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Profession : Maitre d'h in Pebble Creek


William Griffis :
March 24 1988 (# 917) to April 08 1988 (# 928)


Fielding Coe introduces himself to Eden and Cruz as the manager of Pebble Creek hotel for over thirty years. During their visit, Fielding Coe makes ​​the presentation of the property and tells the story of the place : from the construction of the house by Thomas Bartley to the transformation into a hotel by the Muller family. However, he voluntarily forgets, at first, to talk to them about the tragic story of Amelia and the Captain Anderson.

It is only later, when he visits the winery and that Eden and Cruz find the trunk with the costumes, that he opens the door of the past, by talking to them about the tragic love story between Amelia and the Captain Edward Anderson. He tells Eden that, in the past, C.C. Capwell and Sophia came in 1960 to enjoy some pleasant moments in this romantic place.

Fielding Coe will be surprised to notice the magic that surrounds the couple, while discovering that the date proposed by Eden and Cruz for their wedding does not have any reservation.

This is him who welcomes each guest and presents to them the clothes for the ceremony. And he attends as a simple spectator the union of these two souls and the reunion of the ghosts of the past.

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