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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Tourist guide


Benjamin Lum :
December 30 1987 (# 858) au December 31 1987 (# 859)


Supposed to be a tourist guide of the Hawaiian hotel where Eden and Cruz stay, Danny has for mission to show them the island. Behind the wheel of his car, he leads them on the island volcano, while explaining them the local traditions. He becomes a little enraged with Eden when this latter shows him the shell she took : the island stones and shells are sacred and they risk to pay the price of this trespass.

Moreover, a short time later, they have a little car accident during which Cruz is wounded at the head. Danny leads them then to the hospital. There, he receives some money from his boss, who turns to be Richard Matthews. Because, in reality, Danny is paid by Richard and his mission was to lead Cruz to the hospital, so that a doctor can inject him an electronic control device.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Benjamin Lum