Andi Klein




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Identity   Interpreter
Former known boyfriends : Ken Mathis (19??-1992), Reese Walker (1992-1993)

Profession : Nurse, secretary at Armonti Industries


Krista Tesreau :
August 20 1992 (# 2034) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Alternately a schemer and a victim, Andi Klein turns out to be a cold criminal monster and without qualms. She appears at first as the mistress of Ken Mathis, Sophia Armonti's boyfriend, with whom she seems madly in love. It is aboard the plane which returns them from Hong-Kong that Andi enters for the first time in touch with Sophia, and finds the words to flatter her. She immediately seduces her by her smile and her spirituality, and obtains from her a job of assistant at the Armonti Industries.

If Andi seems jealous of the relation which Ken has with Sophia, it turns out that this latter is only a facade to allow Ken to get his hand on Sophia's money and company. But Andi becomes disenchanted when she learns that Ken is about to marry Sophia, and thus to go away some more from her. One evening, in a bar, she gets acquainted with policeman Reese Walker, in full confusion after a quarrel with his wife. Both finish at night in Andi's bed, woken in the early hours by the sudden arrival of Jodie, Reese's wife.

Even if she knows that he is not completely available for her, Andi becomes attached to this man who, contrary to Ken, thinks highly of her and teats her with respect. Fashion designer in her spare time, Andi lets one day drag one of her sketches for which she took Reese as model. Ken recognizes him and flies into a rage. He beats Andi with violence, and she ends up in hospital after having called Reese to her rescue. She recognizes in front of him that Ken is her aggressor and her ex-boyfriend. Reese shares this information with his colleague Connor McCabe, who suspects Ken of poisoning progressively Sophia. But each of both men is in possession of information which they do not always share. So, when Andi confides to Reese that she was the nurse of Ken's first two wives, this latter ignores what Connor has discovered : that both women probably died of poisoning.

When Ken is arrested for suspicion of poisoning, Andi is afraid to see her end arriving. She joins Ken to the prison and poisons his tea. She watches him dying without shivering, demonstrating that she is well the one who led to the death Ken's first wives a few years earlier. Her avenging spirit still gets the upper hand when Reese announces her that he wants to give a new chance to his marriage and to end their relation. She finds Jodie and poisons her meal. But her plan is ransacked by Reese who, having understood everything, prevents his wife from dying in her turn.

Andi then risks everything, and goes to the wedding ceremony of Warren Lockridge and B.J. Walker, Jodie and Reese's daughter. Disguised as a chambermaid, she takes place on a balcony in front of the altar and, equipped with a rifle with sight, aims at Jodie. She is stopped in her murderous surge by Connor, just as she was going to shoot her rival.

It well seems that the character of Andi was not thought at first as a murderer, as shows her sweet and human personality of the first months. Her transition towards a killing frenzy, doubtless pressed by the end of the show, will have transformed her into a murderer worthy of the worst bad guys of Santa Barbara.

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