Wanda Berkowski




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Real name : Shirley Berkowski

Father : Wally Berkowski

Mother : Adele Berkowski


Former known boyfriend : Ted Capwell (1988-1989)

Profession : Barmaid at The lair


Kelly Ann Conn :
December 29 1988 (# 1114) to September 22 1989 (# 1299)


Funny character than Wanda Berkowski, both by her side completely fanciful and by the fact that her usefulness in the show remained all relative throughout her appearances.

Wanda is presented to his family by Ted Capwell as his new girlfriend on the eve of New Year 1989, even if their meeting has not been shown to us. Wanda seems at once a very friendly young woman, open-minded, extrovert, a cinema fanatic. Each situation she lives reminds her a scene from an old Hollywood classic, and she sees in the people around her the characters incarnated on screen by Spencer Tracy or Katharine Hepburn. It is only on very rare occasions that she opens herself a little about her past. Abandoned by her mother at 10 years old, raised by an alcoholic grandmother, Wanda knew a poor and dull childhood. This is what led her to get over, at least on a psychological side, to change her name from Shirley to Wanda, and to decide to live her life as in the movies she used to watch younger.

It will take several months for Wanda so that Ted decides to make her his girlfriend in the facts. Even if they spend much of their time together, the relationship between Wanda and Ted seems to have remained platonic for a while. Wanda remains for a long time everybody's good friend, always ready to organize parties, sing and pay tribute to these movies she loves so much. Short of money, she applies for a job as a bartender at The Lair, but her application is rejected by the co-owner T.J. Daniels, who prefers to see the job occupied by a man. Wanda then launches legal proceedings for sex discrimination, which is not without causing some tensions with Ted, the other co-owner of the bar. To reconcile with her, Ted disengages himself from his investment. At last, T.J. also decides to separate from The Lair to avoid the prosecuting, and Wanda is hired by the new owner, Bunny Tagliatti.

Ted's sudden departure for the search of his brother Mason at summer of 1989 does not seem to cause much trouble to Wanda. Absent of the party during which Ted says goodbye, Wanda will never refer to her new single status. She will disappear very soon anyway of the screen, quickly forgotten like an extra of a classic Hollywood movie...

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