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Joseph G. Medalis :
April 03 1987 (# 683) to April 07 1987 (# 685)


Responsible for Victoria Lane and Eden Capwell's car accident (in which she loses her baby), Jack Benton, as pointed by Cruz, is no stranger to this kind of crime. Already convicted three times, he always had the chance to get out of it with minor penalties. This time, Julia certifies him that it will not happen that way. They have witnesses of the accident, what will play to Jack Benton's disadvantage.

Jack Benton is a man of a certain age, bald head, who symbolizes a certain category of people : those living in failures and seeks by every ways to erase all the evidences verifying this fact.

When he goes out of the courtroom, he finds himself face to face with Cruz Castillo, who introduces himself as the father of the child he has just killed. Of course, Jack Benton takes refuge behind false excuses : it is just an accident. Then seeing that this man is a Hispanic American, he makes a racist remark : "At least I did not kill a white child." And Mason Capwell who was right beside him (the moment before, he prevented Cruz to hit him), sends him a violent punch in the face.

This scene follows another dramatic scene in which Victoria and Mason were discussing with tension the future of the child she is expecting. Victoria is indeed pregnant with Cruz's child, a child who may be the only one Cruz may have if Eden, following this miscarriage, is unable to have other children. Moreover, throughout this episode, the tension about this unanswered question will rise higher and higher until Eden comes to the courthouse and tells Cruz that no aftereffect of the accident will prevent her of having children.

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