Courtney Philips




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April 30 1987 (# 702)


Little girl with blonde slightly curly hair, Courtney Philips has a face that has the features of an angel. She comes one day at Eden and Cruz's beach house to sell candies for the benefit of her school.

Courtney is very quickly frightened by Cruz's behavior towards her, although this latter remains the most correct with her. Because in his eyes, Courtney is the daughter he might have had with Eden, if life would have gave them time. And when he caresses her hair, this is regretting the child they might have had and that an alcoholic took them off.

Well too young to understand, Courtney confides her fears to her father. Soon after, this latter lodges a complaint to Keith Timmons for harassment. Of course, the investigation will end by a dismissal of the charges.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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