Harland Richards




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Identity   Interpreter

Real name : Richard Atkins

Married to : Gretchen Richards (198?-...)

Children : Ric Castillo, Tawny Richards


Former known girlfriend : Carmen Castillo (196?)

Profession : Businessman


Allan Miller :
August 14 1990 (# 1524) to October 22 1990 (# 1573)


Powerful businessman and sworn enemy of C.C. Capwell, Harland Richards arrives in Santa Barbara while is starting the Oasis project, project for which he hopes to face C.C. Capwell. Upon his first appearance, Harland finds that his family does not follow the way he hoped : his daughter Tawny fell in love with Ric Castillo, and his wife Gretchen has an affair with Mack Blake. His face is revealed when, from his yacht, he observes his wife cheating on him in Mack Blake's arms.

Harland gets opposed to C.C. Capwell because he covets the same land than him in order to build a hotel complex. Willing to double his great rival, Harland does not hesitate to cross the barriers of the law, by hiring Jack Sellers to put a bomb in front of the Capwell Enterprises. His involvement is even partially at the origin of the gap between Tawny and him. And despite all his promises, Tawny begins to question the nature of his father.

In the only purpose to protect and preserve a freedom of movement, Harland buys the services of Cruz Castillo. To be sure of his help, Harland does not hesitate to blackmail Cruz. Indeed he has a file about Carmen Castillo containing evidences of her responsibility in the death of Richard Atkins. Without hesitation, Harland makes being blown up the offices of the opponents of the Oasis project, the Blue Sky Brigade, explosion in which Nikki Alvarez is killed. The clues left by Harland's henchmen suggest that C.C. Capwell would be at the origin of the explosion.

Harland is also indirectly involved in the projects of his wife. Eager to inherit the fortune of her husband instead of Tawny, Gretchen tries to get Mack Blake worked up against Harland and pushes him to murder him. The two men fight and Harland is noot far from being killed by his wife, who ends up arrested by the police.

However, the truth about Harland's true identity is soon going to break out. As assumed by Carmen, the manners of her former lover Richard Atkins and of Harland Richards are too similar for them to be two different people. Cruz discovers soon Harland's complete absence of past during a trip to Brazil. Despite the potential threats on his mother, he then makes the truth coming out : the two identities represent only one single person. Harland is arrested shortly before he leaves the country for having caused the death of Nikki Alvarez in the explosion. So, just before he disappears from the canvas, Harland has the opportunity to learn by Ric Castillo that in addition to Tawny, he is the father of another child : Ric, whom he has conceived with Carmen when he was called Richard Atkins...

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