Hal Clark




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Date of death : January 28 1958

Brother : Ben Clark

Former known girlfriend : Pamela Conrad (195?)

Profession : Worker on a Capwell Enterprises oil rig




As a breath before a storm, Hal Clark's shadow floats heavily on the city during year 1988.

Brother of Ben Clark, both men, even if they share the same work for Capwell Enterprises, appear as very different the one from the other. It does not prevent to both brothers from meeting up for little Scott. Hal is very close to this nephew whom he affectionately nicknames Boomer, offering him the freedom, the carefreeness that his father, more rigorous, forbids him.

The explosion of the oil rig, at the beginning of year 1988, makes re-appear the memory of Hal and the painful secrets of year 1958. A photo of Hal and Pamela Conrad, taken in the gardens of the Capwell mansion, allows very quickly to make Pamela recognize her old affair with Hal. The truth on his death eventually comes to light with the discovery of bones in the Capwell boathouse and with Scott's hypnosis sessions.

Hal is the first victim of Pamela's madness. In 1958, after a violent quarrel with C.C. Capwell, Hal is left for dead by this latter, under the frightened eyes of Scott, then a child. One moment later, he is shot in cold blood by his mistress, avid to finish with it, with a bullet in the head. His body is thrown in the waters of the boathouse.

If Hal's body indeed comes to haunt C.C. and Pamela, it finally finds peace and rest during year 1988.

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