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Profession : Gynaecologist


John Mansfield :
December 30 1986 (# 616) to January 02 1987 (#618), April 29 1987 (# 701) to May 19 1987 (# 714)


As a gynecologist, John Ballard is the obstetrician who follows Victoria Lane's pregnancy. He provides an even more important follow-up because of the car accident of his patient, that she had in company of Eden Capwell. At the end of the exams he made Victoria pass, he seems reassured : his patient's pregnancy is going very well.

Due to his job, John Ballard makes two announcements to Victoria. The first one is the gender of the child she is expecting. He is a boy, C.C. Capwell's first blood grand-son. The second announcement is related to the future legacy of this child, now that we know he is a boy. Through his rounds of golf with his good friend C.C., John Ballard learned the particularities of Emmett Capwell's will : his very first great-grand-son will inherit the greater part of the Capwell inheritance. If John Ballard is happy with their luck, it does not seem to be the case of Victoria.

One day, he comes in emergency at Mason and Victoria's apartment to calm her down, after that violent contractions let him consider the risk of a preterm delivery. This will eventually happen.

This is also Dr. Ballard who hosts Victoria at the hospital after the delivery and who makes her pass some exams. Upon Victoria's arrival, he hastens to warn C.C. Capwell (who calls him Jim) of the birth of his grand-son.

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