Sandra Mills






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Identity   Interpreter

Brother : Dave Mills

Former known boyfriend : Ric Castillo (1989)


Profession : Psychic


Miranda Wilson :
February 13 1989 (# 1143) to July 26 1989 (# 1257)


Whereas Eden Capwell has left Santa Barbara for Paris and her husband, Cruz Castillo, is about to rejoin her, Sandra Mills appears in the show. The couple Eden and Cruz go through a rough tragedy : their baby, Adriana, after being kidnapped after her birth, has apparently been killed by Eden's gynecologist, Dr. Zack Kelton. Sandra then comes closer to Cruz, subject to visions of his daughter alive, to help him to find her trace through her gifts of clairvoyance.

Sandra has supernatural abilities since her youth. However, she has for long refused to use them after the death of her brother of which she feels responsible, having misinterpreted one of her visions. But feeling Cruz's distress, she decides to help him and starts a series of visions where she sees a woman, Catherine Thoreau, caring for a baby who seems to be Adriana, and entrusting her to new parents. As Cruz relies all his hopes on her, Sandra gets to be hosted by Cruz at his home. Soon, people start to talk about the policeman : his mother Carmen, as his mother-in-law Sophia, do not look favourably a woman move in with Cruz in the absence of his wife Eden, and doubt of Sandra's true gifts. Moreover her visions cause her some harm, like when she feels Catherine's death and is able to find the body, leading the police to question about her role in the murder. Too close to the truth, Sandra finds herself kidnapped by the real responsible of Adriana's kidnapping, Kirk Cranston, Eden's first husband. Sandra owes her life safe to Cruz, with whom she communicates her situation telepathically. Then installed in Kelly Capwell's house, Sandra is once again grappling with Kirk, before he is arrested by the police.

All these trials and times of promiscuity have induced in Sandra some strong romantic feelings for Cruz. Feelings that almost run to obsession once Eden back from Paris. Sandra has visions of her sleeping with Cruz, and begins to feel Eden's sensations when she makes love with him. Sandra tells her these feelings, what shocks Eden. While the couple is about to find her daughter, Sandra feels that Cruz is escaping her and moves on to other ways : she threatens to stop helping Cruz and even does a suicide attempt. If Eden insists on continuing to use Sandra's services, too eager to find her daughter, Cruz, as for him, does not want to have to deal with Sandra anymore. This latter tries every ways possible to seem indispensable, even at the risk of putting the couple on wrong leads which make them loosing time.

This is without her final help that Eden and Cruz finally find Adriana in Paris. With them they also bring back from France Ric, Cruz 's brother. Sandra starts with him a relationship based primarily on sex, with the idea to keep through Rick a contact with his brother. But if the occasions of visions continue (Leo Mitchell's death, Robert Barr's attempt to take possession of the Capwell Enterprises...), they no longer allow Sandra to prevail among the Santa Barbara inhabitants. She tries various partnerships in exchange for her visions, whether with Ric justly, but also with Mason Capwell, Gina Capwell Timmons or Robert Barr. Only this latter seems interested. But when Sandra discovers that Ric betrays her by using, to impress Kelly Capwell, Robert's secrets she entrusts to him, Sandra decides to end their relationship. She tries a new time to get closer to Cruz by giving him her visions about Leo Mitchell's murder, but nothing helps, Cruz rejects her.

This is without farewell or substantive reference to a possible departure from the town that Sandra suddenly disappears from the screen. It is regrettable that her inner suffering and her incomparable abilities of clairvoyance have not been exploited for some more time in the show. God knows what Sandra could still have predicted...

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