Dr. Toni Carlin




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Doctor      

Renée Jones :
August 08 1984 (# 8) to September 12 1984 (# 33)


Background character, Dr. Toni Carlin represents in these first episodes the link between Joe Perkins and Kelly Capwell, of who she is the best friend. Toni knows Joe and Kelly since their schooling and she is using as a good conscience by Kelly in these times of doubts.

Toni, remained faithful to Joe in spite of his judgement at his return to Santa Barbara, continues to treat him in the same way that if he had never been condemned. Several time, she does not hesitate to try to open Kelly's eyes. And progressively, she insinuates the doubt in Kelly's mind, daring to tell her everything that each televiewer thinks. Conscious of the feelings they always feel the one for the other, Toni tries to reunite them again.

Moreover, Toni warns Kelly against her new fiancé, Peter Flint, because she knew to read in his game. It is her who cared for him after his polo accident, which allowed her to spend time with him differently. Conscious that Peter loves money, power and women, Toni cautions Kelly about what can await her once married. As a faithful friend, after the intrusion of Joe in the Capwell mansion, it is her who drives Cruz's car in order to help him to leave with no problem the Capwell mansion.

Thereafter, Toni will disappear from the life of Kelly, without any explanation. Her role of middlean between the two heroes will then be replaced by Sally Taylor, a new common friend of Kelly and Joe's... It would seem that both of them, to refind themselves, need a friendly hand which guides them the one towards the other...

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