New Orleans 1990 : Robert Barr's rescue


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Robert Barr's last days in Santa Barbara are a nightmare, a terrible nightmare that he cannot believe... Who could imagine such a story ?

While he was coming to be interviewed by journalist Debra London, Robert was taken prisoner in a cell in her house's basement. Caught in the trap of an intrigue which is bigger than him, Robert does not stop trying to break the bars that hold him to find Kelly; the only clues to his knowledge to understand are Flame and Quinn.

One day, he manages to deceive the vigilance of his jailer, after weeks of trying to make her understand that this Quinn, this partner, will one day abandon her. Hidden in the fireplace of his cell, he forces Flame to enter looking for him. Popping up in her back, he can easily take her weapon and the cell remote. The mouse has just trapped the cat ! Here he is free. Here she is prisoner. Robert then has only one idea in mind : to find Kelly, who must be dead worried about his absence. And now Robert has the surprise of his life...

What a shock when he opens the door to escape. He finds himself face-to-face with himself. Face-to-face with his double. Another Robert...

Locked in the cell, he learns the truth : this other is in fact Quinn, his twin brother, whose existence he did not know. Little by little, reality fits into his mind: he finally understood why no one is looking for him. Quinn took his place, he became Robert Barr. Quinn took control of his company. Quinn took his place in Kelly's heart. The trap is perfect : Quinn is right, he will be able to take what is rightfully his.

The news of Quinn and Kelly's wedding comes to restore the necessary determination to Robert to try a new escape. He ceases to stir up Flame's jealousy. Quinn will not resist Kelly's charm. Moreover, he has already fallen in love with her : he no longer plays the comedy. He loves her. And Flame gets trapped. Robert, through the bars, manages to catch her and to steal the remote control. Robert escapes and rushes to the Capwell villa to find Kelly. There, he is taken again by his evil twin, while he was about to see Kelly, his Kelly...

The spell is cast. He will have to die. He will have to leave. Far away. On the other side of the country... Asleep. Drugged. It is in a coffin that Robert leaves the city of Santa Barbara, a paradise become his hell. A hell for another hell. Escorted by Flame, Robert lands in New Orleans with his cousins, the Beauforts. They are all there to welcome him : Mabel, Roy and Rima. But no one is fooled, as Quinn asserts it. He is here a prisoner. He will never leave the walls of this house; the money he leaves to Mabel is his best assurance. And as Robert will find out later, Roy can act without faith or law. As proof of his superiority, he will take Robert's ring, hoping to strip him of his power. Locked in a room, Robert is once again a prisoner. Only Rima, the deaf and dumb girl, seems to feel a little sympathy : she spends long hours drawing his portrait.

Taking advantage of Eden's intrusion in the house, Robert manages to undo his ties and to escape through the window of the room. For the third time, Robert managed to escape his jailers. It is in the bayou that Robert leaves to hide. Again, he can hope; he understood that Eden is looking for him. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Robert, at the edge of a river, is quenching his thirst. Suddenly, he gets bitten by a snake. In the swamps, Robert feels the fever win him, and he falls into a semi-consciousness state. It is in this state between sleep and delirium, that Eden finds him.

Eden spends the night with him, watching over him. In his delirium, Robert whispers several times the name of Quinn; he even says that he wants to kill Quinn. In the morning, Eden takes care of him, and tries to lower her fever by passing a wet handkerchief on his face. Robert wakes up, takes Eden for his Kelly and asks her to leave : it is too dangerous here. In his delirium, a snake of the bayou turns into Quinn. Robert swears that he will kill him. Eden wonders about this Quinn. Understanding that Robert is ill, she quickly takes him to the hospital where he is taken care of by a doctor. The doctor understands quickly Robert's illness and takes him to another room to administer an antidote.

In the Beaufort house, Quinn lets explode his anger and his rage. They must find Robert. Roy then receives a phone call informing him that Eden Castillo led a patient to the hospital. Very quickly, a plan is developed. They must go to the hospital. They must separate Robert from Eden, because she must not discover the truth. With the help of Mabel, disguised as a nurse, Quinn goes to the hospital. Unbeknownst to all, to Eden who is in the room next to Kelly who arrives, Quinn takes Robert's place. Mabel goes back home, to put Robert back in his prison.

