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Richard Karron :
January 02 1986 (# 364) to January 07 1986 (# 367)


A character of the past, he is only a shadow, a hand hidden in a black glove, who spies on Janice Harrison in her daily life. The comings and goings of Mark McCormick and Mason Capwell repeatedly prevent him from entering Janice's home. He manages to do so after Janice finishes her gymnastics session and she relaxes on her bed. He raises the wooden window of the apartment and enters the young woman's place.

Suddenly, rising from behind, through the separation curtain, a hand with a black glove covers Janice's mouth, preventing her from screaming. The next moment, Janice is gagged and tied up, while he is pacing in front of her. He asks her to listen to him, as he settles in front of her. He tells her about an incident from the past, dating from 1984. At the time, Dr. Mark McCormick was taking care of his wife. Before her surgery, he gave her a treatment, and his wife died. Today, he knows that he told the doctor that she was allergic to this treatment. For him, Janice was there when he told Mark. He knows that Janice is covering for her husband. He wants her to tell the truth.

Janice tries to reason with him : his wife is dead, and nothing can bring her back to life. She tries to make him listen to reason, that the way he takes is not the right one. He will end up in prison. But his pain is so great, so deep, that for him there is no difference. Then he is routed by Mason.

Then, in the presence of Mary and Mark, he almost knows a trial. Mark says he only did his duty and was unaware of the patient's allergy. Mary stands up for Mark. And Janice says she has no proof. Then, not believing her ears, Janice refuses to press charges against him, understanding the immense pain that haunts him. She knows that by letting him go, she is helping him to move on.

By chance, his road crosses Mason Capwell's again, in a sordid bar of the city. Eager to have a weapon against Mark, Mason offers him to listen attentively to his story. Initially recalcitrant, he eventually gives in and tells his story again. His wife was taken to the emergency room for an intervention. Dr. Mark McCormick took charge of her. He is sure he talked to him about the health issues, but he ignored them. In this, he is responsible for her death. Mason listens. Mason records. Knowing that, there, he finally has something in his hands to remove this rival from Mary's close entourage...

As a sudden drama, the intrusion of this man allows indirectly to discover for Mason and Mary that Janice and Mark are husband and wife.

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