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? :
August 06 1985 (# 262) to August 07 1985 (# 263)


Michael Leonard Phelps is a 50-year-old man with grey temples. In 1961, he was to be a young priest at the Santa Barbara mission. Today, he works in an office, far from the concerns of the church. Former priest of the Santa Barbara city, Michael Leonard Phelps is a man who seems to be eaten away by a strange virus : the Lockridge virus. This virus took root in his past, on March 6, 1961, when his road crossed that of Minx Lockridge. That day, by accepting Minx's money, Michael knows today, he made a deal with the Devil. Consumed by remorse, he left the church, unable to live according to the Catholic religion principles. This virus, under Augusta Lockridge's features, comes back to contaminate him from the inside.

Today, Michael Phelps is no longer the young priest he was more than twenty years ago. Corrupted by Minx Lockridge, the man facing Augusta Lockridge is a man who knows what he wants. And he is ready to sell the secret he holds for 200,000 dollars. For this sum, he is ready to betray the secret of a woman's confession, Sophia Capwell - which he did not know until Augusta confessed to him the woman's identity.

His secret revealed, Michael Phelps leaves the Orient Express leaving an Augusta Lockridge more puzzled than ever... Because if Michael Leonard Phelps did not know the names of the people mentioned during the confession, Augusta quickly found them : C.C. Capwell and Lionel Lockridge.

Short conscience of Sophia Wayne on March 6, 1961, Michael Leonard Phelps is a crucial pawn, since the first one, in the plot set up by Minx Lockridge to exchange babies. Once his secret is revealed, there will be no mention of him. Yet one could imagine that his path crossed that of Sophia and Brick, in the hope of a forgiveness... a forgiveness for his own redemption...

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