The snake's venom is spreading through his veins. Robert thinks he is still hallucinating, when he finds himself in the Beaufort living-room, surrounded by Flame, Roy, Mabel and Rima. Flame's words, however, manage to permeate his spirit : he is their prisoner, he will remain their prisoner. In his prison, the hours, the days pass and Robert remains powerless. Only Rima seems to share with him a certain compassion : as if they were both prisoners of this sordid family. Moreover, guided by Robert's words, she draws Kelly's portrait.

Then, because he knew how to find the words to convince her of his love, Robert asks Rima to show Kelly the drawing that she made of him and Quinn. The proof of the existence of the twins is engraved on this drawing : two profiles for two brothers... Robert, although bedridden, regains hope. But Roy looks after him. While Rima managed to lead Kelly to the Beauforts, while she is just on the other side of his bedroom door, Roy is there. Roy is still there, threatening him to kill him if Rima lets Kelly in. Tied up, gagged, Robert can only beg Rima with his eyes. It is only Mabel's sudden arrival which puts an end to the tension that reigned in the house. Kelly is driven out of the house, and Robert is even more desperate than ever.

Locked in his room, Robert cannot imagine the scene that is played in the next room. Mabel, Roy and Quinn try to convince Kelly of another reality. Roy becomes Quinn. The story is simple : he came out of prison to kill Robert. Roy plays his role perfectly : he gets disarmed by Kelly, then stopped by Quinn. Facing this comedy, Kelly is convinced of the whole story. The page is thus turned and she can go back to Santa Barbara with Robert to marry him.

The urgency of Kelly's wedding leads Robert to react. Helped by his ally in the house, he decides to take action, despite his state of health. He has no other choice. He has no longer the time. Mabel's words resonate in his head : Kelly is going to marry Quinn, Kelly is going to marry Quinn... Helped by Rima, he brings Mabel to his room. Rima knocks her out and they both flee towards freedom. While that, in Santa Barbara, Kelly and Quinn say ĞI doğ.

Unable to take charge of Robert's state of health on her own, Rima asks for the help of a retired nurse, Clara Beecham. Taken care of by this woman with an unstable balance, Robert's health improves very slowly. Briefly, he has phases of consciousness where his only concerns remain Kelly and to find his life back. At her bedside, Rima and Clara, who think she has found her lost son, care for him, feed him, watch over him.

What Robert ignores is that Eden tries to show Kelly the true face of the man she married. If Eden ignores the existence of his twin, she has the intimate certainty that the relationship between Robert and Flame is not the one he tries to make believe to Kelly. Eden, invested with this mission, is on all fronts. With Craig Hunt's help, she works to lift the veil on a truth she does not imagine, a truth that is far beyond what she can see. Eden is determined especially as the life of her young sister is at stake; Kelly is indeed paralyzed following a terrible fall in the stairs of her new house. During her investigation, a name keeps coming up : Beaufort. Flame Beaufort. Roy Beaufort, sheriff in New Orleans.

It is the moment that Cruz chooses to get fully involved in this investigation, intrigued by the new discoveries of Craig and his wife. Oddly enough, he is the one flying to New Orleans, trying to close this crazy story about his wife's former lover. Arrived in New Orleans, he hangs out in the Beaufort neighborhood, and it is in a store that his road crosses Rima's. A detail catches his eye : her sketchbook depicting Robert's face. He follows the young woman who enters a house. Cruz observes through the window and discovers another reality : Robert is there, lying on a sofa, surrounded by two women who seem to be treating him. Cruz does not understand, he left Robert, when he left Santa Barbara; he was in perfect health and he was taking care of Kelly, his wife.

Taking advantage of a moment of absence of Rima and Clara at Robert's bedside, Cruz enters the house. The two men are surprised to find themselves there, face-to-face. Cruz, who does not understand, questions him : how can he be here, whereas he was in Santa Barbara, taking care of Kelly ? Robert brings him all the answers : the existence of Quinn, his twin brother, the plot elaborated and orchestrated by Quinn and Flame to steal his money, the impersonation of Quinn, the theft of his life... Cruz brings him other details : Quinn and Kelly are married and Kelly has lost the use of her legs.

