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Charles Cyphers :
April 22 1988 (# 938)


By searching the archives of the police during the investigation on Hal Clark's disappearance, Julia Wainwright discovers the name of Henry McElhenney, a potential witness of his murder.

In the past, on January 28th, 1958, Henry had a car accident with Hal Clark on Old beach road, the road which leads to the Capwell boathouse, one evening of thunderstorm.

Thirty years later, Henry is again requested by the police to bring precision on the circumstances of his car accident. It is at The Lair that takes place the meeting with Julia and Mason Capwell.

Henry says that he could not refuse to meet a so charming employee of the district attorney. He has a good memory : at that time, he had one Ford T Bird, a great car. During the accident, the other driver, Hal, did not pay enough attention (he recognized it by the time). He was in a hurry as if he had an important appointment. He gave him his phone number and he left with a little boy in the car, a little boy with the strange nickname of Boomer.

So, Henry confirms the presence of Scott Clark at the time of the accident and also perhaps confirms his presence during Hal's death.

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