Lars Stedwell




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Driver      

Kevin Sorbo :
December 19 1986 (# 609)


It is at Christmas time in 1986, that Sophia Capwell calls upon Lars Stedwell' services. Eager to spend these days with the man she loves, then married to another woman (Gina, following the affair of the videotape clearing Kelly), Sophia organises a little stratagem to find herself all alone with C.C. in the guest house.

She hires Lars to use him as a driver, but also to let Gina believe that C.C. and her will fly away for the feasts in Antigua, Guatemala. Lars must not only subtly be used as alibi, but he must also be the proof of this revelation. Then, he must lead Gina to the airport and to make her take a plane for Guatemala, what leave Sophia and C.C. totally free. While Gina awaits at the airport, Sophia and C.C. spend a tender face to face in the guest house of the Capwell mansion...

Lars is only the first henchman hired by Sophia so that she can find C.C. back. Thereafter, she will use the services of Ed Thompson...

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