Some carnations for Kelly


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Since he had been very close to death after the terrible earthquake which had devastated Santa Barbara, Peter Flint felt that his body, and again more his mind, preserved scars of this drama. Inside of him, something (that he could not define for the moment) had just died and another had just opened to life. And the Peter Flint who had survived was different in many ways prior to the earthquake. In addition, Peter even did not know if he had to be delighted or on the contrary to get sad by his transformation. However, Peter had an excellent reason to be delighted: in spite of the diagnosis from the doctors, of Mason Capwell's desire to see him dying, he had survived his wounds. He had returned from the dead, ready to re-conquer the small world of Santa Barbara .

However, rather than to look towards the future offered to him, Peter’s eyes unfortunately remained fixed on everything he had lost, on everything he had in his hands a few months ago. As he closed his eyes, he went back in the past: he was again seeing himself as the manager of the very powerful Capwell family hotel, promised in marriage to the beautiful and sweet Kelly, the daughter of the rich Channing Creighton Capwell. Santa Barbara , California , the whole world was at his feet, ready to be conquered, because his alliance with the Capwell family promised the former teacher that he was the most beautiful of the future.

But as in all the fairy tales, there is always a moment when even the most beautiful dream transforms itself into nightmare. And one day, everything changed for Peter. This day coincides with the release of Joe Perkins, Kelly's former boyfriend, from prison where he was imprisoned for the murder of Channing Capwell Junior. Very quickly, Peter realized that a very strong attachment was still linking them to each other, in spite of the drama which had separated their road. His morbid jealousy led him to make many mistakes, and Kelly moved irremediably away from him to get close to Joe. And whereas all seemed lost for him (Mason had discovered that he embezzled money from the Capwell Enterprises account, Kelly had just ended their engagement, and he was caught up by Ginger Jones and his past as a gigolo), a violent earthquake hit Santa Barbara on November 12, 1984 and gave him some hope again.

On the point of death, Peter still kept the hope to re-conquer Kelly's heart, in spite of Joe's presence. Is it this insane hope which gave him the force to survive his wounds? No one knows. But, in order to win back Kelly's love, Peter chooses to offer her the most beautiful gifts and made at the same time his biggest mistake. On his hospital bed, he asked Kelly to come to rejoin him and he cleared Joe of the murder of Channing Junior. Consequently, the events get accelerated and escape from any control. Nothing was in the way of Joe and Kelly's happiness anymore. Besides, even C.C. Capwell offered his blessing to them, since Joe was not responsible for the death of his cherished son. All the chances for Peter to regain Kelly’s heart had just left up in smoke. Joe and Kelly even projected to marry, besides a date was fixed, the ceremony would take place at the end of January 1985.

And this is at the time that all changed in Peter's mind, that he discovered in himself another reality and that he let "this other guy" who lives inside him now act out. One evening he went to La Mesa (the Mexican restaurant where Kelly works as a waitress) to meet his former fiancée and to have a real discussion with her, his way crosses Barbara Anderson. Barbara is also a waitress in La Mesa , and she is as fair as Kelly. Whereas she is closing the restaurant, Peter proposes to her to take a last drink. Barbara invites him to come in, accepting his proposal, without suspecting that effectively, it will be her last drink.

When Santa Barbara awakes on this morning of January 1985, everyone in town speaks only about the murder and the rape of Barbara Anderson. Besides, this terrible drama already occupies the first page of the newspapers, and particularly of Santa Barbara Chronicles, which already found a nickname of the murderer: the carnation killer. The most insane rumours run in the city as for the identity of the murderer. The small world of Santa Barbara , paradise of the billionaires, is upset, disturbed by the violence of this crime, rather unusual in this paradise at the edge of the Pacific. The investigation is entrusted to Sergeant Clifford T Monroe. Kelly attends the beginning of the investigation; she is upset by the death of her colleague and also by the fact that day after day, she will have to work in the place of the crime.

As for Peter, when he wakes up in his apartment, he does not have any memory of the crime he committed the day before in the evening. As it usually happens for several days now, he awakes with one of his violent headaches. Only due to the television news he learns about the murder of a waitress of La Mesa . While forcing himself, Peter remembers to have gone to La Mesa last night with the goal of speaking with Kelly and then, it is like a black hole, as he had drunk too much... However, Sergeant Monroe finds the presence of a white carnation strange and thinks it is a message or rather a signature left by the killer. Whereas Monroe questions the owner of La Mesa , Peter spies on their conversation. Questioned by Monroe , Peter, nervous, recognizes that he went there the day before and that he met Barbara, but he denies having talked to her.

Later, Peter goes to the consulting room of his doctor, Dr. Bresley, to get the results of the tests about his many headaches. There, his doctor has bad news to announce to him. Indeed, Peter suffers a brain tumour, a tumour which can turn to be deadly. Understanding that his future in Santa Barbara is compromised, Peter, who does not own anything anymore, is obliged to beg Mason (his worst enemy) to loan him the necessary money for his departure. Mason, who hates Peter to have accused him of the murder of Channing Junior, holds his revenge. And that is with empty pockets that Peter returns in his apartment, alone, forgotten by everybody. When Kelly tells Joe about Barbara’s death, Joe and C.C. team up to try and convince Kelly to cease working at La Mesa temporarily and return living at the Capwell mansion, where she will have more security. Obviously, Kelly refuses to obey the orders of her father and her fiancé.

The days pass by and the depression in which Peter plunges into day after day is getting worse, his only goal remaining wining Kelly's heart. That becomes his obsession. Peter does live only for that. Because in his sick logic, if he finds Kelly's love again, he will find himself in the situation before Joe Perkins came back to Santa Barbara . This is why day after day; Peter follows Kelly, spying on her actions, in the shadows, watching for the favourable moment to melt on her.

