Candy Fox




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Candice Fox

Year of death : 1985

  Profession : Prostitute  

Rhonda Aldrich :
February 07 1985 (# 136)


During the very short appearance of Candy Fox in the Santa Barbara universe, her way will only cross that of two men. First, she tries to debauch Joe Perkins, at the end of his wedding, in the corridors of the Capwell hotel. And a few seconds after, while introducing Kelly to Candy, they realize all three how much the situation is burlesque.

But in the shadow, Peter Flint observes them. And it is the second man that Candy will cross and who will be fatal for her. Because just like Barbara Anderson, Summer Blake and Eden Capwell, Candy is a pretty fair young woman, who crossed the road of Kelly Capwell.

Kelly and Joe have just penetrated their room that Peter approaches Candy. He invites her to come in his suite. And then, he dresses her with the wedding dress he bought to Kelly and ends up calling her Kelly. Unconscious of the danger that threatens her, Candy agrees to play the game. This is just when Peter tightens a white carnation to her that she starts to be afraid. But Peter knows how to use as well as possible his charms to soften the young woman. While she looks for playing a little music, the tape Candy puts in the reader is the one containing Veronica Gayley's screams of horror. Reviving the scene and fearing for his life, Peter rushes on Candy and strangles her. Candy Fox will be the fourth and last victim of the carnation killer.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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