forgotten...

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