It is the arrest of Lionel Lockridge, four days after the first murder, which provides the opportunity for Peter to cross the way of the object of all his desires. After having left Mason and Warren Lockridge, Kelly, accompanied by Summer Blake, goes to the State Street bar to have a drink, waiting for their return. Peter, withdrawn in a corner, watches them from their arrival. In a moment of inattention, he does not notice that Kelly already left the table. And while he observes Summer, Kelly's face sometimes superimposes hers. Peter feels that reality is escaping from him. Summer, tired of waiting for Warren 's return, ends up leaving the table. This is at this moment that Peter chooses to leap on his prey. Intimate friend of Kelly's, Summer is not very surprised to cross Peter’s way. During a moment, in front of Peter's eyes, the image of Kelly superimposes with that of Summer. Very quickly, he invents a story to attract Summer in his trap: Warren would have had an accident, and Peter proposes to accompany her to see him. Unconscious of the danger which threatens her, Summer gets into Peter's car. Grateful, she thanks him to have come to take her and to lead her towards the one she loves. A few minutes after Summer left the State Street bar accompanied by Peter, Warren arrives at the bar and learns that Summer has just left with a man. At once, Warren thinks of the murderer who perhaps prowls in the neighbourhood and imagines the worst for Summer. Very quickly, he ardently criticises himself to have left her alone, already feeling guilty for what could happen to her.

Just sitting in the car, Peter gives a white carnation to Summer. This is at this precise moment that Summer realizes that she is at the side of a mad man who rapes and kills fair girls, like her. The car stops in an unused warehouse. Peter rapes and strangles Summer, believing to hurt Kelly. Peter then quickly leaves the place of the crime.

By a curious chance, it is Warren who discovers the dead body of the one he passionately loves. Warren is destroyed and feels responsible for the drama which has just happened. The police immediately arrive at the place of the crime, under the orders of Sergeant Monroe. Very quickly, Clifford discovers the white carnation right beside Summer's body. Two murders in two days. And each time, it is fair young women. And each time, a white carnation is found at the side of the victim. Monroe 's deduction is obvious: the two murders are the work of the same man and, moreover, the murderer signs his crimes with a white carnation.

When the sun rises on the Santa Barbara bay, a new drama is on the first pages of all the newspapers. The carnation killer struck again. After the shock, the fear finds its places in all the hearts of the city. Because, as the journalists underline it, the investigators seem to have no idea who the murderer is. And it would seem that after the murder of Barbara Anderson and the one of Summer Blake, some other names may be added soon. In all the homes in the city, the fear gains some place. And you can be named Perkins, Capwell or Lockridge, everyone seems concerned by the murderer who strikes beautiful fair girls who like popular restaurants.

On its side, the investigation continues. Of course, no print was found around Summer's body. And as for Barbara, there was a stocking near Summer (which was used to strangle her), and a white carnation, the sad signature of the killer. Sergeant Monroe, in charge of the investigation, does not have any possible suspects. This is only after a discussion with Warren that Monroe learns that Summer has already been raped in the past, and this is why she left Los Angeles in order to undergo therapy. After having questioned Warren , Monroe , in Mason’s company, questions Gina. She tells them that at that time she was living in South Carolina she was dating a bad guy named Hank Judson. It is him who would have beaten and raped Summer.

On his side, Peter awakes with a terrible headache. His memories of the previous night are fuzzy and distant. He just notices that he has scratches on his face as if someone had tried to scratch him. And he learns with state of unconsciousness that the murderer struck again. This is when, little by little, some images of him in company of Summer come back to his mind.

After a rapid investigation, Clifford Monroe succeeds in constituting a file on Hank Judson, which he quickly shows to Mason. For Monroe , Hank fits the profile to be the sinister guy who hides behind the carnation killer: his parents divorced when he was ten years old, he was placed in a reformatory school for two years, and he had several stays in prison since, and then he knew Summer Blake. Mason agrees with his opinion and, having learned that Hank is in Los Angeles , they both go there. There, they quickly decide to separate so that they can increase their chances. Monroe , anxious for Mason, asks him not to try anything alone and to immediately call him when he finds Hank. Mason waits for Hank at the Club 602, a bar where Hank usually spends his time. As usual, Hank ends up arriving. Immediately, he is alerted by Sam, the owner that a man is looking for him, indicating Mason to him by his look. And before Mason can point his gun at him, Hank disarms him and starts to hit him.

Mason owes his life thanks to Warren ’s intervention, who came to Los Angeles after having questioned Gina. Obliged to answer the questions from the police, Hank certifies that he killed neither Summer, nor Barbara. Besides, for the first murder, he has an excellent alibi since he was in prison. Disconcerted, Monroe, Mason and Warren go back to Santa Barbara and continue their investigation. But for the moment, they do not have the least clue as for the identity of the killer.

In spite of the fear which is in the town, life continues. And the Capwells are all behind Gina to support her in this terrible moment. Inside of her, Gina feels partly responsible for the death of Summer. Just like Warren . And full of remorse they go to the funeral service in the memory of Summer. Peter, who still does not cease to spy on Kelly, surprises a conversation in La Mesa and learns that she hopes to go there despite of the fear which overcomes her. And before the ceremony begins, Peter hides himself in the chapel. Hidden behind a curtain, his look never leaves the one who does not cease haunting his days and nights.

Everyone joins together around Summer to give her a last respect: C.C., Gina, Kelly and Joe, Warren , Eden and Cruz, Mason, Monroe . C.C. praise Summer. But, conscious that Summer loved Warren tenderly, he asks him to say a few words, in her memory. Peter, while moving behind his curtain, makes a little noise, which wakes up Monroe 's curiosity. However Peter succeeded to run away before he could be discovered. After the ceremony, Monroe goes to see Cruz Castillo in order to get him to agree to be a police officer again (because Clifford and Cruz were together at the police academy), so that he can bring his help to them. And to help him in his choice, Monroe gives him the file of the carnation killer. Eden, who hears their whole conversation, is surprised while learning that Cruz was, for a while, a policeman. On his side, Cruz ensures Sergeant Monroe that he will think about his proposal, but that he cannot give him an answer for the moment.

The following day, Peter Flint meets his doctor, Dr. Bresley. The doctor worries for his health, because Peter does not follow his treatment, refusing to take his medication. Peter, knowing himself condemned, knows that he will die even if he takes care of himself, then he lets the disease unrelentingly follow its course, leading him more and more on the way of madness. And Peter continues with more rage on this road which, he knows it perfectly, will lead him to Kelly. By chance, whereas Joe had to go away, Peter immediately goes to La Mesa . There, from the telephone of the restaurant, he makes a phone call, asking the waitress to give a message to Kelly. Peter says he is Joe and would like Kelly to go to his work place to recover a toolbox that he would have forgotten.

