Roy Beaufort




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Identity   Interpreter

Mother : Mabel Beaufort

Sister : Rima Beaufort

  Profession : Sheriff  

Dean Howell :
September 28 1990 (# 1557) to November 23 1990 (# 1596)


Of the Beauforts from New Orleans, Roy is certainly the closest of his cousin Flame's temper. Under the guise of an honest and upright young sheriff, there is a man who will do anything for power and money, even if it means crossing the borders of the law. Roy is one of those men who cannot stand to find an obstacle in his way. The absence of a man within his family comforts him just as much in his status as a strong man, head of a clan. Of course, it is not his mother or his disabled sister who would oppose him. He is the master. He is the law. He makes his law...

When Flame arrives with Robert in a coffin, he agrees without hesitation to come to her help and to sequester this man for money. If he does not seem to like Quinn, it is because he comes to challenge him in his role of male - clan leader.

Certain that Robert will remain his captive, he seizes his ring because he likes it, because he believes that wearing it can give him Robert's power. It is this same ring that will lead Eden on his track, after her visit to his sheriff's office.

His dark personality takes its full measure after Robert's escape : Roy is convinced that he will not survive the Bayou, which justifies in his eyes not to go looking for him. Roy is ready to kill Robert with a bullet, when Rima brings Kelly into their home. Nor does he hesitate to threaten, to torture, to assert his supremacy against this man who seems willing to do anything to find the woman he loves, as he is alone in this women family. At the foot of the wall, he knocks out Craig Hunt, who came to search his house disguised as a Bible salesman, to prevent him from revealing Flame's secret : his true identity.

To save appearances, he pretends to be a certain Quinn, a nasty being who threatens Robert and the Beaufort family, and gets disarmed by Kelly and arrested by Robert / Quinn, essential proof in Kelly's eyes that Robert and Quinn are indeed two distinct persons.

Roy still has to save his cousin, by finding Robert, seriously ill, and Cruz at Clara Beecham's. He had them both driven to a forced labour camp, the Louisiana Bayou, without a trial : although he is sheriff of the city, when necessary, he settles with legality.

His last appearance will be a final face-to-face with Robert and Cruz. But this time, Cruz will have the upper hand and will disarm him, so that he can take a plane to Santa Barbara. Despite all his efforts, Roy will not have succeeded in fulfilling his mission in the plan of his cousin, Flame.

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