Cruz decides to help him. He helps him to get up, supports him morally and physically. Suddenly, Clara enters her home. The reality, her reality, falls over : somebody tries to take her son, Cal. Armed with a knife, she confronts Cruz so that her patient stays there. Cruz tries to explain it to her, but grief obscures all reasoning in Clara. Going into action, he disarms her easily. They are about to leave when, suddenly, the door of the house opens to... sheriff Roy Beaufort.

Roy must act and find a definitive way to keep Robert out of the game, and no matter if his decision also implies to put Cruz Castillo out of the game too. Certainly using his position as a sheriff, Roy Beaufort makes Robert and Cruz incarcerate, without trial, in a forced labor camp, the Louisiana Bayou.

Although the two men have differences, Cruz, facing this injustice, proves to be considerate towards Robert. The latter still suffers from his snake bite : attacks of fever prevent him from picking up the sand. And to relieve him, Cruz even risks defying a guard to get him water. For a brief moment, the guard hesitates to shoot Cruz.

Being taken back to the cell, Cruz is clearly threatened by the camp director. But this does not prevent Cruz from thinking to find a way to escape. For this, he needs Robert to be in great shape. It is thanks to the help of a prisoner (because Cruz does not hesitate to threaten him) that he recovers aspirin to heal Robert. The keeper surprises him, hits Cruz and recovers the aspirin : Robert must not have any care.

Cruz and Robert are taken back to the forced labor camp. Again, they have to face the threats of the guard. While they fill the back of a pickup with sand, Cruz tells Robert about his plan. Because the tension becomes palpable, the guard comes to ask them to chain themselves to each other with a pair of handcuffs. Cruz takes advantage of the moment when Robert closes his to pass the chain around the guard. Very quickly, they manage to take the upper hand on him, and to flee towards the swamps. Robert succeeds in seizing the rifle of the guard. Shots are exchanged on both sides. Cruz pulls the weapon from Robert's arms, he does not want anybody hurt.

On their run, other dangers await them : they find themselves nose to nose with a deadly spider. After a race in the swamps, they find refuge in a barn where Robert confides in Cruz about the situation. Always on the run, they end up finding a worksite and then, with a sharp clamp, they break the link that chains them. They are free...

At the edge of a river, they find a hydroplane. Cruz settles in at the controls. Pursued by guards, they plunged deeper into the bayou, hoping to lose them in the meanders of the river. Taking advantage of the bends of the river, they hide in a dead arm, letting the guards' hydroplane pass them by. Immediately, Cruz raises the boat to full power. The chasers, wanting to make a half-turn in full speed, capsize. One of the guards jumps on the shore and tries to shoot the fugitives, in vain. Robert and Cruz get closer to their freedom.

Cruz and Robert then reach an airport of the city. Still a few moments and this crazy story will be over. They get on an airplane and they drive it. Still a few more hours and the truth will come out. In a few hours, Kelly will know who the real Robert is and Quinn will be unmasked. As they prepare the plane for the takeoff, Roy, armed with a revolver, appears behind them, ready to prevent them from leaving. Roy threatens them with his weapon. Taking advantage of Roy's excess of confidence, Cruz and Robert throw themselves on him and disarm him. Cruz pushes him out of the plane. They finally manage to take off and fly towards the city, despite the storm that hits Santa Barbara.

They land without too much difficulty. Robert only thinks of finding Kelly and explaining his abduction and the impersonation by Quinn. Kelly will understand, she loves him... For the first time in months, Robert regains hope. He is saved. He will be able to regain his identity. He will be able to find Kelly.

At the airport, Cruz is welcomed by two policemen whose mission is to drive him immediately to the new district attorney. Cruz has no other choice but to obey. Robert, as for him, hastens to leave for Quinn and Kelly's house. He hastens to find the one he loves and to take her out of his twin's clutches. And there, in this house of another style containing many traps, while the electricity is cut by the storm, a new page of history will be played... In the hall of the house, Eden finds herself face-to-face with two Roberts, two men who look like two drops of water.

Robert is not really saved yet. Robert has not found Kelly yet. The ultimate battle is yet to come. Quinn or Robert. Robert or Quinn. They both know that there must be only one... Another tragedy to come will finally allow the truth to be revealed in broad daylight.

Text written for this site by Lilian

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