Whereas Kelly is with Eden, her young sister, the waitress gives her the message. Kelly is annoyed. She accepted an interview with Susan Carlyle (who turns out to be Sophia Capwell) for a discussion on the relationship between a daughter and her father. Eden then proposes to replace her. And Peter, who already left, does not see where Kelly explains to Eden what she has to do. And without knowing it, Eden , instead of Kelly, walks into the trap Peter preparedfor her. During her interview with Susan Carlyle, Kelly receives a call from Joe and she then understands that it was not him who required a service from her. Kelly panics, because she immediately understands that Eden is in danger.

On her side, Eden arrives at the warehouse and, instead of finding Joe's toolbox; she falls on a white carnation. The fear gains her quickly. And before she can utter just one cry, Peter, seeing the one he loves, stuns her and gets her into his car. Before leaving, he takes the time to bind her feet and her hands and to put a gag on her mouth and to cover her eyes. He however takes the time to look at her and to caress her hair, her face, while calling her by her first name: "Kelly, Kelly...". Peter then travels towards the forest, towards a deserted place where Kelly and he will be all alone.

Terrified, Kelly goes very quickly to the warehouse, where she finds Sergeant Clifford Monroe. He shows her what he has unfortunately just discovered: Eden 's scarf and a white carnation. It would seem that the hours are counting for Eden . Joe and Mason arrive at their turn at the place of the drama. By continuing the investigation, Mason finds some blood traces which can only belong to Eden . Kelly and Mason are shocked. And nobody establishes the link between "Joe’s” mysterious phone call for Kelly with the kidnapping of Eden . Monroe feels that the investigation is escaping him and that he does not succeed to find the least clue left by the killer. That is why he asks for Cruz again, without however telling him that, this time, the new victim is named Eden Capwell.

In the Capwell clan, the fear can be read on all their faces. Fearing for the safety of the one he loves, Joe swallows his pride and asks Kelly to give up her work, but also makes her understand that it would be preferable for them to return living at the Capwell mansion, where they will be safe. C.C., for once, agrees with Joe's opinion. As usual, all the members of the Capwell family reunite behind their clan chief. Everyone does not cease thinking of Eden, who is retained by the claws of an insane man. And this is at the time that Sergeant Clifford Monroe tells Cruz the whole truth, by telling him that the new victim of the carnation killer is Eden . Understanding the terrible danger which threatens the one he loves; Cruz immediately agrees to join his friend to track the murderer who terrorizes Santa Barbara . Only Mason at the beginning is restrained at his arrival. This is why Cruz is obliged to give him the phone number of his superior while he was working as a secret agent.

Reassured by the arrival of Cruz within the research team, the Capwell family continues to tremble for Eden . Eden is still unconscious in Peter's car, at the side of the one who was almost for a time her brother-in-law. Peter drives fast in the direction of the forest to be quiet, far from the world, in the exclusive company of his fiancée. After a long moment, Eden finally regains consciousness. It takes her only a few minutes to plunge in the hell of reality. Immediately, she tries to make a deal with her kidnapper, ignoring he is Peter Flint. She promises money to him, a lot of money if he accepts to release her. But Peter does not want money. Besides, he does not understand why his Kelly is so afraid of him. Arriving in a clearing, in the woods, he makes Eden get out of the car. Feeling that she is close to her end, Eden tries to struggle, to release herself from the claws of this insane man. Anger and rage increase in Peter. He does not understand why Kelly struggles as much. Peter then tries to strangle Eden . The fear of dying gives her more force, and Eden manages to disengage herself from Peter's hands. And while trying to run away whereas she still has her eyes covered and hands bound, Eden falls from the cliff which borders the clearing.

Peter, from the top of the cliff, looks at Eden falling. Eden finishes the fall unconscious; some blood runs on her face. Hearing a couple disputing, Peter decides to immediately run away, giving up Eden at her sad fate. Before leaving for Santa Barbara , Peter deletes all the traces of his crime, in particular the trace of blood still present on the seat of his car. Then, he goes back to town. On the way, Peter asks many questions to himself because he does not understand what is happening to him. And while hearing on the radio that Eden Capwell has just been kidnapped, Peter feels himself more and more, not understanding anything that is happening inside of him.

At his arrival in town, he goes to La Mesa to check that Kelly is still there. There, he questions a waitress on the many murders that occurred near the restaurant. And while at a table close Cruz and Joe watch him, Peter understands that he is the only person responsible for the different murders. Besides some flashes of Barbara Anderson and Summer Blake appear to him. He is the carnation killer. He is the one who raped and strangled them. The truth is a real earthquake which destroys Peter. Unable to stay under the watchful eyes of Joe and Cruz, Peter runs to hide himself in his apartment. While he goes back home, Peter has all the time to think. Joe also asks to himself many questions about him. Even if he is happy that Cruz joined the research, Joe fears that it is too late. Because Joe feels that all the murders are related to La Mesa and perhaps also to Kelly because, every time, she was in company of the victims a little time before they died. To be sure of that, Joe decides to follow Peter to his apartment.

Just arriving home, Peter knows that the end is close, that the things cannot last still anymore. In one moment of lucidness, Peter takes his revolver and decides to commit suicide and thus to finish once for all with the carnation killer. When he points his weapon on him, he hears someone aggressively knocking on his door. It is Joe. Joe penetrates the apartment and accuses him to be the carnation killer, after seeing a photograph torn and taped back up of him in Kelly’s company. Very quickly, things degenerate and the two men begin to fight. Joe violently hits Peter who falls on the floor. Before leaving there, Joe finds a shirt covered with blood. For Joe, there is no more doubt: Peter is indeed the carnation killer, and it is Kelly that he wants.

During this time, Eden is still lying on the ground. She ends up finding her mind, succeeds in removing her blindfold and, after thousand difficulties, she succeeds in writing HELP on the ground. She hopes that someone will find her message and will come to help her. Things can only get better since her kidnapper is gone. She painfully goes up and starts to walk a little, looking for a way of returning to civilization.

