Lemory Davis




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Identity   Interpreter

Profession : Delivery man


Ira Hawkins :
June 25 1987 (# 741)


While he delivers Johnny's Place, Lemory Davis has the big surprise to find in the unknown man leaning on the counter, the former sergeant of his regiment, Cain Garver. After the surprise, Lemory invites Cain to visit the city and they end up on the beach.

There, the two men, while sharing the same bottle, evoke the past and the war. They both have forgotten nothing from Vietnam. Lemory confides to Cain his difficulties in have a normal life again, his problems to get rehabilitated after these years of a war for a country that has no interest for former soldiers.

At the end of this meeting, Cain, finding back his old soldier gestures (he blackens his face, checks his gun), goes to Cruz Castillo's home to wait for him.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Ira Hawkins