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Identity   Interpreter

Real name : Helen Sancowski

Professions : Comedian, dancer




Virginia Mayo :
August 15
1984 (# 13) to September 12 1984 (# 33)


This is Hollywood, where they come to try their luck, that Jade Perkins, Ted Capwell and Danny Andrade get to know a warm and spirited old lady, who introduces herself to them under the pseudonym of Peaches Delight. Former actress and dancer, Peaches Delight practiced for 25 years in theater, and probably in nightclubs as a stripper...

Neighbour of the trio, she invites them at her home while Ted and Danny have prevented a thief to run away with her purse. To thank them, she intercedes for them by phone to Augusta Lockridge, so that her daughter, Laken, can join them in Hollywood.

Peaches Delight, because of her a cheerful nature, enjoys the ambitions of the young Jade and, after offering some courses of dance, advises her on the auditions she has to pass and the traps of shady producers she must avoid. But that does not prevent Jade to be won over and to be close to shoot under constraint in a pornographic movie by the dreadful producer Willard Holmby !

Eager to give back to the old lady, Ted and his band find the tracks of Jake Dodge, the old police officer with whom she secretly stayed in love. They arrange a meeting which, against all odds for the hesitant Peaches Delight, unfolds like a classic film.

The Hollywood adventures of our four young heroes coming to an end with the end of the summer, Peaches Delight says goodbye to Santa Barbara and its lightweight and full of life episodes, characteristics of the very beginnings of the show.

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