Joe, after his visit at Peters, has a meeting with Cruz and Kelly at the police station to present his theory to them: Peter is the carnation killer. He is sure of that. Besides, Kelly was with the victims each time. Moreover, they were always fair young women, like Kelly. Cruz recognizes that his theory is sound, but before arresting Peter to question him, they need some other evidence than what Joe discovered, because they are inadmissible in a court. Joe gets annoyed and asks Cruz to go back to see Peter's doctor. Cruz tells him that he has already done that, and that Dr. Bresley entrusted him that Peter's health is critical and that he needs treatment as fast as possible. Cruz seriously advises to let him lead the investigation as he wants to and especially not to interfere with it.

After Joe's departure, Peter takes his car again and goes back to the place where he left Eden , with the serious intention to kill her. Arriving there, Peter discovers with horror the message of distress left by Eden . He immediately erases it, full of panic. Fearing to be found to have his new identity discovered, Peter is in a hurry to find Eden . Eden is still in search of an emergency exit. But Peter gives up his search very quickly, because he hears a helicopter approaching near the forest. Taken by a terrible fear: that Eden could have recognized him, Peter quickly leaves the place and goes back to Santa Barbara .

At the same time, Cruz Castillo receives a phone call from the police station, and he learns that walkers could have found Eden . Cruz finds hope again. Very quickly, it appears that this information is correct. Cruz is relieved to find Eden safe, the one he begins to love. He is moreover happy to learn than, contrary to the other victims of the carnation killer, Eden has not been raped.

After the joy of the reunion, the investigation continues. And following Joe's many suspicions, Cruz also begins to suspect Peter of being the carnation killer. And Cruz even makes Peter attend at the police station in order to ask him some questions because, as Joe insists, Peter knew all the victims. Peter agrees to go back there, quite afraid, not ceasing wondering whether Eden recognized him or not. Cruz and Peter, while they are quarrelling, are quickly joined by Mason Capwell, Clifford Monroe and Howard, Peter's lawyer. Understanding that they have absolutely nothing against his client, Peter's lawyer does his utmost to clear and release Peter. Convinced that the whole world is against him, Peter swears to get free from this and at any price.

Back at his apartment, Peter is surprised to receive the visit of Veronica Gayley, his former secretary who comes to bring some files to him. Very quickly their conversation derives on the mysterious carnation killer. Unconscious of the danger which threatens her, Veronica tells him that she knew all the victims. And that it was also the case for Peter. Besides, she even saw him in La Mesa , with Barbara Anderson, the first victim. Fearing that she establishes the link between him and the killer and that she will go to talk to the police, Peter, in his tortured mind, decides to kill her. Whereas he is going to act, Veronica is saved at the last moment by Mrs. Ingle, the owner of Peter's apartment. By knocking on the door, she allows Veronica to leave Peter's apartment, however without realizing the drama which could have occurred.

But, still fearing for his safety, Peter projects to kill Veronica quickly. It is necessary for his future. And while discovering in the newspaper the announcement for a movie this evening at the Santa Barbara cinema, Peter has an idea. On her side, Veronica quickly phones Mason, in order to tell him that the day of the murder of Barbara Anderson, she saw Peter in her company at La Mesa . Unfortunately, Mason, mad of jealousy towards Veronica (she hid Lionel Lockridge in her apartment), does not leave her the possibility of saying the least word and hangs up. Veronica, to relax, prepares a bubbling bath for herself.

At the other side of the city, Peter goes to the cinema, where he buys a ticket for this evening film. There, he falls on Amy and Brick who have also come to see the film. Peter shows himself very friendly with them, even sitting next to them. During the movie, Peter leaves and goes to the toilets. There, he locks the door from the inside and flees by the window that he leaves half-opened. And he immediately goes to Veronica's apartment. There, despite all the precautions of his former secretary, he manages to enter the apartment. Little by little, Veronica feels the fear falling on her and, while listening to Peter, she perfectly realizes that something is going wrong with him. She begs him in vain to leave, but Peter does not move. Very quickly, she then understands that behind Peter Flint's beautiful face is also hiding a monster. Veronica turns on the tape recorder, to record their conversation. And even if she struggles the best she can, the madness multiplies Peter's forces by ten. And Peter strangles Veronica. Before leaving the apartment, Peter transports Veronica’s body to the Jacuzzi. There, he arranges the scene and leaves a white carnation in Veronica's hands. Right before leaving, he sees Veronica's tape recorder and, seeing that it is on, takes it with him. Not losing the least second, Peter goes into his car and drives to the cinema. On the way, he listens to Veronica's tape. In his sick brain, he is happy to hear Veronica shouting while he is killing her. Back at the cinema, Peter makes the same way back in. But before entering the cinema, he phones Mason and puts the tape on. On the other side of the line, Mason only hears Veronica's screams. Then, he goes back on his seat comfortably, in order to watch the end of the film. And to create an indestructible alibi, Peter awkwardly tips his popcorn on Amy. Without knowing it, Amy, Brick and Marisa, who joined them at the cinema, will thus be used as alibi for Peter's crime.

Mason, understanding that the worst has happened for the one who represented more than a simple secretary in his eyes, very quickly phones the police and drives fast in the direction of Veronica's apartment. There, he is destroyed by discovering Veronica’s dead body, still holding a white carnation in her hands. The rage and the anger then violently fall on him. Did he neglect something during the investigation? Didn't he see an element which could have prevented this crime? He will never know. And yet Mason knows that, somewhere, he was not able or did not want to see a detail which could have put an end to these horrible murders. Mason is immediately joined by Cruz. Cruz very quickly understands that she is a new victim of the carnation killer and that it is also someone whom knew Peter well, the best suspect until this day. Mason, as the assistant of the district attorney, then agrees to get Peter to come into the police station. And Cruz takes the responsibility to go to look for him at his apartment, where besides he has just arrived, still holding in his hand his bag containing Veronica's tape recorder and the tape. Arriving at the police station, Peter seems to lose his mind by seeing Elizabeth Peale's fair hair. Only Elizabeth seems to be aware of Peter's disorder.

