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Former known girlfriend : Carmen Castillo (1988)


Michelangelo Kowalski :
January 11 1988 (# 865) to January 12 1988 (# 866)


Met during a party at the beach, Blister is Carmen Castillo's new boyfriend, who noticed him by his hair : for her, it is the symbol of his state of mind, his lifestyle. Blister represents all the fears of Cruz for his sister.

Invited at The Lair for its opening, Blister shows himself clearly more interested to take advantage of the bar than to meet Carmen's friends. Bad dancer, Blister quickly puts an end to their only dance to go to drink or to smoke outside of the club. Very fast, he realizes that he has not his place here : the place, the people, nothing corresponds to him; then he prefers to leave. He gets up in his small van, a bottle in the hand. He does not notice Ted and Hayley who have just appeared on the parking lot. He does not react when Hayley pushes away Ted, making the accident inevitable. He knocks her down and takes advantage of the general situation to leave the place.

Later, Carmen joins him and criticizes him on the evening and his behavior, whereas he is repainting his small van to erase the tracks of his crime. Not bearing the reproaches any more, he beats her. T.J. and Jake find him, Carmen having eventually denounced him. He and Jake are ready to fight. He manages however to run away from his home, and very certainly also from Santa Barbara.

We shall not know afterward if he was arrested and perhaps condemned for Hayley's death. We can however imagine that he was, because of the links which unite the district attorney to Gina DeMott, Hayley's aunt.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

The photos of Blister
Michelangelo Kowalski