Giovanni DeAngelis




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Identity   Interpreter

Father : Dr. Micah DeAngelis

Sister : Aurora DeAngelis (half-sister)


Profession : Priest


Enrico Mutti :
November 12 1992 (# 2094) to January 13 1993 (# 2135)


Last known member of the DeAngelis family, Giovanni makes his entrance in Santa Barbara as a patient of Dr. Micah DeAngelis. Suffering from appendicitis, he is operated in emergency by the one who still ignores who he is. It is only at his awakening that Giovanni reveals to the one who operated him that he is his son, whom he abandoned with his mother even before his birth.

If Giovanni left his native Italy for the United States after the death of his mother, it is to meet his father. He immediately puts some distance with this latter, before realizing that Micah ignored his existence and that he thus has no reason for hating him. He accepts his invitation to be lodged in the Ballymoor manor with Micah and Aurora, his half-sister whom he has also just met.

Very fast, he reveals to his new family his project : to become a priest, a vocation on the point to become a reality in the next few weeks in Italy. Micah, agnostic man of science, does not understand his choice and is afraid that Giovanni wastes his life. So, when Giovanni gets acquainted of the young and beautiful Lisa Fenimore, Micah sees the opportunity for his son to change of way by being interested in the fair sex. But Giovanni has for only idea to help Lisa, who came to ask him advice by taking him for a priest already in exercise. He recommends her to extricate herself from the multiple lies which she maintains towards Rafe Castillo and to finally opt for honesty.

It is comforting Lisa that we see Giovanni for the last time. The end of the show indeed concluded in a too fast way the life of this character arrived far too much late to have the time to take a real place in the show's storylines.

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