During the examination, Mason and Cruz do not cease harassing Peter with questions. Peter tells them about his day: after Veronica’s visit at his apartment, he went to the cinema. Besides Amy, Marisa Perkins, and Brick Wallace, can confirm his statements. This is what Cruz immediately checks. And at the time when Mason certifies that Veronica phoned him, the time when she was killed, Peter was at the cinema. Joe, who arrived meanwhile, cannot believe that they are going to release Peter this time, whereas he is the killer, he is sure of that.

Before leaving the police station, Peter hears a conversation between Joe and Cruz and thus learns that Kelly will be alone in the next hour. And, while on his side, Joe checks the necessary time it takes between the cinema and Veronica's apartment, Peter goes to Kelly's home. During one moment, Peter watches her from the window. She is sleeping, in front of the television. Peter succeeds in entering the apartment and, at the time he is going to kill her, Cruz and Joe come into the apartment. Cruz is angry with Kelly because she did not lock the front door. Meanwhile, Peter hid himself in a closet. And while they all leave, Peter hears Cruz tell Kelly that Peter is certainly the murderer, but that, for the murder of Veronica, he has a perfect alibi. Peter still remains in the apartment of his beloved friend for a moment. Before leaving, he leaves a white carnation near the bed, an ultimate gift...

Cruz continues his investigation, continuing to try to find a clue which could implicate Peter. Back at the cinema, Cruz remembers that, being a child, he allowed his friends to get in the cinema without ticket through the window in the toilets. Very quickly, Cruz and Mason discover a piece of wood making it possible to maintain the open window. Cruz starts to clearly see Peter's game. He then asks Mason to go back with him to Veronica's apartment, to check if anything is missing. And after a while, Mason ends up seeing that Veronica's tape recorder has disappeared. In Cruz's mind, it is a detail which can have its importance. Cruz then requires the time of Veronica's phone call, he has not heard some music in the middle of her screams, as she was going to take a bath to relax. Mason says with authority that he didn't hear anything, just Veronica calling for some help. And that he is sure that it was real.

To be sure of it, Cruz goes to see Peter. While investigating, Cruz discovers a tape recorder in Peter's bathroom. Peter left it there, because when he tried to burn it with the tape, he saw the page from the newspaper announcing the wedding of Kelly with Joe. Cruz, while leaving Peters, makes a strange phone call to Mason. Mason, on the other side, just hears some screams. He panics. And by hearing Cruz's explanations (he hired an actress to scream just like Veronica did), Mason understands that it is possible that Peter had them.

Fortunately in the middle of all these dramas, a happy event is coming: the wedding of Kelly and Joe. And the more the date approaches, the more nervous Kelly is, as if inside of her she knew that something worse was still waiting for her. Besides, night after night, she often has the same nightmare: she dreams that Peter kills her, during her wedding ceremony. Whereas she entrusts her fears to Joe and Cruz, she receives a parcel containing many white carnations. Convinced that the worst of all is coming, Kelly would like to delay their wedding, but Joe insists to do as they planned it.

Before the ceremony, Peter has the time to leave a white carnation in the room where Kelly is supposed to put on her wedding dress. When she discovers the flower, she leaves the room while screaming. Joe and Cruz end up calming Kelly, who does not cease trembling from head to toe. After a while, Kelly ends up calming down and she decides to continue the ceremony. She goes back to the cloakroom in the church to get dressed. And when she is going to dress, suddenly Peter enters the room. Kelly panics. She takes a deep breath. She feels all around her the world falling down. Fortunately, Peter speaks to her very quickly, which enables her to immediately find her mind. She does not listen to him, she just wants to leave, not to be in his presence anymore. But Peter prevents her from leaving, saying to her that he came with the only goal of offering her a gift for her wedding with Joe. Kelly says to him that she does not want it, that everything is finished between them. But very quickly, she realizes that the situation escapes from any control. Fortunately, Joe comes to see her and has the big surprise to find Peter Flint. Immediately, he drives him out violently, and before Cruz can intervene, in a moment of inattention, Peter has the possibility of going back to his hiding-place. It is Eden , disturbed to have found her mother, who allows Peter to leave from this bad step. And despite the fear generated by the presence of Peter, after a common agreement, Kelly and Joe decide to make it as if Peter Flint did not exist anymore. Kelly and Joe both get dressed with their wedding clothes.

From his observation post, Peter observes the whole ceremony, mad with rage. In front of the altar, before pronouncing their vows, Kelly takes a bible, in order to read a psalm. And when she opens the book, she immediately faints, because she found a white carnation inside of it. The fear takes over her again. But, thanks to the presence of Joe at her side, she prefers to continue the ceremony. It is then that, under Peter’s eyes, full of hat for his former fiancé, Kelly Capwell becomes Joe Perkins' wife.

At the exit of the church of the newly-married couple, Peter gets his weapon out and, still hidden, aims at the same time Joe but also Kelly. Very quickly, he realizes that he will not be able to make a success of his plan, because the guests congratulating the young couple embarrass him. Just after the reception, it is Cruz himself who accompanies them to the hotel, where they will spend their wedding night. But at the hotel, Peter is already there, observing them going to the nuptial suite that Cruz reserved for them. And what everyone is unaware of in Santa Barbara is that Peter reserved the adjacent suite. And while Joe waits for Kelly to come back from the toilets, he is accosted by a prostitute named Candy Fox. Peter, who observes the entire scene, takes her in his sick mind for Kelly. And as she left Joe, it is him who accosts her and invites her into his suite.

It is at the same time that the two couples regain their respective rooms. Peter then proposes to Candy to wear the clothes he had prepared for Kelly, who even agrees to play the game of being his Kelly. This is only when he leaves a white carnation in her hair that she feels herself in a strange situation. But Peter shows himself so attentive, so tender, so in love. And while wanting to listen to music, Candy turns on the tape recorder of the night of the murder of Veronica. By hearing the screams of his last victim, Peter panics and strangles Candy in order to keep her silence. Of the other side of the wall, Kelly and Joe hear the screams of agony and immediately alert Cruz and the hotel security. And whereas Joe bursts into Peter's suite, he has succeeded in escaping by the window, taking the tape recorder with him.

