Hollis Castillo




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Identity   Interpreter
Maiden name : Beaulieu

Year of death : 1989


Married to : Ric Castillo (1988-1989)

Child : Adriana Castillo (adopted)


Elizabeth Storm :
May 05 1989 (# 1202) to May 24 1989 (# 1215)


This is during the prank of Santa Barbara in Paris that we meet this new intriguing personnage. The character of Hollis Castillo can not be dissociated of the events shot in Paris (in response of the great fidelity of the French televiewers towards Santa Barbara).

This is thanks to Catherine Thoreau (Adriana's nurse after her kidnapping by Zack Kelton) that Hollis Castillo recovers Eden and Cruz's daughter. The interest that carries Hollis to her niece has nothing to do with the blood ties. Hollis, a Frenchwoman coming from a rich and powerful family of the country, is married with Ric Castillo, Cruz's young brother. Ric married Hollis only for her money. Today an orphan, Hollis can obtain the family heritage only the day she will have a child. This is what stipulates an article of her father's will.

Having lost her child a few days after her birth, Hollis is obliged to get associated with Catherine. Because Ric is compromised in a diamonds traffic, and he terribly needs money as quickly as possible. Having not succeeded in making Adriana looking like her daughter and pursued by Eden and Cruz, Hollis makes a fall in the Seine. In spite of Ric's plunge to save her, Hollis dies, drowned.

And for the first time since her birth, Adriana refinds her real parents. It is happy of this reunion that the little Castillo family returns in Santa Barbara, accompanied by Kelly and Ric who get closed.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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