Cruz captive of a harem


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Quite magical and out of time this talisman and harem story that happens in Santa Barbara in 1990...

Here are the facts : in Santa Barbara, Cruz falls on an old Indian, a shaman from the Sakhites tribe of which he is one of the descendant. The Indian, about to die, entrusts him a talisman he says to be magic. The doubt about the authenticity of these words does not last a long time since after having escaped to death many times during the day, Cruz is kidnapped by the man of the pasha Omar Mustafa Kamal and lent to his palace in Khareef, Middle-East.

When the pasha understands that the talisman does not bring him any power, he forces Cruz to sleep with Shaila, one of the women of his harem, to give him a son who would inherit of his so-called supernatural powers.

Cruz is then taken in the middle of a war between the pasha and his forever enemy, sheik Idi Ben Adir. He even finds himself prisoner in a gaol by this latter.

Fortunately, arrive then Eden and Michael Donnelly. Despite the pasha's attempts to marry Eden to make her enter his harem, Cruz, Eden and Michael finally succeed in rejoinning Santa Barbara. But was not it only a dream ?...

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