Nevertheless, Peter is in trouble. Because now, Mason Capwell, who is also the assistant of the Santa Barbara district attorney, is convinced that behind the carnation killer is hiding Peter Flint. Sure of his culpability, Mason has Peter brought into the police station, the following day, to question him. There, Cruz harasses him with questions, requiring of him where he spent the night. Sure of him, Peter tells him that he slept in his car after having visited the bars of the town. Neither Cruz, nor Mason, believe a word of what he says. And Cruz requires of him, before leaving the room for a moment, to write down what he has done since the beginning of the murders. Peter begins. But Cruz who is just out receives a phone call from a friend. And whereas the police officer who took the message repeats the telephone number, Peter does the same. Because he understood the situation perfectly. It is the number of the place where Kelly will spend her honeymoon with Joe.

Still convinced of his culpability, Mason and Clifford Monroe make him undergo a lie detector test. But unfortunately, Peter's personality being so sick, he succeeds in passing. Then, Cruz, to try to touch Peter, asks him for some help to catch the murderer who terrorizes all the fair women of Santa Barbara , while trying to make it comprehensible to him that Kelly Capwell is the next one on the list. Having no proof to arrest him, once again, Cruz lets Peter leave the police station free.

Just out, Peter decides to act. Making as he was Joe Perkins, he contacts Cruz's friend and succeeds in obtaining the address of the villa. And even before the newly-married couple can benefit from their honeymoon, Peter is already there, watching them, constantly. And profiting of a moment when Kelly is alone, he enters the house and locks the door from the inside. This time, they are alone in the same house. Nobody will be across their road anymore. Nobody will be able to prevent Peter to love Kelly. Kelly, by seeing Peter, is upset. She is terrified, and especially because Peter points his gun on her. Obeying to the one he loves, Peter poses his weapon and does not cease of talking to her about his love: he never ceased to love her. Conscious that Peter's mental state is very fragile, Kelly decides to make out as she still loves him too. And when Peter gives her a white carnation, despite her fear, she allows him to kiss her on the neck. But the resistance is too hard and Kelly cannot resist the need to run away. In her run, she falls down and stays unconscious.

When she ends up awaking, she is in Peter's car and at his side. While wanting to move, she has the surprise to realize that she has her feet and hands bound. Dressed with only her nightdress, she panics because, on the inside, she is quite sure of what awaits her: the same fate as Barbara Anderson, Summer Blake, Veronica Gayley and Candy Fox. Kelly trembles with fear. Peter sees that she is awake and, tenderly, he asks her not to worry because it will not be long before they arrive at their destination. It will not be long before they arrive at the place he dreamed of for their honeymoon, where they will be alone in the world. Kelly shivers more and more by discovering the width of Peter's madness. The car continues on the road and, after some long kilometers, Peter finishes by stopping near a lonely house. Kelly pretends to be unconscious. Peter carries her lovingly to the room, puts her delicately on the bed and goes back to get a cover from the car. During this short time, Kelly tries to phone Joe and tells him that she does not know where Peter took her; she just knows that they did a lot of kilometers. Too quick for our two lovers, Kelly has to hang up because Peter is coming back. Still pretending to sleep, Peter lies down at her side. After a long moment, Kelly gets up slowly, fearing to awake Peter who began to sleep. She slowly goes to the door. But before she could reach it, Peter catches her and prevents her from leaving. In order to justify her act, Kelly complains about a terrible pain in her stomach. Then to calm the pain, she wanted to go to take some medicine that is in the car. Moreover, as he seems to be very tired, she did not want to awake him. Peter does not believe her. He leads her to the room with force, slips a white carnation in her hair and puts on her some of her favorite perfume.

When he is back, Joe perfectly realizes that something serious has just happened and he immediately imagines the worst things. And as usual, he calls his friend Cruz Castillo to help him. Cruz arrives very quickly, accompanied with Eden Capwell, to begin as quickly as possible the search for Kelly. A little time after, they find Peter's car at the airport. The fear gains them because they do not have the least clue on Peter's destination. How to find out where he led Kelly? From many kilometers from him, Joe, Cruz and Eden panic because, if Peter took the plane under a false name, they have no way to know what his destination is. Fortunately, a police officer comes to put an end to their anxiety. Peter would have rented a car. Thus, as Cruz underlines it, they know now which vehicle they must look for. The run to save Kelly can continue.

Kelly, perfectly conscious of Peter's state of health, lets him do what he wants. She pretends to be still in love with him. Unfortunately, at one moment in their discussion, she speaks about Joe. Immediately, Peter is angry. He becomes insane. He leaps on Kelly, puts her on the bed and rapes her. Immediately after, Peter feels guilty and he acknowledges to Kelly what he did since their rupture. He explains to her that it is him who killed all the other women, that he did not want to kill them directly, but that he wanted to kill her, Kelly. And when she asks him why he does not do it, Peter tells her that he is perfectly unable to do it. Then, after a moment, Kelly says she is hungry and that she would like to go to the restaurant. Peter does not like this idea, because he fears that they could be both recognized. But Kelly says to him that as it is their honeymoon, they need to enjoy it. Peter ends up yielding, attaches Kelly to the bed and goes by car to buy a dress for her. Whereas Kelly, still attached, succeeds to take possession of a knife, Peter learns by the radio that the Santa Barbara police began a search to find them.

In Santa Barbara , everything is done to find the daughter of the powerful C.C. Capwell. Because of the fatigue, Joe ends up cracking and lets all his anger and all his frustration be expressed. He is angry with Cruz to have had on several occasions Peter in his hands and to have released him every time. If he had arrested him, that would not be the same today. Cruz, as a friend, understands, but he knows that he right; at the time, he did not have any proof against Peter. Cruz decides to stay with Joe, because he fears that if he finds Peter, he would kill him, and he would prefer to avoid that. He takes the direction of the earch team and explains to the helicopter pilots the area where they must begin their search.

Bound on her bed, Kelly hopelessly tries to get released, but she is obliged to stop and to hide the knife under the covers, because Peter is already back. Seeing his face, she immediately notes that he is not in good humor. Nevertheless, Peter gives her the dress he bought for her. Whereas Peter turns his back to her, Kelly tries to wound him with her knife, but Peter stops her before she could hurt him. Then Peter decides that they are not going to the restaurant anymore. And Kelly requires of him to turn on the radio, so they can dance together. It is how Kelly learns that in Santa Barbara , the search already started to find them. Mad with anger, Peter turns off the radio and obliges Kelly to lie down at his side.

