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Date of birth : January 01, 1989

Father : Cruz Castillo

Mother : Eden Capwell

Brother and sister : Chip Castillo (half-brother), B.J. Walker (half-sister)


Jaclyn Kostakes and Katherine Kostakes :
January 03 1
989 (# 1116) to February 26 1990 (# 1405)

? and ? :
May 05 1
989 (# 1202) to May 25 1989 (# 1216)

  Paulina Rothe and Sophie Rothe :
June 06 1990 (# 1477)
to August 23 1991 (# 1783)

Chase Sanders :
October 29 1
991 (# 1828) to July 22 1992 (# 2013)


The first months of the little Adriana will have been the most eventful of her life in Santa Barbara. Even before even her birth, she is the object of all the fears : Eden Capwell, her mother, was raped during the period of her conception and, until her birth, we ignore who of Cruz Castillo or the rapist is the father. Fortunately, paternity tests at her birth confirm that Adriana is well Cruz's daughter, the baby of love whom her parents waited for a so long time. Adriana was born during the night of new year's eve 1989, in a cave with walls covered with Indian rock paintings where her parents had to take refuge because of a storm. Living proof of the almost magical link that unites her parents, Adriana wears a birthmark in the shape of sun.

But after hardly a few days of happiness in family, Adriana is reported missing. Kidnapped at the maternity hospital by her mother's rapist, Dr. Zack Kelton, she is given to a French woman, Catherine Thoreau, who serves as a nursemaid for several weeks. In a house lost in the desert of California, Adriana has the visit of a woman who adopts her as her daughter. This woman turns to be Hollis Castillo, Cruz's sister-in-law. Meanwhile, further to Zack's false confessions before his death, everybody believes that Adriana is dead. Funeral are even organized in her short memory. But further to visions of an alive Adriana and with the encouragement of psychic Sandra Mills, Cruz takes new heart and leaves to her research. He discovers that his young police partner Ramon Fonseca was paid by his sworn enemy Kirk Cranston to kidnap Adriana at the maternity hospital. Adriana was then already intended to be resold on the adoption black market by Kirk Cranston, who helped Catherine Thoreau to find her a new family.

Meanwhile, Adriana spends her first months in Paris, France, with Hollis and Ric Castillo, who raise her as their daughter. Ric is persuaded that she is well his daughter, because Hollis bought her on her own to obtain a family inheritance which could get back to her only on condition that she has a child. Adriana is renamed Charisse, and sees erasing surgically the birthmark which she had under the arm. According to her instinct and persistent visions, Eden goes to Paris and approaches Hollis, Ric and the baby, whom she immediately recognizes as being Adriana. The relationship between the mother and the child is undeniable, Adriana stops crying when her nursemaid (Eden) takes her in her arms. After the death of Hollis which commits suicide in the Seine, Eden and Cruz go back to Santa Barbara with their baby, not without having made her beforehand baptized in a Parisian church.

So Adriana grows quietly within her family consisted of Eden, Cruz and her half brother Chip. She lives, without realizing it, the crisis that know her parents in 1989-1990 with the come-back in town of Robert Barr, Eden's former youth love. In 1991, she hardly realizes that her mother disappeared. She sees her father dating new women, Suzanne Collier, then Kelly Capwell, her aunt. In July 1992, she leaves with her half brother to spend the summer with Cruz's family in Guadalajara, Mexico. From then on, we shall not see her again in the show any more, letting think that Cruz came to join her from his departure of Santa Barbara next September...

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Jaclyn Kostakes and Katherine Kostakes


Paulina Rothe et Sophie Rothe

Chase Sanders

Adriana and her family