Adriana's kidnapping

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Eden and Cruz in the French capital ? No, no, it is not an illusion: it is one of the shock scenes of the year 1989 of Santa Barbara: Adriana, the star-couple's baby, has been kidnapped and taken to Paris !

The story is the following one: Eden has finally, after many adventures (a period of infertility, a rape...), succeeded in becoming pregnant with Cruz's child, Adriana. On his side, Cruz discovers, with Celeste DiNapoli's help, the identity of Eden's rapist: it is Zack Kelton, her gynecologist. Before dying, he reveals to Cruz that his daughter is dead.

But Eden, as Cruz, cannot accept this fatality. Whereas Cruz looks for help with Sandra Mills, a psychic, Eden has visions of her daughter in Paris. Without waiting anymore, she takes the first plane for France with Kelly.

Eden has many discoveries in the capital: first of all, Adriana is alive! She learns that it is Hollis Castillo who has adopted her after her abduction from the maternity ward. Hollis is in fact Ric’s wife, Cruz's brother, a drug and jewels trafficker. He had married Hollis, a Frenchwoman, only for her money. But Hollis will only be able to get the family inheritance after she has a child. After losing her baby and to keep her husband, the kidnapping of Adriana eventuated. Eden succeeds in being hired as the nanny for her own daughter and, at Cruz’s arrival, reveals her real identity to Hollis and Ric.

Pursued by the police, Hollis finds only one exit: to jump in the Seine. Ric plunges to help her, but it is too late, the young woman cannot be revived and dies by drowning. Adriana is saved and Eden and Cruz can finally be joined together as a family. As for Ric, he will not stay alone for a long time: Kelly will be his next love.

Profiting of being in Paris, Eden and Cruz have Adriana baptized in the French capital and finally decide to come back to California...

The shooting in the French capital took place for six days, from April 10th to 16th 1989, for a total of 55 sequences, spread on six episodes of 45 minutes. The shooting required the presence of 30 persons, actors included, and a budget of more than 500 000 dollars !


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