On his side, Cruz centralizes the whole search. And the utilization of the helicopters increases the speed of the search, since they already found the hired car given up by Peter. Cruz, accompanied by Joe and Eden, immediately go there. And Cruz, as a good detective, feels that they are on the right track. Indeed, a saleswoman in the close village recognizes the photo of Peter and says that he came to buy a dress for his wife who is named Kelly. They all find hope again.

During a moment of sleep, Kelly stabs Peter in the leg violently. The wound is important and Peter loses blood. Kelly tries to escape, but Peter gets up to catch her. In her run, Kelly throws a chair at him on his wounded leg. Peter howls with pain. The madness explodes in him. He shouts to her that he will be avenged, that he will kill her because she is not the real Kelly. However, Kelly succeeds in escaping in the desert. Obviously, Peter rejoins her.

At the same time, Cruz, Joe and Eden go back in the house where Peter has sequestered Kelly. By seeing the blood traces, Joe fears: if Peter had killed Kelly? The hate submerges in him and Joe gets mad with Cruz, who he accuses to be responsible for the misfortune which falls on him. Fortunately, Cruz manages to calm him down, and they can continue their search.

In her escape in the desert, Kelly finishes by hiding in an old abandoned camping-car. There, she hides herself inside, hoping that Peter who went to her search for her does not find her. Kelly trembles because Peter is cutting out the door with a power saw. And while he dominates her with all his force, Kelly launches a pillow on the saw. It gets blocked because of the feathers. Kelly hits him with an axe and tries to escape. Peter falls on the floor. And before Kelly manages to escape, he succeeds in grasping her by the leg. With a hand, he retains Kelly captive, and with the other, he gropes the ground searching for the axe. However, Kelly manages to be released from Peter's claws, and she runs away in the desert. As for Peter, he gets up with difficulty and if he can follow Kelly, it is thanks to a stick. In her run, Kelly ends up reaching a car.

Still in search of Kelly and Peter, the rescuers get organized. This time, they warn Cruz that they have just discovered an abandoned camping-car with not only of blood traces, but also with footprints, at least two, which go in the direction of the desert. And Joe finds hope again. Kelly would still be alive.

Indeed, Kelly is still alive. But she still has Peter behind her. Hidden in the car, she sees him coming right towards her. Indeed, Peter also noticed the car with an open door. Kelly, who found tissue and matches, has an idea. Discreetly, she leaves by the other side the car, slips the tissue into the tail pipe and burns it. Immediately, Kelly runs to hide herself. From her hiding-place, she sees Peter who gets into the car right at the time when it explodes. It is finished. The nightmare is finished. And to be sure of it, she approaches the car in flames. She sees Peter lying, motionless at her side. She comes too close of him and Peter seizes her. Kelly beats him and runs away.

At the same time, the rescuers approach. C.C., present in one of the helicopters, warns Cruz that they located a car in flames. Joe decides to go there and convinces Eden and Cruz to stay there to talk to the helicopters. Joe, in his jeep, drives fast towards Kelly. Arriving near the car, he does not notice Peter, he just sees Kelly running. He goes next to her, by howling her name. Kelly, by hearing his cries, thinks he is Peter and that the nightmare continues. Very fortunately, Joe is faster than her and ends up catching up to her. Mad with happiness and relief, they fall into the arms of one another. They will be able to continue their life where they had left it and to forget Peter. However, Kelly says that she will be reassured only when Peter's body is found.

And Kelly is entirely right to be feared. The nightmare is not finished, not yet. Because Peter travels towards Santa Barbara , in a car. A woman has taken him on board. And while she was driving, she threw herself out of the car. That is what she says to the police. The man she welcomed looked like Peter Flint and, moreover, during the way, he began to call her Kelly. The fear falls again on Kelly and Joe, like on all the Capwell family.

At his arrival in Santa Barbara , Peter goes to his apartment. There, he writes his confession in which he recognizes being the murderer of Barbara Anderson, Summer Blake, Veronica Gayley as well as the prostitute. He explains that he did not really want to kill them, but that it is his disease which made him do that.

Cruz, by learning the news of Peter's return in town, asks the police to go to his apartment. Very quickly, he is informed of the last events: he stunned the guard who watched his apartment. Cruz immediately goes there and discovers the confession. By reading it, he learns that Peter recognizes being the carnation killer and also the murderer of Channing Capwell Junior (it will later be discovered that these lines were added by Marcello Armonti). If nobody is really surprised of the identity of the carnation killer, the fact that Peter is the killer of Channing Junior moves the Capwell clan.

On their side, when C.C. learns that Peter's body has just been found, Kelly and Joe breathe again. It would seem that it is indeed finished. And Kelly and Joe decide to take up their normal course of their life. And to overcome her traumatism, Kelly acknowledges to Joe that she voluntarily let Peter rape her. She was too afraid that he would kill her. Joe understands and promises to support her and to try to make her forget these terrible hours. To surprise her, he decides to lead her to a picnic on the beach, where she finds a little of her joy again. But Mason, who discovers that the body found is not Peter's, immediately, goes to find them. And he finds them just at the moment when they were going to go back in their apartment. From the other side of the door, Peter waits for them, a gun in his hand.

In front of the door, Peter learns that Kelly and Joe are invited in the late afternoon to a small party at Amy Perkins' house. And he has the time to run away before Kelly and Joe come to take some stuff. There, they can notice that Peter came to their home, because the entire apartment was sprinkled with Kelly's favorite perfume. And despite Mason and their family's warnings, Kelly and Joe decide to go, in spite of Peter's threat, at Amy's as if nothing happened. Thus everything is set up gradually so that Peter's revenge can take place. But the events will quickly escape from Peter's control.

After having left Joe and Kelly's apartment, Peter runs to Amy Perkins' home. Before she comes to open the door to him, he had to ring several times. Indeed, Amy, while she was cleaning the house, was listening to music and did not hear Peter's first calls. By opening the door to him, Amy is petrified by seeing Peter. Without a word, he pushes her and enters. Facing his gun, Amy is forced to obey to his orders. And for a first time, Peter wants her to call all the guests (others that Joe and Kelly) to announce to them that she cancels the party. Then, seeing that Kelly does not arrive, Peter gets impatient and asks Amy to phone her to require her to come earlier. She has just hung up and the telephone rings. It is Jackie Parks who announces to her that her husband has permission and that she is coming to see her. This is why she is coming to take some stuff. Amy has not have the time to say to her not to come.

