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Child : Cassandra Benedict (adopted)


Ellen Geer :
December 04 1990 (# 1603)


In 1964, Norma was a married woman who certainly could not know the joys of motherhood. That year, she became a fulfilled woman, because thanks to the intervention of Father Merlin and Sister Angelique, she became the mother of a charming little girl.

But fate is sometimes cruel. Her husband dies and she can no longer provide for the child. It is most certainly with a torn heart that she returns to the Vineyards convent to give back her little daughter to Sister Angelique and Father Merlin. Norma has no choice but to give her back so that other parents may cherish her, not having enough money for her anymore.

It is the sad story of Norma. A sad story that Norma tells Michael Donnelly, when he comes to interrogate her about the little girl she adopted.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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Ellen Geer