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? :
August 30 1989 (# 1282)


Regular customer of the Topsy Turvy's, Tony Maldonado is just at the counter, drinking a beer, when he is shout at by an old acquaintance : Rafael Castillo. The two men do not seem to be on good terms, moreover Tony refuses to shake hands.

Tony, as Rafael describes him, is a criminal but has a solid knowledge in art, which is very useful to him in his activities. Tony understands that he is obliged to answer the questions of policeman Cruz Castillo, who presents him with a crystal statue. Tony recognizes it and answers the Castillos' questions : he doesn't know who made it. But he claims it was stolen ten years ago in a museum on an island.

Tony is the first one to quote the name of the island : Las Sirenas...

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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