And a few minutes after her phone call, Jackie enters the house and falls face to face with Peter. Here they are now all his two hostages. Peter realizes that the situation becomes complicated. He awaited Kelly, his wife, and here he is retaining two other women captive. And after Jackie, it is Mason who rings Amy's door. Obeying Peter, she tries to drive him out as she can, but Mason insists and ends up coming in, finding himself face to face with Peter. Curiously, Mason had come to inform Amy to pay great attention, because Peter was prowling around.

Peter is mad with joy of holding the great Mason Capwell captive. And while he continues to take pleasure from it, a violent headache crisis obliges him to sit down. Peter is hurt a lot by this crisis, by this pain which obliged him, each time, to kill. Mason, who perfectly realizes his state, tries to reason with him: he is sick and he needs to follow medical treatment. But Peter does not believe in Mason's feelings about him. Amy then wants to phone Gina DeMott to tell her that the party is cancelled. Peter accepts. However, actually, Amy phones Cruz who understands the situation. But, at the same time, Peter looks at the window and he notices Joe and Kelly talking with Larry Parks. And when Gina DeMott really phones, Peter understands that Amy spoke with the police. Peter, in front of the sudden change of situation, starts to panic. By a violent blow, he hits Mason, who falls on the floor. Then, he does not leave the window anymore, spying on Joe, Kelly and Larry. It is at this moment that all three decide to enter Amy's home. While they ring at her door, Peter panics. He shoots Larry, taking him for a police officer because of his uniform. Larry falls down, Kelly runs to hide behind a car and Joe succeeds in going with his sister. Jackie is destroyed; like her, everyone in the house thinks that Peter killed Larry. She precipitates at his side and cries. Fortunately, Larry pretends to be dead in order to trap Peter a little time after. Tired of hearing Jackie crying, Peter accepts that Larry's body is moved to another room.

Slowly, Mason wakes up. Perfectly conscious of the situation, he begs Peter to let Amy go. He begs him to put an end to this nightmare for her and for the child she is waiting for. Because him, better than whomever, knows that a child should not grow without the love of a mother. Touched by Mason's words, Peter agrees to release Amy.

Decided to control his future, Peter calls Cruz and orders him to make Kelly come or he will kill everyone. He leaves him only fifteen minutes. Cruz refuses for Kelly to accept this blackmail. And it is Maggie Gillis, a police officer, who will take Kelly's place. Thus, disguised as Kelly Capwell, she will be able to approach Peter and to shoot him. Unfortunately, it is Peter who shoots her first, while having noticed the presence of her weapon. It is at this moment that Larry jumps on Peter and manages to disarm him. In the action, Mason and Larry succeed in being released, such as Jackie. In the house, there remains no one but Joe, alone with Peter. The forever rivals find themselves face to face for the ultimate battle, the most important one.

If everyone is delighted by the release of the hostages, Kelly remains the only one trembling, because her Joe is still a prisoner. Marcello Armonti, the famous psychiatrist who came to reinforce the police force, proposes to Cruz to use Peter's attack against the one he took for Kelly. Why not tell him that Kelly is dying and that she reclaims him. That will at least result to make him leave his hiding-place. Cruz accepts. However, Kelly refuses categorically. Because if Peter believes she will die, he will want revenge on Joe, the only person in charge of their separation in his eyes. Cruz decides to continue. He calls Peter and tells him and Joe that Kelly will die. Peter agrees to go out, but at the last time, understanding that there is perhaps a trap, he requires that someone brings Kelly to him, if not he will be constrained to kill Joe. Kelly panics and takes possession of a gun. And whereas Cruz is going to storm, he learns that Kelly is about to go back to the Perkins house.

Then Peter sees her. He also notices the weapon she has with her. He shoots her twice. Fortunately, Joe succeeds to get interposed. Wounded, Joe falls by the window, before being led to the hospital. Now, it is Kelly who is retained captive by Peter. Fearing of dying, Kelly acknowledges to Peter that she still loves him and that she is pregnant. She awaits for a baby of him. Nothing more from now can be opposed to their happiness. At the limit of madness, Peter believes her. They take refuge in the child room prepared by Amy. Peter really believes that Kelly tells him the truth. He is so happy. He found Kelly again. And they still love each other. He leaves his weapon to take a teddy bear in his arms. He swears to be a good father for his child, better than the one he knew. Kelly, who still keeps an eye on the revolver, gets close to it. She succeeds in getting it and aims the gun on Peter. Very quickly, he succeeds in disarming her. In his sick mind, Peter now imagines that it is Kelly who is only the person responsible for his problems. It is her and nobody else. Then, to be avenged, he is going to give her the same lesson than to the preceding ones. He tries to rape her, but Kelly struggles.

It is at this moment that Cruz makes an irruption in the room. Peter sees Cruz and is going to shoot. But before he can do it, Cruz shoots and kills Peter. And this time, the nightmare is really finished. Peter is there, dead, lying on the floor, in his blood, at a few meters from Kelly. She cannot believe it. Several times, she believed that Peter had left her life. And there, she awaits for him to get up and jump on her, to kill her. But Peter does not move. This time, it is finished with the carnation killer. Cruz approaches Kelly and tightens her very strong in his arms, obliging her to look at tomorrow...

And tomorrow, it is Joe, her husband who is at the hospital. Kelly goes there. The life elapses slowly. Everyone is happy to find her healthy and safe, but, for her, it is not finished. As well she will not hear that Joe is saved, that will not be finished. At Joe's bedside, she prays, she cries. Alas, the destiny will be crueler. The following day, Joe will die in her arms. It is the end of the world for Kelly. Joe, her Joe, died. She will never be able to be forgiven for her testimony. Never will they be able to make up for these five years so stupidly lost. Never... Never... Never again the woman who is in her will love in the same way. And it is perhaps for that that when she will find love again, with Nick Hartley, it will be necessary for her to require Joe's permission, on his grave, to be able to love again...

Text written for this site by Lilian

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